How to buy gold, silver & platinum on the BullionVault order board

On the order board you can deal directly with other customers, cutting out the middleman. You can buy their bullion when they want to sell, or sell to them when they want to buy. You choose your own price and compete in the market to find a buyer or seller who will accept that price. It’s like a stock exchange, but for pre-vaulted, investment gold and silver, not for shares. The order board shows existing orders from other BullionVault users. Each line shows the orders for either gold or silver in one vault, and in one currency. You can choose the markets you would like to see by clicking ‘Edit Markets’. On the right, you see the three cheapest offers from other users wanting to sell their bullion. You can buy their bullion by agreeing to pay this much. On the left, you see the three highest bids from other users wanting to buy bullion. You can sell to them by accepting their price. The best prices to buy and sell straightaway are shown in the coloured buttons. Click yellow to buy gold, grey to buy silver and green to sell for cash. You don’t have to trade the full quantity shown. You can trade as little as a single gram if you want. To buy, you can accept the best offer shown in the coloured button. You will buy your bullion straightaway, provided no one else buys it first. First, click the yellow button to populate the order panel on the right. Then adjust the quantity or the order value according to how much you want to buy, or spend. If you want to buy £500 worth of gold in the Zurich vault, adjust the order value by either typing over the amount shown, or using the up and down arrows on the right. The system will then calculate how much gold you can buy in whole grams, up to £500 – leaving aside a small amount to cover commission and some storage costs. Next, click the BUY/BID button to review the order and then click CONFIRM. The order has been fully matched and you now own 15 grams of fine gold in the Zurich vault. If you need help placing an
order, try the WIZARD tab in the order panel Or get in touch and our Customer Support team can assist you.

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  1. Dear Sir,

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    Our selling price as per Second Fixing London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and we offer best discount direct to Buyer is 12 % on FOB Hong Kong basis .

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