How the Muslim Population could cause gold prices to soar

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Monday 14th November 2016 and we
are briefly covering the topic of how the Muslim population could cause gold prices
to soar. We owe one of our subscribers Michael T a thank you for reminding us of this
Sharia law considers gold a “Ribawi item.” That means Muslims can’t trade it for future
value, or for speculation. They can, however, use gold as currency and own it as jewellery.
As a result, for years, Islamic investors and financial institutions have shied away
from gold-related financial products. The Accounting and Auditing Organization for
Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), which establishes Sharia standards for Islamic finance,
and the World Gold Council (WGC), are currently drafting a “Shariah Standard on Gold.”
On the 17th October of this year, the AAOIFI had adopted an exposure draft and made it
available for one month for feedback and will consider it again at a meeting to be held
prior to the end of this year. The new standard, which will allow banks to
issue Sharia-compliant gold products, should ease much of the confusion that abounds. According
to the WGC, it will serve as an internationally recognised consensus on regular gold savings
plans (gold accumulation plans), gold certificates, physically-backed gold ETFs, certain gold
futures and gold mining equities. The potential Islamic gold market is enormous.
Today, the world’s 100 million Islamic savers and investors hold almost US$2 trillion in
assets. Standard and Poor’s projects that figure could reach US$5 trillion by 2020;
another industry estimate forecasts that the number will be US$6.5 trillion by 2020. This
represents a potentially huge new demand for gold and gold-based financial products if
the draft is finally accepted. A recent report by Ernst and Young stated
that 93% of Islamic financial assets are held in nine core markets – Bahrain, Qatar, Indonesia,
Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Kuwait and Pakistan. Money managers
in these core markets are generally limited to investing in Sharia-compliant assets in
equities, real estate, and Islamic bonds. Large Muslim populations in countries with
fluctuating currencies (such as Malaysia and Pakistan) present a unique opportunity for
gold-based Sharia-compliant products. This is because gold is recognised as a store of
value and a global currency, so its value may not fluctuate as much as their local currency.
We must also remember that although there are currently around 100 million Islamic savers
there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide or in other words 23% of the world’s
population. The main reasons investors purchase gold are:
the lack of low-risk alternatives in a zero interest rate world, stock market volatility,
global economic concerns, diversification, and as a form of insurance.
Now we are not saying for one moment that if this guidance is formally passed, there
will be an immediate and enormous demand for gold. What we are saying however, is that
over time, more and more Muslims will be investing in it, in considerable numbers, which ensures
that regardless of whether there is an economic crisis or not gold has a very (pardon the
pun) shiny future indeed. Just imagine the impact if just 5% of that
envisaged $5 trillion is added to gold purchases by 2020, which is why we have said from day
one, gold and silver are great long term investments providing you do not over-commit your resources
and can afford to put those assets away for a number of years.
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31 thoughts on “How the Muslim Population could cause gold prices to soar

  1. Islamic banking/ finance, as it exists today, ita a farce. all smoke and mirrors to make it seem islamic, getting sharia compliance py paying the right cleric the right price. if you really want to know Islam's view on money, and gold, search and watch the documentary ' The gold dinar of Medina'. Islam is the only religion today, thats opposed to the concept of interest, and banking. is it then a coincidence, the the bankers, who rule the world, are at war with Islam? May the One true God guide you to his righteous path. Peace.

  2. Very different msg. from that of yesterday. My thanks to Michael T. I think ovver time, gold prices will rise, but just don't now if they would soar. With gold-backed Chinese currency, etc. gold price could rise sharply. Just too speculative to say. I will be keeping my coins though.

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but some Muslims also believe that many of the elements of our current financial system, such as interest rates on loans, are prohibited by their faith. If I were in such a position, including the things you mentioned in the video, precious metals sounds like a logical choice to help fight a system that they likely see as immoral.

  4. The only sharia compliant money that we know of is physical gold and silver, but since they are calling for the issuance of gold "products", it sounds like ETFs and futures.

  5. Another 911 will wake the dumb politicians up hopefully Donald Trump will implement a Muslim ban and prevent another tragedy.

  6. Thank you for the in depth review of this issue. Makes me feel better about the future for the precious metals. Like you always say there are a number of reasons to own them if you take a long term view.

  7. Gold? f**k yeah! Wait until the Muslims find out that in 2020 Silver is unavailable at any price. Too bad, huh? You got AG? What's the size of Gold reserves? 1,000's of Tons? And Silver reserves? 0 Tons

  8. Thank you for the very interesting video.

    Would you consider making a video of how you see the future of money, and more specific in the quantity of silver/gold you forsee to for example get you by for a week/month, for a car, etc?
    I know there are no way to really know this, but if you projected the known reality of today into the future, it would still be very interesting. 🙂

  9. That was very interesting, I knew about the religious prohibition about usury within Islam and Judaism but not about the rules around the rebawi items which I now understand include gold & silver (and salt, barley, wheat and dates).

