Here’s Who’s Really Winning the Trade War

For most of human history, there was one superpower
in the world, and it wasn’t the US, it was China. Now, the Chinese are vying for global domination
once again and it’s increasingly starting to look like they’ll actually succeed in
overtaking the US economy. Say what you will about President Trump, it’s
undeniable that he’s trying to push back against this, and yet his trade war is having
disastrous effects on many industries across the world, especially back home in the US. In this video, we’ll learn how the trade
war started and who’s really winning it. This video is brought to you by Dashlane. Keep all your passwords safe by registering
with the link in the description. Let’s go back to where it all started. 18 years ago, the World Trade Organization
allowed China to become a member, after tons of negotiations and some important changes
to the Chinese economy. Ironically, it was the US who advocated for
China to enter the market. The Chinese economy was one of the fastest
growing ones on Earth and the US wanted a piece of the pie. The US invested billions into the blossoming
Chinese economy, doubling their dollars invested in just 5 years. By gaining access to international capital
and the global market, China flourished. Factories sprung up that rapidly produced
goods destined for export across the world, including the US. Some Americans, however, were getting worried. You see, while Chinese companies had the benefit
of cheap labour and materials, their biggest advantage was China’s loose enforcement
of intellectual property rights. The situation became almost comical: one inventor
launched a smartphone case with a built-in selfie stick on Kickstarter, fully patented
and trademarked, but just 7 days later he found it being sold at a fraction of the price
on Chinese markets before his own campaign had even been funded. In total, counterfeit Chinese goods were costing
the American economy $600 billion every year and 87% of all the fakes were coming from
China. In comes Donald Trump, who campaigned on the
promise of taking a hard stance on China. In 2017, he launched a formal investigation
into China’s policies, which of course sparked anger and outrage in China. Xi Jinping threatened sanctions against the
US, which in hindsight was probably not the smartest way one could respond to a president
like Trump. One of Trump’s first actions was to pull
the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the comprehensive trade agreement with Asian
nations that was supposed to reduce tariffs and help free trade. With that aspect of President Obama’s legacy
out of the way, Trump began making increasingly more hostile steps. First came a US-imposed tariff in March 2018
on $3 billion worth of Chinese goods like electronic components, clothing, and scientific
equipment. China retaliated very quickly with its own
new tariffs on American goods like soybeans, gold, and cotton. This is where the trade war kicked off and
ever since, President Trump and President Xi have each been threatening and then introducing
new tariffs every few months. Sometimes it seems as if the two sides might
come to an agreement, with both sides supposedly having very productive talks, but so far it’s
been all for nothing. It looks like the trade war is here to stay,
so who’s winning it? The only number that President Trump cares
about is the trade deficit, how much more the US is importing from China than it is
exporting to it. Unfortunately, the deficit isn’t really
getting smaller; it’s no longer growing with the same pace it used to, but that’s
hardly a major victory. And yet, the cost of sustaining the trade
war is already being felt in the US. The thing about tariffs is that at the end
of the day, it’s the consumers who usually end up paying for them due to the associated
increases in price. And that’s exactly what’s happening: when
you look at the inflation in non-tariffed goods versus the inflation in the products
that are getting hit by tariffs, you’ll see a pretty stark divergence. Another big source of damage was falling direct
investment: in comparison to Americans, who are still pouring as much money into China
as always, the Chinese money tap has been thoroughly closed, with most of that money
instead flowing to Europe and the rest of Asia. So we definitely can’t say that American
consumers are winning, at least not on the short term. There is however, a somewhat surprising winner
in all of this, and it is Vietnam. Ever since the first wave of tariffs was announced,
the Vietnamese trade deficit with America has been growing faster and faster. It seems that a lot of Chinese businesses
are realizing that they can just outsource production to Vietnam and call it business
as usual. Vietnam is benefiting so much, that Trump
is already considering putting tariffs on them as well. In the end, it seems as if no one is safe
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and until then: stay smart.

100 thoughts on “Here’s Who’s Really Winning the Trade War

  1. The trade war is just the visible part of the iceberg. China is the biggest liar in the world today All generations and all countries of the world awaken to stand against the CCP because the CCP=the Nazis.

