What is up everybody this is SuperSight, and
welcome back to another video of Hay Day. Thank you so much for stopping by because
in this video I’m going to be telling you a secret about the mine. Now this episodes
is going to be a lot about the mine, because I’m going to be unlocking the mine and finally
be able to use all my different things, like 40 TNT barrels that I’ve saved up. Right,
so as you can see I’m about to just go over that level and I’m just harvesting that. And,
right, now it’s full and 136XP later, we level up to level 24 and we unlock the smelters,
the cheesecake, the silver ore, the gold ore, the platinum ore, the silver bar, the mossy
rock and the windmill. So that is very good and here we go, maybe this is a good time
to repair the old mine who knows what treasure it holds. And that is exactly right, so we’ll
start repairing it. And it’s just saying use dynamite, TNT, shovel. And what about the
pickaxe? It didn’t mention that! Anyway I will start repairing that, and so that’s going
to take a day, which is kind of sad because I wanted to unlock it now, but oh well I will
leave it to be. Right, so, and as you can see I unlocked my first slot. Which was this
one right on the corner here and so that means that I now have officially room to put my
chicken-coop, which I bought and I put it there, and I’m happy to have to have a chicken-coop
there because it fits nicely, because it like just fitted in those trees, that was the only
spot in my whole farm that I could put my chicken coop, like it wouldn’t even fit in
there. So right there fits perfectly for it. Okay so I’ll check out, I have unlocked the
smelters, now you can get up to 5 smelters and I’m pretty sure you cam get them all right
now. Now they progressively cost more and more and more. The first one costs 12,500
coins. The second one costs 22,000 coins. The third one costs 31,500 coins. The forth
one costs 41,000 coins. And the fifth one costs 51,500 coins. Which is good, and let’s
see… And then decorations of course, and no new fields. Okay now we will buy as many
as we can and this is where the coins come in handy because then I can start immediately
getting them. Right so I’ll look for a spot, okay. Looking there, right so these are, maybe
I could have put my… no I think those are slightly smaller than the chicken coop, that’s
why they fit. Right so, and we will buy. We can buy one more, Okay we… under there.
Right so now we have smelters just hidden amongst everything. And we have all our different
things getting ready, and my barn is full as per usual. Right so we need one more plank
to upgrade it and we need a few more screws and so. Okay so we will sell off some stuff
and go hunting for that final plank which will be extremely useful .Okay so we’ll put
some popcorn up for sale. And, right so then we’ll come looking along here. Okay just seeing
no plank for me. Anyway going over the cake oven which has been very well hidden. Now
some calculations which I didn’t mention last episode is that the carrot cake, and this
is always unstarred. The cake oven produces, and I also got another mastery star on the
bakery. My first mastery star just today. Right, so back to this, anyway the cake oven…
if it hasn’t got three stars, the carrot cake will will produce you 24 coins per hour and
the red berry cake will produce you 21.6 coins per hour and the cheese cake will produce
you a mere 13.9 coins per hour. Which I don’t think is that great. And now this here is
where the theory that you say that you know that like oh well the shortest time ones will
be the most profitable all the way to the least profitable. This cream cakes defies
that, it actually makes 37, sorry for that, 37.9 coins per hour. So that is very impressive
and 37.9 is far more than the red berry cake which produces 21.6 and this one here produces
the carrot cake, 24 coins. So clearly that theory, it;s generally true that the longer
they take, the less profitable they will be, but in this case it is not true, the cream
cake is more profitable than things, the carrot cake and the Red berry cake which both take
shorter amounts of time. So that is just something that I find very interesting. Right now the
smelters can produce at this level, the next level we’ll be able to get the gold bar and
the platinum bar, but at this level, all we can produce is silver bars, now silver bars
can produce the most lame amount of coins you could ever imagine, it only produces…
And this is with one smelter by the way, and so immediately once we’ve got three already
change that. But assuming that I’ve only got one smelter, let’s say I’ve got one smelter.
It will, if you produce silver bars they will produce you 13.8 coins per hour. That;s even
less than cheesecake, so 13.8 coins per hour will be produce when producing silver bars
with one smelter. But as we know, we will get more smelters and so I’m happy that I
can immediately buy three of them and the other two will be not long to come. Anyway
so then for example if I have two smelters then I’ll be able to produce, combined twice
13.8 coins, which it would be about 28 coins per hour. And if I get all five smelters,
then producing silver bars in all five of them at once will get you like five times
13.8 coins. Which is like 69 coins. But per smelter when producing silver bars it will
produce you 13.8 coins, which I think is a very very small amount. But that’s reality,
it produces that many, and that’s just it. Right so will sell off some of this, some
pancakes, Okay, and that the last boat event, double coins event was brilliant. I ended
up getting a whole heap of double voucher things which was really good. As you can see,
I’ve got like 29 vouchers, and I still haven’t got any golden vouchers after that, so I’m
waiting for some gold vouchers. Now as you can see, I have my boat here, and it’s not
worth it because these here are not worth it. I would lose coins doing them, and that
there I’d loose lots of coins doing it as well. And although I got those three to be
filled, unless someone from my neighborhood filled that, I’m not going to complete this.
