How to Care For Silvertip Tetras. Hasemania nana – Silver Tip Tetra School size.

– Hey, guys. Cory from Aquarium Co-op. Today I want to talk to
you about Silvertip Tetras. Clearly that’s why you’re
watching the video. So, let’s teach you about
’em, and show you why you might want to own ’em. So, in this tank here we’ve
got some Silvertip Tetras. They tend to be a very active Tetra. If you like active fish, in
a feeding frenzy, these guys are gonna be awesome for you. That being said, if you have
very delicate fish and stuff like that, maybe they’re
not the best choice. But when you keep ’em in a
big group, and a big group to me is 20 or more with a
minimum being like 6, they can be very interactive. So, if I put my finger up
to the tank, a lot of times, they will all come towards it. Look at that. You know, that’s just a
fun thing to be doing with your Tetras. Anyone who sees your tank will enjoy it. And they really do school
well in big numbers. You know, that being said,
you gotta buy a big number of them. They do do well with most Tetras,
Rasboras, Barbs, that type of thing. It is just a feeding
frenzy when you put in. Some people say oh they’re so active. They get their name obviously
from the tips they have on their fins. The males get this
nice, deep orange color. Females stay a little
lighter like some of the ones you see in there that
don’t have as much color. Neutral pH, hardness, things
like that, they tolerate a wide, wide variety. Very hearty fish. Should be easy for you to
implement into your planted tank. They’re plant friendly. Not really many reasons not to get a fish like this, honestly. We sell ’em here at $2.99 at
the shooting of this video. You might be able to find
’em a little cheaper, a little more expensive. Look for good color. They get about 2 1/2, three, inches. And they do well in big
tanks as well as small tanks. You know, like obviously
you wouldn’t do this many in your 20 gallon at home,
but you might do a group of six or eight and enjoy them. And they’d be the showpiece
of that tank for sure. In a bigger tank, let’s say a 75, a 125, something like that, you get
a group of 20 of these going, and now you’ve really got a
showpiece for that aquarium. And, you know, you’re not
gonna be able to breed ’em. These Tetras are pretty difficult. You wouldn’t be watching
this video if you were trying to breed them. But they are a great fish. Most shops should be able to get ’em. Easy to ship. Hearty. All those things. Great beginner fish ’cause
they can tolerate a lot of, you know, your non-ideal water parameters. But, in general, great fish. Do more research on it, but
this is enough to get you to know hey this is a
fish I should work with. Anyone can do it. Make sure you get at least
six of ’em, bare minimum. The more you get the better
that interaction’s gonna be. Keep ’em at roughly 78 degrees. You could keep ’em at 75 or 80. Just keep it stable for ’em. Feed ’em well. Enjoy them. So, that’s the Silvertip Tetra. I hope you guys enjoyed
seeing what they’re like. You’re probably watching this
video so that you know before you order them online
or you go into a store. And you just want to know a
little more info, so you can make an educated decision
before you buy fish. If that’s what you’re into,
go ahead and subscribe. We’re putting videos like
this out to help you guys. And we make lots of
other educational videos. So, until next time, we’ll
see you in the next video. Thank you.

64 thoughts on “How to Care For Silvertip Tetras. Hasemania nana – Silver Tip Tetra School size.

  1. i tried keeping thes guy in high ph water 8.5 out of the tap and black neons neather survived well for me also i cant keep betas alive

  2. thanks Cory, I have six in a 55 with 8.4 ph and very hard water . I've had them for about 18 months there still about a inch . They kicked one guy out of the group maybe I'll get more not sure

  3. Great video! How would these guys do with Angels? I have a couple larger Angels(about 4" to 5") in a 55 gallon. I have Harlequin Raspboras in with them but the Angels have eaten some of them, taking them from 20 down to 12. I didn't think they would eat them but I was wrong. I would really like a schooling fish in the tank but don't want to sacrifice any more fish. Thanks and I really enjoy your channel!!

