[ HD ] (Altered)* Generic Silver Round Incuse Indian Head Half Eagle Design – VS – Dime

* * To turn off my comments, disable the Captions (CC) * * Hello guys. I have another altered generic round here. This incuse style round makes a perfect polishing subject. There aren’t raised letters or relief. That means no hard-to-reach-to-polish areas. Polishing this round reveals how unsmooth the surface of this round really is. It may become reflective, but it’s definetily not proof quality. Decent design and copy job, 6/10.
Round’s condition is 6.5/10. Cya next time.

14 thoughts on “[ HD ] (Altered)* Generic Silver Round Incuse Indian Head Half Eagle Design – VS – Dime

  1. Muahahaha. I actually have one Maple that underwent the same treatment. Posting a video about that may cause a few hardcore numismatics to suffer heart attacks. Micro scratches everywhere 😀 .

  2. Unfortunately, I didn't record it. But, the process is the same as this vid by TactiFred: wwwyoutubecom /watch?v=ixrlPYcRvjM .

  3. It's not a coin 😉 . It's a round. Rounds are basically flat cylindrical bars / ingots which have very little to zero numismatic value, only intrinsic value (with a few special exceptions, of course). This one is as generic as a round can get 😀 . I do much appreciate your feedback 🙂 .

  4. Very good idea.. I didn't think about making my own proof looking one. Good idea and thanks. I love the design of the incuse Indian.

  5. I hope you'll enjoy your process 🙂 . As I've mentioned in the closed caption though, you'll see the difference between a real proof by mint strike and mere polished after regular strike, not to mention the hairlines 😀 .

  6. Very nice. How did you get such a shine? I have some of the same myself and was wondering how to polish them up like this.

  7. Thanks dlk20000. I used the same process as this vid by TactiFred: wwwyoutubecom /watch?v=ixrlPYcRvjM .

  8. That is my favorite coins design, I have 2 of the Gold $5 quarter eagles. Where can someone buy that?

  9. It will lose the numismatic value for sure. If you must do it, I suggest the 2011 ATB releases since they're the most minted of all the years so far. Those will be the least with numismatic potential.

  10. educate me please. why is the word generic used on these silver coins? mostly when I think of the word "generic" it's fake.

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