[ HD ] Canadian Silver Grizzly (2011) – VS – Dime

* * To turn off my comments, disable the Captions (CC) * * Hi guys. We are going to examine another canadian wildlife series coin today. It’s the second release of the planned six designs. This coin is definitely a worthy successor of the first. For me, the image successfully relay the message of a powerful bear in the wild. Failure would be just comical: like circus bear feel, zoo bear feel, or Yogi lol. Well, it’s no surprise who’s gonna be on the obverse. And, it’s no surprise to see the poor effigy condition here. I really wish RCM releases these in capsules. Why not pass the cost to your customers? Am I the minority in thinking that would be ok? Anyway, nuff ranting. I’ll give this coin 9/10 design score
and 6.5/10 for coin condition. Bye and I’ll cya next time.

3 thoughts on “[ HD ] Canadian Silver Grizzly (2011) – VS – Dime

  1. Thanks.

    You can still find Grizzlies, just with high premium. And there are good ones not even in slabs. I think the big chunk of numismatic value rise of these coins had been had. So, they are more expensive and will become more and more, although not as fast as previously.

  2. I really love the 1 ounce grizzly. I have one, and its my favourite of the wildlife series put out by the rcm. Thanks for posting this video. Great job on showcasing this coin.

  3. Thank you. Although the two 2012 wildlife releases weren't as spectacular as the 2011 ones, the pronghorn release for 2013 looks great. I hope RCM will finish strong with the last release. I'm beginning to suspect it's going to be polar bear, probably the same design used on the 1.5 ozt. Just guessing …

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