  4. All of your fish are so healthy…bad for you…good for me that I live in NC…if I lived anywhere near Seattle you'd have ALL my x-tra income and then some…LOL

  5. Nice Video, Very Helpful. I was just wondering how these would to with my 2 Angels and my Pakistani/yoyo loach in my 30 gallon cube tank, and how much would I be able to keep in my tank

  6. wow Cory those are nice looking silver tip tetra thank u so much for sharing ur wisdom u are doing amazing job thank u for inspiring me to keep fish love all ur work

  7. Would i be able to stock a 75gallon with cory catfish, silvertip and neon tetras ? 20x neons 20x silvertip 5x cory catfish?

  8. Hey there. I keep my Red Eye Tetra and Buenos Aires Tetra and one that this BA tetra attack one of the RE tetra. Am I making a mistake by putting them together?

  9. Have a question about Them, I have 6 in a 45gal tank, But 1 seems to keep chasing the other 5 and neon's, But if i take him out for say 10 seconds when i put him back in, They go back to swimming together. However after say 5 mins he goes back to chasing them again. Why is he doing this? Altogether we have 6 silver tip tets and 2 neons and a small bala shark, All the other fish end up hiding behind the plants and rocks. Water temp ect all good.

  10. I have something for you ! I have been into fish for a while I mean a while I have a 55gallon tank with African cichlids living with 12 blood fins & 12zebra Daniels &12 scissor tail Rasbora's &12silver tips &5platys & 2ballon Molly's &1sordtail 4upside down catfish 2 Pecos & last 1albiono Shark 1 rainbow &1redtail & They're all fine it's been 3 months now Any words ?.

  11. Hey Cory, when you do these species highlights I'd love to see info on their natural range, as well as (if you have them available or can find them) perhaps even video or photos of some of their home territory. It'd give a huge leg up on creating the perfect environment for any given species, and perhaps even the inspiration for the first person who successfully breeds a species. you telling me I can't only makes me want to try! :p Keep it up man, you're super cool. 🙂

  12. Just picked up 9 of these at my LFS(all they had). Love being able to search on YouTube and find species profiles on how to care for my latest impulse buy.

  13. I really like how you focus on the personality of the species instead of only the aesthetics.

    Could we please have a nice video on rummy nose tetras? I'm trying to compare them against silver tip tetras. I hear they are interesting too but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks for all the good information!

  14. I've got a school of 20 on my 60 gallon tank, just wondering few keeps chasing others more than the others, I think those are males that are very active and keeps chasing each other is that normal or did I possibly bought too many males, really didn't ask the LFS to sex them when I got them

  15. just bought 10+1 bonus after watching your videos, live with 1 male betta and 2 remaining cardinal tetras in my 20g tank. They are very active, better than cardinal imo.

  16. hi you said they were hard to breed? ive recently bought 6 of these wee fellas from my LFS 2 males 4 females, somehow theyre breeding but i havent even tried to meet the reuirements, seems they breed exactly like my guppies do

  17. I got 10 of silvertips with 15 rummy nose in a 60 gal they school together its so cool cuz they form like a whirlpool school

  18. I subscribed because i was watching your other vids titled top 5 aquarium schooling fish. You mentioned every fish then i searched for the detailed facts about each fish that you've given then on another vid it was you again hahaha.

  19. I have a beta and two mystery snails in a 10 gallon tank, I was wondering if i could put around seven or eight of these in there as well

  20. I've seen mixed opinions on if they are a peaceful community fish. Do you think if I kept like 15 or more in a 45 gallon that amount would disperse their aggression enough to coexist nicely with a 8-9 neon green rasbora's? I just don't want one aggressive male terrorizing smaller fish or his own kind.

  21. Just picked up a 75gal. This tank is being setup specifically for a spotted Congo puffer. Im going to get a small school of 12-15 Corys and a few Otto cats. Would a group of these make good tankmates for the puffer in your opinion?

  22. I have a 10 gallon tank and I've thinking of getting a male Betta fish with a school of 6 to 8 silvertip tetras. Could they live in the same tank and be peaceful or would they be aggressive toward eachother in a tank of that size?

  23. I got about a 40L container how would i setup the container to quarantine the silver tipped tetras ? How many could i do in the quarantine? I have a dual sponge filter going in my main tank rn

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