If they did then I’d do that and then I’d get 311XP for free in and one free voucher.
Although, I’d then lose a few coins there, but it wouldn’t be that bad. Right so I’ll
just check and see if there’s any planks, always getting that final plank is always
the hardest one, I find. Right so, and I can’t do that. Okay now the mine, what’s he going
to say time, probably the same thing, no I can’t tap him. Right, Okay, now the mine it
is a very good way of getting diamonds, you can use four different things to mine it you
can use the dynamite, you can use… which will get you two ores. You can use the TNT
barrel, which will get you three ores. You can use the shovel which will get you four
ores. Or you can use the pickaxe which I haven’t unlocked yet. And that will get you five ores.
And so that is very useful, it’s always worth using those things like whether it’s pickaxe
or what not in it, and then even if you don’t want to use the ore yourself, it’s worth…
so every time you see a dynamite for sale, always buy it. Never sell dynamite or any
mining materials because if you just convert it and you just like mine some stuff the ore
is always worth more than what you would have got just selling that individual thing like
the pickaxe or the dynamite in that. So the mine is very very useful. It’s a great source
of getting your own ores for your smelters, because ores aren’t often for sale and so
it’s always good to have yours and so that’s another reason why you always want to keep
your, like TNT barrels and that, so you can always be getting them for your smelters.
Now you can use the mine, there’s some mine derby tasks which require you to get a certain
amount of ore. So often what people do and it works as you save up the different things
like dynamite, TNT barrels, shovels and pickaxes. And then when the season happens then you
get a whole heap of ore, but effectively what you want to do is you want to just slowly
use them as you need more ore and just keep using them, just keep getting them slowly
and slowly and yeah the ores that you want change as level up. Like when there’s nothing
that you can really produce with ores except for the three different bars, then for example
it might be more profitable, since platinum bar might be worth more than the silver bar
so you might want to just be selling off the silver ore and the gold ore, and just producing
platinum bars. But when you level up there’s all these different things you can do with
bars, with the different things you can create in the jeweler and the different things. Bars
have a lot more value in higher levels, and also for this board, and so although currently
at my level. I’ll be wanting to… when I unlock those to bars as well, I’ll be wanting
to produce the most profitable. When I level up the most profitable bar isn’t really a
factor, it’s all about which bars are most necessary, but I’ll talk about that as I get
up to a higher level and so then I’ll go into far more detail about which one is best to
have and why the different bars because yea, bars making bars and smelters and ores and
the mine are all very important parts of Hay Day. And it’s very useful to know what you
want and what you want to get out of it and what bars you want, what bars you want to
be making and it’s stuff like that. Now the main secret about the mine and most people…
well for most the people that I’ve talked to in Hay Day, they have never known this.
I haven’t, I guess some people would figure it out. But anyway, the secret for the mine
is it is not random when you put the… when you extract mine… like for example if you
put the let’s say dynamite in, then it will, what it will do is it will give… like you
think o I have like a certain amount of chances of getting a diamond or of getting gold ore,
no it is set it is in this cycle and it’s this big rotation of what happens and what
I’ll do, and what I hope to do, is I hope to record every single time I use a dynamite.
I’ll record what I get from that dynamite and I’ll just keep going, and then hopefully
eventually I’ll hit the end of the cycle and then I’ll be able to release a it, publish
a list of every, so then you’ll be able to determine where you are in that cycle and
then you’ll be able to work out what you’re going to get from there because an example
of the cycles is in Clash Royale, that’s another Supercell game. There’s chests, and there’s
chest cycles and some people will sometimes release them but then they updated and all
that, but there’s a chest cycle so you ‘ll always know what one you’re going to get next,
so for example if I’d got gold and platinum ore with the first dynamite, and then a silver
and a gold ore and that, anyway there;s actually, it’s already worked out exactly what you’re
going to get. And so what I want to do is I want to record every single thing I get
with each of the different tools and then eventually create a big cycle, it must be
a huge cycle because it just must be, I’ve tried to work it out, but it’s a big cycle,
and so anyway then you can determine where you are in the pattern and work out what you’re
going to get next, not that it affects it much but it will also help me determine where
the different things… like I’ve heard that dynamites, this is just theories that I’ve
heard, that like dynamite has a higher chance of giving you diamonds than let’s say TNT
barrels do. I’ve heard that shovels give you a higher chance of getting diamonds, I don’t
have any idea whether that’s true or not and that’s what I’ll be able to prove because
if I do the whole cycle then I’ll be able to work out how many diamonds there are per
each cycle, and then therefore work out which gives you more diamonds or if they’re all
exactly the same. Now the way I worked out that there was a cycle, I always had the impression
that there would have to be a cycle, because it just it just can’t be random, but the way
that I worked it out is I, once what I did is put some, I’d done my dynamite right, and
then my internet crashed right, and so then what it normally does is it deletes the last
30 seconds, anyway then I went back to my mine and I then, the ores that I’d got, let’s
say it might have been two gold ores, had gone into my thing, then the internet had
