How Much Gold in a One Ounce Coin?

Hi I’m Lynne Welcome to our video today which is How
Much Gold Does a 1-ounce Gold Coin Contain? A lot
of people think that 24 carat gold coin contains more gold than the 22 carat one. This is not the case. It’s like saying
which weighs more 1 tonne of bricks or 1 tonne of feathers? They both weigh exactly the same. Here at Chards we have a selection 1-ounce gold coins available for
investment. They include the 22 carat which are the South African Krugerrand and the Britannia minted before 2013 and the American
Eagles. Our 24 carat coins include the Austrian Philharmonicas, the Australian Nuggets and the Lunar series, the Canadian Maples and we also have the Britannias minted after 2013 the Manx Cats and Angels and the Royal
Mint which this year is the Year of the Sheep.
Almost daily we find ourselves telling our customers the Krugerrand contain exactly the same
amount of gold as Canadian maples. Whether the coin is 22 or 24 carat they’re still purchasing one troy ounce of gold. One troy ounce is
equivalent to 31.1035 grammes and it’s traditionally how precious metals are weighed and traded. The one ounce coins will weigh differently and the 22 carat will always weigh
heavier. The easiest way to explain this is with the Britannia. The Britannia minted before 2013 is 22 carat away 34.05 grams. The Britannia minted after 2013 is 24 carat and weighs 31.21 grammes. They both contain exactly the same amount of gold. The 22 carat one weighs more because of
the addition of extra metals and this is the same for all
22 carat coins. But they both contain exactly the same
amount of gold. The percentage of alloys which
is not gold is usually copper but can also be a
small amount of silver. Why 22 carat? Well over the years it’s been found to be good alloy for
gold coins. It’s almost impervious to chemical
attack and tarnishing yet hard enough to
withstand decades of wear and tear. Why 24 carat? Why not? Originally the sole purpose of gold coins was to circulate everyday
money. Therefore they needed to be durable.
Coins intended purely for storage as bullion however, do not have
this requirement. Therefore there’s no reason against
using pure gold. Whatever your reason or your preference
all one ounce gold coins contain exactly the same amount of gold. As
always, we recommend that you look for the lowest premium over gold to make sure you get
the most at your investment. Thank you for watching today. If you
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8 thoughts on “How Much Gold in a One Ounce Coin?

  1. It's true! lol I've heard this before….Some people will only buy 24k because they think 22K 1oz Gold coins don't have 1oz of gold in them :s Very Strange….but like i said, true!  Congratulations on the new building!!!! It looks GREAT! Keep the video's coming 😉

  2. If you add pre 1933 US gold (along with your conventional low premiums for bulk purchases), you would be an instant hit in the US! Gold bugs in the US in my view really don't know much or care to appreciate the beautiful european coinage. they eat, drink and sleep $20 liberty heads and Saint Gaudens.

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