  2. There comes a time of general wrath Revelation 11: 18. This is also a time of a worldwide financial collapse Revelation 18: 17 Ezekiel 7: 19 Isaiah 2: 18-20. The beginning of fiat currency loss is the loss of the Euro, with war appearing between Russia and the EU. Putin said: "Europe will become a battlefield" This is a self-fulfilled prophecy.
    A declaration of "Peace and security!" in Israel is also the time IRAN BOMBS them. Daniel 11: 44, 45. 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3. This is the 'sudden destruction', that is also called a 'tribulation' in Matthew 24: 29. This creates the war between Israel; the US and Iran. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25. It is the outbreak of Jehovah's Day of anger, outlined in Zephaniah 2: 1-11. The cities in battle and distress named are Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Ekron. Christ told us in Mark 13: 16 to 'get out of Judea' when this happens. Christ has already arrived 'in power and glory', as seen in Matthew 24: 29, 30 and also Matthew 25: 31, 34. So the 'desolations' visible Matthew 24: 15 are caused by the political system; who attract an execution, at the appointed time Revelation 19: 11, 19-21.
    The destruction of Iran's nuclear assets by pilots who refuel in Saudi Arabia trips off bloodshed among all 23 Arab states Jeremiah 25: 24-26 due to the Sunni vs Shea conflict. This leads to the burning of oil and gas infrastructure as war acts at a time the financial system is melting down Psalms 37: 20 Psalms 46: 4-6.
    The situation leads to worldwide general wrath Revelation 11: 18. It is beyond the capacity of mankind to control, stop or recover from the Great tribulation. Matthew 24: 21, 22.
    So Jehovah God provides Divine intervention. Christ is taking care of faithful people, as seen in Matthew 25: 31, 34 John 3: 16. That is why they all survive. Revelation 7: 9, 14-17
    But the wicked are all destroyed, as seen in Psalms 92: 7 and Psalms 37: 8-10; and this brings the Great tribulation to an END.
    The Great tribulation is five month man-made cataclysm Revelation 9: 5, 10 that resembles the flood on Noah, in the 150 days mentioned in Genesis 7: 24. Matthew 24: 37.
    Jehovah brings it to an end; and a new system is in place called God's Kingdom Matthew 24: 14 Ruled by Christ Jesus Revelation 11: 15, 18 Revelation 12: 10 and His heavenly brothers, as seen in Revelation 5: 10.
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    The time of man's rule over man is over with these events Romans 9: 28. And the Rule of Christ Jesus and His heavenly brothers begins. Matthew 24: 30. Rev 5: 10.
    WE are not abandoned.

  3. The debt-based economy is a worm eating its own tail. Sanctions, trade wars and tariffs are destabilising a wobbling world economy. The first casualty is the collapse of the Euro. Ezekiel 7: 19-22. This leads to war between the EU and Russia. Russia makes preparations now; with the acquiring of sea-ports, militarising them; while Putin said: "Europe will become a battlefield." This is self-fulfilled when the Euro collapses, leading to a banking- systems freeze up. Psalms 46: 4-6. The shower of Lehman falling onto the US comes at a time WAR has broken out between the US, Israel and IRAN. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 Daniel 11: 44, 45.
    This war appears when Israel is declaring: "Peace and security!" as the False prophecy of the False prophet; Rev 19: 20 and IRAN BOMBS THEM WHILE THEY ARE SPEAKING. Daniel 11; 44, 45. 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3 This now means the conclusion of the present system has arrived.
    But WE ARE NOT ABANDONED; and the true God has made a way forward for all those who show faith John 3: 16. These ones are already inside God's Kingdom, when Christ arrives, at the beginning of the crisis. Matthew 25: 31, 34.
    This history has been written in advance to greatly increase the numbers of mankind that will SURVIVE the conclusion of the system, due to faith Romans 10: 13-15.
    When the wicked ones are destroyed Psalms 92: 7 this brings the Great tribulation to an END.

  4. China using money power to buy and steal technology. China too obsessed with US notes. Let small countries develop now for which they will be grateful to DT

  5. 7 years ago China moved most of its factories to Vietnam. I believe there’s no winner. US cannot stand alone against China. But using Vietnam as an Ally against China.. haha

  6. US China tradewars a back door deal? They collect the tariffs, (Profit) they raise prices (Profit) they collect the taxes on the inflated prices (Profit) seems pretty lucrative for government income.

  7. How can Trump get Americans to work as hard as Asian workers for Asian wages ?? He can build a wall around US, and isolate himself, but the US economy and American prosperity will continue to fall. US is pass prime; Slicon Valley employs over 50% Asians at <6% of population.

