High Probability Trading With A Small Trading Account

hello traders it’s Samurai trader here
welcome to my recording now this particular recording we’re going to
cover a couple of questions that I’ve received from various potential students
from a number of countries around the world we’re opening a fully funded
futures account or place in five to ten thousand dollars in a trading account
just is not an option for them because economically from where they come from
they just don’t have the finances or resources available so I’m going to be
covering some various options for you in this video of course we understand the
risk and please feel free or you should understand the risk I should say please
read the risk disclaimer now everything I’m going to be covering in today’s
recording of course is covered comprehensively in the day traders
fast-track program and if you’ve got any further questions after this recording
please drop me an email which is at the bottom of the screen here or visit my
website and to purchase the program we have now over 20 hours of recordings and
more material being introduced to the course every week so the number one
question that I’ve received a number of times now from India and sri lanka and
even though colombia is how do I earn $25 a day were very limited capital that
is I don’t have five to ten thousand dollars to open an account so in this
session will briefly discuss account sizes risk management and I’m going to
show you some high probability trading strategies that you can use now one of
the most significant issues that new traders face is not having the correct
amount of capital to trade with you see many traders when they desire to day
trade they want to day trade for an income strength well it’s very very
difficult to in the Western society to start day trading with say one to two
hundred dollars and expect to earn that’s almost it is impossible to earn a
hundred dollars a day very you know not sent it can’t be done but very very
unlikely you see most people also very impatient that is not willing to
start with say a hundred and trade micro accounts and build their account size
where what the lose our risk way too much on their capital and you know what
a lot of people so it’s only $100 if I lose one or two hundred what it really
doesn’t matter well traders it doesn’t matter because
the amount of bad habits you create the or over sense the thinking you actually
do an incredible amount of psychological damage to yourself even if you’re
trading with a micro account you’ve got to assume it’s a million dollars it’s
absolutely critical and even if you have the amount of money to say trade ten or
twenty over a hundred contracts when you first open your account it’s absolutely
critical if you start with one and you earn the right and you increase the
amount of contracts that you’re trading with profitability all of this is
covered in the course so if you wish to open a futures account realistically you
need four thousand dollars per contract if you’re following the risk parameters
correctly now with Forex you need ten thousand if you’re going to try to
standard lot a mini lot 1000 and a micro a lot as little as $100 now if
you’re going to look for a fully regulated broker which is absolutely
critical if you’re going to trade mini or micro lots there’s a website link on
the slide that you may wish to go to and look it up but look up the 100 different
brokers that offer many of micro Lots but absolutely critical that you ensure
that they are in a regulated brokers there in the USA or they’re in the
euro zone fully regulated please check that and then obtain a demo account and
demo trade with them for a period of time google them and see what sort of
feedback if they had from other clients other users of that broker because
there’s been so many issues with brokers in the past fortunately most of
regulators from most countries around around the world now have really come
down on the forex brokers it’s a much fairer and better regulated
today so let’s just say here and we’ll look at the charts in a moment and I’ll
give you some examples let’s just say here that you have a 20 pip stop that’s
very very important that you build your spread or your Commission’s into that
stop so you may have say a 17 pip stop with a 3 pip spread which is really a
commission by the way the son brokers still say where Commission free but
there’s a spread that’s the Commission make sure it’s built into your risk
parameters it because 2% must be your maximum absolutely critical and ideally
I trade with no more than 0.5% a trade what that means for me is I can add to a
position I can have actually up to four positions running without exceeding my
rules and remember you want to be a rules-based trader absolutely critical
so very important you have a minimum target of one to one plus your
commissions and spread which means if I’m risking $200 I must get back $200
risking 200 all up including a commission that is your bare minimum now
there will be times you you’ll get out of a trade earlier because say the
market stalls or or maybe you’re about to get a red flag news announcement all
of this of course is covered in the course but important considerations so
if you’re trading a standard lot you need ten thousand dollars on a 20 pip
maximum stop if you’re trading and many you need $1,000 and if you’re trading a
micro a lot where it’s ten cents a pip so you’ve got $10 a pip $1 or 10 cents
you need $100 so if you’re trading a micro lot the smallest amount and $25 a
day is needed you would need to execute 12 and a half or have the net-net after
all losses 12 and a half trades a day by 20 pips net or if you’re targeting 30
pips a day you’ll need 8.3 trades a day and if you’re studying for the micro you
really want to build up to a minute as soon as you can over a period of time
the problem is most traders like the discipline and in
taking the time to actually do this so let’s go and have a look at some charts
so what you can see in front of you here is the Euro Dollar
and today’s date it see it’s Saturday down here in Australia its have a
third of a tenth 2015 and we can see the action since over here since about 11:00
p.m. last night right through or 10:00 p.m. I should say right through to the
close of the market this morning of course the markets are open 24 hours a
day five days a week and they’re closed now and straightaway there’s a 34b
there is a 34b 34b so their trades all over the place but what I’ve done is
I’ve marked some trades up so let’s go and have a look at those so a couple of
important things once again this is an 8 range now a range means that there’s an
8 range bar means is 8 ticks or 8 pips per candle and beyond the scope of this
video from any go and explain range and tick and minute charts but let’s just
look at the setups that we’ve got here this is a t2 now a t2 is a very very
high probability trading strategy that we have in our course so you’ve got a t2
you also end up with a t1 you’ve got a t2 here to noon or t1 got a 34 bounce
and a t1 you’ve got another t2 and a t1 so you’ve got trades firing off left
right and center now this time period here this is actually a very slow period
so this is a good T- this is a good 18 hours to fire
these off now what you do you want more trade you drop the timeframe down to a 5
range chart so one of the questions that I’ve had asked is to earn $25 an hour
sorry I should say let me take cap to win $25 how much time do I need to put
in what we can see if it’s over 18 hours now if you want to have a lot more
trades you either have a higher profit target
and there’s incredible runs here as you even saw on the close of this morning
and looking at this time period I marked up or you trade more often by using a
lower timeframe you can use the rule of two which is a trading concept which is
fantastic and for my students watching this rule of two on range charts is
brilliant it’s are just a brilliant trading strategy and you’ll learn that
in the course and my students go and have a look at this if you’re one of our
forex traders now the best trading times that also has a big impact here the best
trading times of a London and New York sessions and to keep it simple you want
to follow the yellow line which is your 34 look at that they’re just price
because comes back and kisses it continually because traders all around
the world use the 34 EMA and the 89 EMA so traders in quickly to finishing up
this video is it yes it’s very very feasible and $25 a day trading
preferably a mini account micro you can do but you’re going to have to work a
lot harder you’re gonna have to put more hours in to open an account I’ve shown
your list there you can go and have a look of list of brokers but once again
you must ensure that you with a fully licensed regulated broker absolutely
critical so traders I’ve covered a lot of information in this 10 minutes please
drop me an email or subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t already
done so if you’re ready to purchase my fast-track day traders program or a
cover 12 of the world’s best track let me save it again twelve of the world’s
best strategies please go to my website or drop an email if you have any other
questions I’m only too happy to answer any questions for you
Thank You traders good trading

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