How Muddies The Water: When A Bullion Dealer Is Both The Reviewed & Reviewer

[Music] [Music] We first came across Bullion Reviews back in 2013. And to be honest I kinda liked the idea of having a bullion reviews website out because at the time we were all quite keen to make the industry in Singapore and develop it and we thought reviews sites were a good thing. So when when we looked at it we couldn’t figure out who was behind it and you have to remember in Singapore at that time everybody pretty much knew everybody else. So and there wasn’t any contact information. I first heard about Bullion Reviews when I was working at SilverAG which is a small shop in Singapore and we were ranked number two according to Bullion Reviews and I thought, “Hey! that’s pretty awesome.” You know we’re just a small shop and we’re ranked number two and we’re beating out some of the bigger shops. I was searching the website and I came across I kinda see that there’s a limited… very limited companies on it. The other thing was the site was stating so we didn’t sell any gold which wasn’t true. We were selling gold. We are called silver bullion because that was our main focus but we were in fact selling gold. It also stated we didn’t have a retail presence Silver Bullion… no, they have a retail shop. Depends on how you define retail presence but we were pretty much the biggest seller of silver in Singapore on a retail basis. So we kinda thought we should contact Bullion Reviews and correct these two inaccuracies… which we did but the things never really got corrected or we never really got an answer to these things. But nonetheless you know we’re number two and and I was motivated and I wanted to maintain our our number two ranking on that website so you know you do more marketing you do more interactive things you try to present more information to to people and and so you know started doing news articles blog posts and and all of these things and so I went ahead and contacted Bullion Reviews and and let them know through email that, “Hey, you need to update your your review website because you’re saying we don’t have these things you’re saying we don’t take in sell backs. It shows here SilverAG doesn’t buy going silver. They do buy gold and silver. Yeah, you’re saying that we don’t have news articles or things like that and we did. The fact that they wouldn’t correct these basic things along with the fact that they didn’t list UOB… Even the bank is not listed. They’ve been selling gold for over 30 years. The biggest gold seller in Singapore at the time kind of made of somewhat made us suspicious about it and perhaps that was the first interaction we had with this Bullion Reviews Now, we didn’t really do much about it because we just figured that if it was a scam website, it will just go away and you know kind of forgot about it. As some bullion shops in Singapore were getting suspicious about the website, other shops such as BullionStar were proudly showing the public their high score received from and made a statement to find out how they scored so highly. The next interaction we had with it was when we received an anonymous email from somebody who claims that he was an ex BullionStar employee and said, “Hey BullionStar is actually behind that. I just thought to let you know and again we didn’t quite know what to do about it and you know I sort of figured that the site is gonna disappear anyway. And you know not really worried about it and that’s pretty much how things remained. However I was wrong what happened is that Google, the Google algorithm for whatever reason ended up taking Bullion Reviews as a bona fide a reviews website. Who runs this thing?
Doesn’t seem to be very accurate. Kind of started to make you think you know… if this is a legitimate website. I think a more legit one would be Google reviews? And it started listing the reviews that Bullion Reviews the scores that were assigned to our website
(Google business page) and if you go and have a look up Silver Bullion or any other dealer at the time suddenly you would have Google review for example in our case we had a 4.9 out of 5 stars and then next to it would be a Bullion Reviews review (score) which would say say 6 points out of 10 and now that’s what really gave… Google essentially gave Bullion Reviews a lot of credibility if you were living outside of Singapore a picture was painted that a lot of shops didn’t offer this or didn’t offer that so whereas in Singapore I think it didn’t have much much credibility because the people sort of had an inkling about these things. The international person looking at it now suddenly was pointed from by Google to Bullion Reviews being a bona fide sort of review website and that’s really what what changed things. One company again was proudly sharing the award they received on their Facebook page from Is there some sort of agenda behind Bullion Reviews? Is it not an unbiased website as I first thought and over time yeah my answer was its it’s not that. Well we started saying hey it quite looks to us that this is not a bona fide site. Now it’s being given so much credibility by… through its ranking in Google so we should look at this more closely and we did. If you go back to 2013 timeframe when’s this all started you would find such a person who registered Bullion Reviews was a person called Floriano and Floriano if you look go to a LinkedIn actually happened to be an employee of BullionStar doing some web design for BullionStar. Floriano Solijon an employee of BullionStar from January of 2012 to June of 2014 was also the administrator for Bullion during his employment at BullionStar as shown in a Whois record. [Music] From an IT point of view an administrator designs, deploys and operates websites now these websites can be one or more and he may take care of things like writing code, operating making sure things are backed up properly so on and so forth. Under oath, a former BullionStar employee confirms that Floriano Solijon was indeed employed by BullionStar as part of the IT team and under oath that he had several discussions with the Bullion Star CEO about the creation of a bullion reviews website. Two former BullionStar employees to testify in front of a Singapore taker of oaths to have their oaths taken of a true statement and it being you know them having been ex-employees and so on and so on [Music] [Music] It’s a marketing tool. At the end of the day it is wrong for an entity to make a review website, put itself highly advertise itself in there and essentially making reviews which might or might not be true about other competitors in the industry and then portray itself as being an unbiased site when they’re not. We we can basically link BullionStar to being the entity which runs Bullion Reviews. [Music]

12 thoughts on “How Muddies The Water: When A Bullion Dealer Is Both The Reviewed & Reviewer

  1. Well, you can get your investors and other persons who have interest and litigate if this site proceeds to make false statements.

  2. This can only reflect badly on BullionStar and cast aspersions on other aspects of their operation as not transparent and untrustworthy. The opaqueness of central banks and fiat financial shenanigans is the very reason many turn to gold as a safe haven so there is extra impetus from both a moral and business perspective for bullion dealers to go totally out of their way to ensure transparency that they are NOT the very thing their customers have entrusted them to be free of.

  3. Patrick, I think most review services are only out for the money including BBB, Angie's List, etc. Even Standard and Poor's and Moody's get paid by the comapnies whose products they rate, laughable.

  4. Hey Patrick! It's the fanny packer! …LoL Made it back home safely. Yea those reviews need some sort of local authority to mediate and monitor so as not to deceive the public perception and stop trying to pat themselves on the back! Regards Greenman

  5. Is Singapore a Commonwealth of the UK, or any European Union nation? Some issues need to be uprooted to get the true Facts and agenda forward. .. TY Patrick

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