    With no disrespect to the possibility that it could drive prices up, I guess some counter arguments might be:

    1. The interpretation of the rules is contentious so I assume that some Muslims already invest in gold/silver or at least believe there is no prohibition from doing so. Also I'm sure that there are smart ways to comply with religious doctrine yet store gold …i.e. build a palace with a few tonnes of gold in it as decor?

    2. That part of the Muslim population who believe it is prohibited could easily be investing in platinum already as an alternate precious metal? I am not aware this exists unlike the Indian propensity towards gold ownership.

    3. If Gold/Silver are to become "currencies" again, they are going to have to compete against an existing market where physical items (like houses, food and fuel) are traded for fiat currencies. It seems the SDR has replaced gold as a means of international settlement and is infinitely expandable (which will suit the globalists) and if people prefer a non-inflationary currency, arguably Bitcoin is just that and has made the use of gold as a currency almost totally obsolete with its inherent technology potentially offering massive velocity/liquidity, divisibility to 8 decimal points and international portability advantages. If someone wanted to leave China with all their wealth …bitcoin would be a far more attractive option than shipping boxes full of gold and silver bars passing by lots of interested eyes

    4. If there hasn't been a tradition and social status concerning owning and holding gold/silver amongst Muslims for 14 centuries its going to take a long time for the new "gold is kool" thing to catch on

    5. This story seems to have been out since April 2016 yet its not really causing a stir in prices or gaining momentum except among us lot 🙂

    I remember that the BIS were drafting clauses back in 2012 for gold to be included in Tier 1 reserves but I don't think anything ever came of that one.

    I found this article as a reference to your subject matter:

  10. There is a saying from the prophet Muhammad pbuh where he said 'A time will come over man where nothing will be of value but a Dinar (Gold coin) and Dirham (Silver Coin). Most muslims arent even aware of the history of gold and silver in islamic history but when this becomes common knowledge so expect gold and silver to soar.

  11. I was in Dubai in 1991 and I've never seen so much gold being bought in my life. So you think by 2020 it will effect the price of gold.

  12. The great Islamic scholar Shafii said about 1300 Years ago: that There is no money but gold and silver no wood no stones no thing but this 2 metals. and he put the amount f gold and silver one should have to pay 2.5% of it for zakat to be distributed for poor people, …. So sad most Muslim people didnt understand what Shafii ment. And how dangerous it is to leave gold and silver. When people leave gold and silver the real power will not be in there hand. Even Gold silver backed Currency isn't good, They can change it any time as long as the real gold and silver is in the hand of Government and people are holding only paper. Today every thing is wrong: Tax is Wrong and haram it can be only done for certain reason( like: famine, Disease, Disaster, Hard war) and it should end by the end of the situation ( The only thing that should be paid is 2.5% zakat by Muslims for the people who need Like poor people who dont find half what is enough, and many others, Plus the jizia by non muslim who are not poor to protect them from bad people like: extremists (khwarej, …), Barbarian people, Thift and all Kind of crimes, and even to protect them from Roman Empires (Modern day Western countries or even most countries) who take from them much more money) , Fiat Currency is wrong and it is not money, borders are stupid and made by little kid having the map ( I mean imagine you have 22 Germany that have the same language and same religion and same culture but there leaders say to them you have to be separate countries and even in many cases hate each others. Tat is what they tell arabs for example). Although Islam say that arabian is not better than non arabian only Taqwa (Good Works) make some one batter. Any way Westerns had turned our countries to new Roman empire and even worst, And that is the reason for what you see in the Arab world is that we dont fit to the system and when we rise they send us khawarej (ISIS) and the khawarej where stupid people that think all but them are evil and they used to show and be crashed several time by Muslims through history. and like ISIS they usually come from Iraq killing and stealing for no reason. but this time they found some people to stand with them since its evil versus evil as they see it and normal real muslim who are the majority are being killed to not rise against the wrong system. So when they rised first first they said go home or we will kill you, but as Muslims its not really scary to die for good reason because those who die protecting there: Religion, Family, Land, or Money will go to better place in heaven. And by fighting the system we are fighting who want to change our religion to Roman Religion, We are protecting our family and society future, We are protecting our land owner ship (especial from new socialists and bad Jews), and our real money. And when The system new that his people biggest fear which is death is not real fear for Muslim people and in Arab world it will bring Army of people and tribes seeking revenge, They started new game which is let them see the worst of the change the people ask for, so the good leaders were hunted ( Snipered, Bombed by unknown aircraft, exploded, …) only those who except selling there people, Thief's, Lazy Leaders, And extremist will stay. Its about time and the system will fall under its own weight. what is built on wrong basses should fall. but will better or worst system be built?

  13. illuminati silver: Janius Maltby, presented a video production on December 6, 2016 titled (Sharia Gold Standard BREAKING NEWS 25% of Planet Can Now Invest in Gold) in the video stating favorable developments to the Sharia Gold Standard .. what is your take on this news?

  14. The US will unleash PM prices first. If rising of PM prices is something inevitable, why not cash in on the 8000+ tons of gold in Fort Knox (and 20000+ tons of silver in JPM)? Besides, they need a gold (maybe also silver) standard to preserve the greenback's reserve currency status.

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