9 thoughts on “How to Buy a ROKU Without Spending Money [Stock Trading Profits]

  1. "as long as that arrow doesn't represent robbing a bank or pushing over a old lady and taking her purse….. I guess that's still robbery too." hahahah

  2. Do you believe I earn more than 6000usd in a week through the expertise of Max Davies..He trades for me..He's my account manager.. .

  3. I don't know if a can explain it in English. Money for me is a tool that you can make more money. If you use the tool the right way, you will grow the money up and shorten the path to be rich or have a better life. I start to work at 13 years-old. At 30 I was working in the hospital more than 84hs a week. Then I saved money and built a house and multiple my capital. Today I management my family money.

  4. Season’s greetings!! Lovely video, thanks to all the Traders who helped us secure our coin, although even if the price is falling we were able to increase our portfolio when many lost, we look forward to another tumultuous BITCOIN market again, we are heading to $8000 resistance area and sit advisable to take advantage of the market, I lost so much during the fall of the market and wanted to sell the coins left untili was introduced to Mr. Adrian Markus he introduced me to layout which has made trading easier and faster , I was able to make 3.2BTC in just 2weeks and he is a great coach if you a newbie or will like to increase your portfolio reach him on Telegram Adrianprofit

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