crashed and so then I reloaded it and those two gold ores weren’t there, but I had my
TNT, I mean my dynamite back. Anyway then I put the dynamite in again, and I got the
same like two golds again, I was like oh yea, that’s coincidental isn’t it, and so anyway,
then my internet crashed again and then I was no! It was getting annoying, but anyway
then I’d lost those two golds again and I had my dynamite back and I put it in again,
and of course it was two golds again, which proves that it’s not like, you could say it’s
rigged, but it’s not like a bad thing or anything, it just is a fact that it’s a cycle, and so
then you know, don’t except it to be random and you’ve got a real high chance of getting
diamonds, it’s already worked it out. Just like the wheel of fortune, if you spin it,
it already knows what you’re going to get, so that is the biggest secret for the mine,
is that it’s actually in a cycle, it’s not random. It’s all predicted, they’ve calculated
the exact same point that you are in the cycle, and then you’ll be able to work it out which
is very interesting and because it’s, the cycle, it’s good to know these kind of things
because it helps you sort of like some people then would play slightly differently knowing
that there;s a cycle and that kind of stuff. So that is the secret with the mine, there
is a cycle for it. Right so now this thing here is edit mode, and it , I don’t really
know hwy you have to get to level 25 to unlock it. But suppose well, you do you have to get
to level 25, so I’ll look forward to unlocking it, because it is a really useful feature
and it would, o raspberries back here, right so I’ll get some raspberries and that’s a
dead bush right there. So I have like raspberries bushes like hidden, I’ve got one in there
somewhere. I’ll probably won’t find it, unless I used the edit mode, village edit mode, no
is it village, no farm edit mode. Right and so then I’ll be able to see it, and that’s
why I wanted to unlock it, well I wished I’d had it at an earlier level because then you
can see the different bushes that you’ve got hidden in behind there. And you can also work
out where there’s space because currently I really don’t know where there’s much space,
so I, I can’t really determine that well where to place things. Right maybe a smelter, no
I can’t afford it anyway, but yea, there’s room like I can go there, or there or there,
so right. So I’ve got lots of different spots and as you can see it’s been very useful having
all those coins because I’ve just had to use them straight away. Now the smelters cost
a lot, as I said before, the top one costs 50,500, so the smelters all together, like
a total is a really high total, it would be I don’t know, like let’s see maybe, it would
be about 150,000, just over 150,000, o yes, just over 150,000 to unlock all the smelters,
all five. And so I always recommend unlocking all of them, you know some people only get
one or two, but since every machine producing products is profit, then you might as well.
But some people would have leveled up real quick, like most people I find, have leveled
up and they can’t afford yo get them, like I can’t even, and I’ve been saving coins,
bu then you see players at like level 30 and 40 and they still haven’t even got their last
couple of smelters or something. So yeah, I definitively recommend getting your smelters,
but as you can see when I level up to level 26 in two levels, then I’ll have a juice press
and that will be cheap, but maybe cheaper than my fourth smelter. So hopefully within
the next two levels, since two levels is quite lot of time in two levels, hopefully I will
have got enough coins to unlock both of my smelters and then have enough spare coins
to then immediately unlock the juice press, because I always like being ahead with my
coins. Now as you can see I have got a lot of coins to have just bought those three,
I had about 100,000 at one point and that is, that is totally from just, well not totally,
but a lot from just buying, rebuying and reselling different products at different prices, o
screw! No! No! My barns full, come on come one, what can I sell? Come on let’s go, let’s
go, let’s go, let’s go get those screws, come on, they’ll be gone, no they’re gone! Oh that”s
so annoying, that’s so so annoying, I really wanted those screws. That is like. I just
got screwed over, see the pun! Right but yeah, those screws would be real useful. As you
can see at the start of the game, I had way to many spare wooden panels and look now it’s
the item that I need lots of, and it’s the nails that I’ve got lots of, so that’s why
it’s always good to keep getting those same things. Right and so then eventually when
I unlock my mine, I’ll show you, me spending like finally using all these things that have
been clogging up my storage for so so long. But it’s been worth keeping them because if
I were to sell them I would have lost huge amounts of coins and I would lost potential
diamonds. And as you can see I’ve got a lot of diamonds now, considering that I spent
like was it thirty or forty diamonds and the first one, one of the first, well the diamond
episode, “The best use for diamonds”, was that level 16 or something around there, anyway
now I’m back up to 58 and I haven’t bought a single diamond. I just get them because
I’m just doing all the things to get me diamonds, well just keeping all your machines going,
harvesting your crops, doing stuff like that, getting those chests and the 4 ways to get
coins or the magical chests sometimes get you them as well and so yeah, I’m quite happy
with the amount of diamonds I’ve got. Right, so that will wrap it up for this video, I
hope you enjoyed it, please let me know what you think about the mine having a set pattern.
Do you like it? Do you not? Did you know it previously or was it a secret that was just
revealed to you this episode? Please let me know in the comments, please leave a me know
if you liked it, by tapping the like button. If you haven’t already subscribed please do
so. I appreciate each and every one of you, this is been SuperSight and remember to “make
coins faster than honey bees make honey!”

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