100 thoughts on “He Confronted the BIGGEST Gold Digger!!!! (insane)

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  2. I hate cheaters but i cannot believe I couldn't find a comment clearly stating that guy is an asshole for not giving her phone!!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you guys!!!! It's her phone!!!! Period!!!!! Don't excuse him saying "he didn't hit her, he was just stoping her". That is some big bullshit, he has to fucking give her her phone as soon as she asked for it, otherwise it is stealing

  3. Guys we've all had a hoe ass girlfriend in our lives before. But the real ones drops them for good and keep it moving. Not worth the stress and babysitting they asses.

  4. Imagine what her hair would be like if he did throw her in the pool✌🏽😂😭 (curly headed girls understand)

  5. Sergio: to all my headphone users I am warning you to turn your volume down
    Me: *turns the volume up*
    Ari: GIVE 👏🏽 ME 👏🏽 BACK 👏🏽 MY 👏🏽 PHONE 👏🏽

  6. honestly it wasn’t even that bad and he started hitting her ☹️ she told him to stop touching her and he didn’t stop…honestly this is so bad…😢

  7. The funny thing is that they don’t take it seriously
    I would have broke her phone in pieces and dropped it in the pool

  8. If this was real all she had to do was call the cops on him and them for wrongful imprisonment.
    Also sue the shtz out of them.
    They never jumped in for her when he approached her all aggressive and had her against the wall.
    I call BS.

  9. I hate people like her like…
    1.they fall in love
    2.they date
    3.he/she falls in love with another boy/girl
    4. They fucking cheat
    INSTEAD OF JUST BREAK UP AND SAY "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE " IS IT THAT HARD OR DOES IT MAKE YOU LOOK COOL O0 ? IS IT COOL TO BREAK SOMEONE'S HEART LIKE THAT ?! I hope people like her end up in hell and to be honest I am not sorry for saying that !

    I just don't understand how a human can be like this…

  10. Why is no one talking about how that POS got up in her face? Saying he’s going to fuck her bestfriend. My guess is he’s been abusive for a long while and this is so disgusting to see everyone film this and not help her. Like give her property back and let her go that’s so fucked up…

  11. What I can't believe is people actually find this real… the "Gold mine" of that guy… hhahahaaha he's so nervous talking to her, it's so clear he hasn't done that ever before… it's staged so much.

  12. Guys a thug…if not on video he would have popped the bronze-digger……both are worthless Thugs…and he is abusive.

  13. This is borderline ruining peoples lives, this is entrapment and I can't believe you have sponsors, sponsoring this crap, I hope someone sets you up one day Sergio, she should sue your broke ass

  14. I think the boyfriend is an assho**. There's nothing wrong with her and i can't see her cheating but just being friendly. The boyfriend is too possessive which is bad.

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