  8. Your point of view is no different from CNN and the rest of the bunch who only focus the issue on rising consumer prices. You seem to forget China is an authoritarian communist regime. Their goal is to undermine and replace the US as the super power. The short term consumer price inflation you seem to elaborate so much means nothing if the American economy is over taken by China. Further more how dramatic are the price increase on the things you are paying now in comparison to a year ago, since the start of the tariffs in 2018? If you want to point fingers, point at past administration for believing that by opening up trade with China, China will slowly transform in to more democratic. Obviously with the rise of Xi JIng Ping, the country to heading back toward hard-line communist stance. And blame the greedy corporation for outsourcing supply chain because the want to exploit cheap labor. I'm glad Trump is doing what he does as promised.

  9. of course mexico and vietnam are winners , us trade deficit is even more than before , also losing the 14 billions peoples market

  10. Global Domination once again. Dumb American. There was never a Chinese grip on Germany. Netherlands Africa etc.


  11. 0:01 "For most of the human history, there was one superpower in the world. It wasn't US. It was China." Where does that leave Roman empire, Ottoman empire, British empire, and so on?

  12. Chinese economy is built on a house of Cards. All it takes is a gust of wind and it all falls down . The USA has and always will have the strongest economy ever. China won't stand a chance.

  13. America has built a world wide economic boom and America's got the experience and strength to go with it. We landed men on the moon for God sakes. China is like a cave man and u throw a shit tune of $ at it and a smart phone. The Chinese people are rude and spit everywhere and shit on the streets and yell all the time. Ther government is ran buy abunch of gangstas. Greedy and shoddy as he'll. The Chinese economy will experience the biggest fall ever.

  14. The country that's more stable in the long run will win. And anyone with a brain can see that the USA is by far the greatest and most powerful country ever and no one else comes close. Ther still a reason for that. We built or economy over a long time and won all the right wars. The USA will win and China will crash hard

  15. Why do Chinese people have no manners. The shit in public. And these are normally everyday Chinese people doing this stuff. They shit and piss anywhere they want and spit everywhere and yell all the time. Ther some Chinese people who are good and don't do shit like that. But most Chinese people have zero manners

  16. China was never a global superpower or even global. It ships were shit and just went up and down the Asian coast. So that is a total lie.

  17. Through the history of China there were dozens of dynasties. Pretending it was one is bullshit. Each dynasty was separated by about 150 years of civil war, on average.

  18. only trump care for is him able to make any more money. just all. teriff donot matter who's paying for. trump use the goverment to make trump group more money,

  19. The figure 600 billion dollars a year is totally wrong. 60 billion a year would be considered a very high estimate of the real cost, the truth however seem to be around 35 to 40 billions. That is bad enough. Unfortunately Trumps figures are lies. I would like you to go over the figure 600 billion and make a program of it. When doing so you will find it is mostly a fake argument. The TPP was the only tool that could have harmed China since TPP with the USA would be 40% of the world economy. Not even China would have been able withstanding such a power. Obama knew that Trump did not understand that. So here we are, the USA is at the moment loosing the tradewar.

  20. Obama was a Blooming Idiot failure. President XI Jinping is going to fool around and get Americans mad and Americans will start boycotting Chinese made goods, then what will president Xi Jinping do to feed his people? Set down with President Trump and get this over with President Jinping.

  21. This video is so grossly oversimplified that it's even pointless to watch. It also feels more like a propaganda video in favour of Trump's administration imposed policies than anything else. I'm unsubscribing since this is not the first time you publish low quality content lately.

  22. Let the orange chicken win! Win big time!! Always winning… I am getting sick to hear whatever that clown dumb dumb say now

  23. Trump keep winning and winning and winning. USA will have the grandest Christmas celebration this year. All Christmas presents will be made in US without tariffs tax and abundance of farmer's foods to go around. Merry Christmas and long live America.

  24. If trade deficit is the biggest concern why don’t Trump just order Americans STOP BUYing anything from China? It is simple indeed as he declared. Making China to buy more Americans is however a little more complicated. In fact there are so many things Chinese really really really wishes to buy from America, billions of billions dollars of them. But you know America has this special “free trade” system. We like to tell other country what they can buy freely from us what we won’t sell no matter how much they are willing to pay.. We are free to pick and choose anything they offer but we don’t offer that much they are free to buy. That’s the root of the deficit.🥵🥵🥵🥵

  25. that tarrif man is seen like as the gaurdian of the american people beforew the vultures of the world come. Keep it up donald . i wish they would call me tarrif man. Yet , still cause of you donald soon they will be calling me rich man. Oh thank you tarrif man thank you very much. for the day you got inagurated is the day my bussines got an "S" on the end of my name. LYKES'S BODY OILS. Thats right!!!! america is back bitches!!!!!! yall caught us while we was sleeping ,but dont worry , we gonna fix that up quick fast and in a jiffy. GOD BLESS TRUMP AND TGHE TRUMP TRAIN !!!! MAGA / KAG TRUMP 2020.

