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No species can survive in isolation so
what The Barn Owl Trust does is we use people’s interest in barn owls to
increase their environmental awareness in the hope that we can make life on
earth more sustainable, and that way protect wild life. Our main mission is to
conserve wild barn owls but of course, people find
casualty owls occasionally usually they’re
road casualties broken wings are the most common
injuries that we find so we do owl rehabilitation we take owls in, we use a local
veterinary practice and we’ve developed what’s called supported release methods
so when the birds are finally let go they’re provided with food afterwards
which helps them readapt to living in the wild. Silver’s beautiful and I love
these because it’s got a barn owl on and it’s brilliant that five pounds for
every one of these bars that sold is going straight to The Barn Owl Trust to
help with our conservation work. The Barn Owl Trust depends entirely on donations
and we use those donations primarily for creating wildlife habitat like the
wildlife tower you can see the rough grassland for barn owls to hunt over
and crops for other wild birds to feed on. The Barn Owl Trust has worked with
Bleyer for many years we’ve been monitoring and helping to conserve the
owls on the farm when they’re based There are other ways of supporting The Barn Owl Trust, you could adopt one of the barn owls in our sanctuary
(that would be wonderful) you can become what we call
a ‘friend of The Barn Owl Trust’ and increasingly we are dependent
on legacies. This year, Bleyer are producing a
lot more of these beautiful little owl bars
and for each one sold five pounds is being donated to The Barn Owl Trust to help with our conservation work.

2 thoughts on “Helping The Barn Owl Trust with Silver Bars | Bleyer Bullion

  1. I would buy a 10oz or 1kg silver bar of this design.
    Just have international shipping and PayPal as a payment option.

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