Here’s Everything You Need to Trade Penny Stocks

– Where can I get quotes,
stock charts, news releases, SEC filings, to make the
best trade decisions? Today I’ve got some great
free resources for you then I got the best resource for you. (lively drum beat) Hey everyone, lead trainer of
StocksToTrade Tim Bohen here. Be sure to subscribe and
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notified as soon as possible so be sure to ring that bell. When it comes to day trading,
swing trading and investing, one of the biggest things
is you need to maximize your information, your
availability of information. You need price quotes. You need stock charts. You need to be able to
get the press release, to be able to read the press release. Sometimes you gotta dig
in to the SEC filing to see if there’s outstanding warrants, if there’s red flags on this stock, to really get in to the deep financials. You need to be able to
see that balance sheet, all of these information. So I’ve got several resources for you, and I’m gonna offer you the pros and cons. Starting right out, the number one, the old school of old
school is Yahoo Finance. If you’re a young person, you
might be kind of laughing. Yahoo, I know Google has
kinda taken over the world but for whatever reason, and I think it goes
back to the dotcom boom, this dates me a little bit as an old guy, but Google was just kind of
growing in the early 2000s and Yahoo was around a little earlier, so if you remember and you should probably research the dotcom boom, be
aware of stock market history, Yahoo was around back then and we had such huge crazy insane moves. I mean if you think 2018,
2019 are crazy for stocks, go back to 99, 98, 2000,
they made even bigger moves. And Yahoo was the biggest
information provider out there. That’s where everybody would go, to the news groups to
post stock information. Business aside, I’ve always
said for years going back Yahoo should have probably
spun off the finance division because I think it was one of the most valuable assets they had. That being said, it’s still
a great free resource. All the information is there. Interface is a little
dated, but it’s there. You can get the quotes,
you can get the charts, you can get the filings
and the news releases. Next is, I don’t know why
they don’t talk about it much, but Google has a finance page. It’s great especially for news. Nobody gets the news faster than Google. It’s all there. Not a big fan of their charts. I do prefer Yahoo Finance’s
charts a little more. But the information is there, and one quick little tip
that I do like about Google is especially if you’re looking for like those sympathy plays, Google
has a nice little feature where if you search for a stock, it shows you related stocks
that people are searching for. So it’s just a little trick
if you’re looking for those companies that are
potential sympathy plays, you can use Google Finance for that. Last one and probably my favorite of the free is F-I-N-V-I-Z, I think it’s short
for financial visualization. Great looking charts, I love their charts. I love their format. They’ve got a basic
screener that is useful. You can look for the big gainers. You can look for the 52 week breakouts. And the way it’s organized is very clean so out of three free options, Finviz is definitely my favorite. Now, you’ve used those resources, you’ve got to the point where
you’ve reached the limit, you want real-time information, you want faster charts, you want better-looking charts, you want everything in one spot. Obviously I’m biased, but definitely check out StocksToTrade. I think it is the best platform out there. I was you back in the day. When I first got started in 2007, 2008, listen, I would open up 10 browser tabs to all these different sites. I’d launch Java apps, which again, kind of dates me, but
you’d have these apps, you’d have all these stuff running. Each day, I’d have to spend 10 minutes opening up all these stuff, logging in, getting everything ready, maybe I forgot my password, I had to do a remember password, all these stuff, just
to be ready to trade. What’s great about StocksToTrade
is everything in one spot. Charts, news, screeners, Oracle
our stock algorithm program. You can trade directly from StocksToTrade with broker integration. We have a paper trading
module if you’re looking to just get started. Everything there in one click, so if you’re ready to take that next step, be sure to click that link below, check out the trial, and listen, the free options are great, but if you’re really ready to get serious, definitely check out StocksToTrade. Thanks for watching our video. Be sure to comment below with
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