  26. Only idiots are investing in china. Tim Cook showed Trump how much money Apple was not able to get out of China because it was denominated in Yuan and China doesn't have enough USD to exchange it!

    Tell me who's winning again?

  27. Farmers and lobstermen lost markets and jobs. Metal fabricators are laid off. Surely there are jobs unfilled because not enough qualified workers are available. Remaining coal miners are gradually replaced by automation. How does trade war won? War is not the solution for growing economy. Trump should tell the nation how have we benefited from the 17 years of Afghanistan war. We didn’t even get their oil,

  28. Any tariff that harms America also harms China. China in fact was forced to devaluate their currency making everything they import more expensive.

  29. America is democratic and has loads of allies. China is authoritarian and has no allies. In fact, China is making enemies every where it goes. America's per capita GDP is miles higher than China's. There is greater likelihood of unrest in China than in the U.S. because China oppresses it's own people. China's only protection from a rioting citizenry is a strong economy. If the economy goes south, the people are going to get angry and demand their rights. America is the largest producer of oil in the world. China imports oil, coal and natural gas. China imports a lot of food and has 1.3 billion people to keep fed. America has an enormous domestic economy. China is dependant on exports. China is toast.

  30. Love your vids but the opening sentence is misleading and could be better researched. There was no "China" as we know it today 1000 years ago or even 100 years. It used to be kingdoms, warring warlords, a ton of different ethnicities with their own language and culture which have been "united" only recently, to a great extent by using force. Your analysis is usually good so I'm surprised you open this video with such a misleading and politized statement

  31. Really tired of the myth Trump killed TPP! It was dead a year before he took office! Trumps self-promotion has become too much! He really needs to go away, back to swindling real estate and bankrupting once-profitable companies!

  32. Discuss why Domino's pizza stock price has risen 2000% since 2010 and why it's one of the best performing stocks of the last decade.

  33. This is a huge topic that's difficult to cover in just five minutes, so I agree that this isn't a sufficiently thorough video. Geography, public finance, currency, and other topics could easily make for a own full-length film on China's geopolitics, but if we're focusing on the trade war in a reasonably condensed video, it's worth looking at:

    1. China's dependence on foreign resources for assembly of major products
    2. The US's role in propping up global trade with its navy
    3. China's push to build competitive domestic industries

  34. A load of codswallop. Somebody had to do something and Trump did it. Now we need to make a deal where China has to buy back anything that is pure trash at their own expense. The last thing this beleaguered planet needs is a billion tonnes of utterly worthless crud being shipped around the world at tremendous cost to the environment. So much of that crud is actually subversive – the Chinese 'jump through' trampoline has injured so many people, and they are ticking timebombs just waiting to suddenly give way to break children's backs and leave the poor kids crippled for life. Add the plethora of counterfeit crap, the fake pharmaceuticals, and we have a recipe for disaster. These goods may be made in China by foreign companies, but it is the Chinese Communist Party that must bear the responsible for all of it.

  35. China is really hurting because of the trade war. China will try to hide and deny that they are suffering but their currency and economy is hurting. Also companies are leaving China and coming back to America. Yes America is also hurting in certain areas as well but it’s a trade war and there will be casualties on both sides.

  36. Thank you for walking the talk BC,history is our hardest teacher.Let us ( Humanity ) not for get were ever the "Golden Bird Fly's "=Flags role all Wars.Just think about it, all roads lead to Rome," one body two wings."!!!

  37. Didnt seem like very much info. Didn't even mention a single economist or bring up the stock market outside of investment into the US (which can be contributed by banks in China having to call back debt, and companies trying to not align with China (like tech companies) ,but also the trade war). Vietnam was on point though, but could have mentioned specific companies moving over. I felt like this was done cause you wanted to touch on the subject, but not want to offend anyone politically.

  38. It will shift and shift and shift, after vietnam production starts in Cambodia after that wherever, trade changes from the restrictions they are exposed to. That’s trade.

  39. China stealing $600 IP from the West every year… Show me the data and evidence!!! Otherwise you're just regurgitating from those who told us Iraq has WMD

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