Have 2016 Silver eagles really sold out?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 22nd November 2016 and we
have come across an interesting anomaly. Last Friday, Silverdoctors.com produced a
video stating that the US Mint is no longer supplying 2016 1oz silver eagles to the trade,
and that they now have to wait until January 2017 to receive their next orders.
They supported this with comments on their website www.silverdoctors.com stating:
“Without Any Prior Warning, Moments Ago the US Mint Advised Their AP’s That The
Mint is Suspending Silver Eagle Sales, & No Further Coins Will Be Available Until 2017
Silver Eagles Are Released at Some Point in January…”
In their video they quote that premiums were now rising and the person they interviewed
said “well I am now going to purchase my eagles from Silver Doctors before they completely
run out”. Let’s listen to what they say about premiums:………….. Based on this information we therefore decided
to contact the US Mint direct to see if this story is true – just call us suspicious.
So on live chat this is the conversation we had with their representative called Carlos,
and we have had the conversation sent to our email address as prrof. It goes like this:
[Visitor] The reason I am writing is that I have seen on a number of websites that the
Mint is no longer supplying dealers with silver eagles until January 2017. Some are suggesting
it’s because you have run out of silver planchets – is this the case please?
[Carlos] I will be happy to help you with the requested information! No, the item of
interest is still currently available for purchase. The uncirculated has yet to be released
as only the proof is currently available for purchase.
[Carlos] I apologize for any confusion or false information.
[Visitor] So dealers can obtain ordinary 1oz silver eagles?
[Carlos] If you are an authorized dealer you are welcome to do so.
End of transcript. So are we being deceived in order to panic-buy
silver? We are not passing any judgement, but would ask you our listeners, if you have
any free time to please contact the US Mint – you can obtain their details from google;
and ask them if silver eagle 2016 coins are available to authorised dealers. If you do
this, then please take the name of the person you have contacted and publish your findings
beneath this video. We are not casting any allegations or aspersions,
and indeed Carlos may be wrong and so with a number of our subscribers making contact
we should at least find out, after all, if you excuse the pun, we are here to ‘tell
the truth about silver.’ We hope you have found this video interesting
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55 thoughts on “Have 2016 Silver eagles really sold out?

  1. Yes, it is called 'pumping' and they, the pumpers, have done it at the end of the last three years that I have been stacking.  When I commented below the video to which you are referring, I was called a troll.  Also, it helps to look at who are the sponsors of Silver Doctors and others.  I check dealers every day and I know for a fact that there is no shortage.  I have not followed your route, and probably won't, because I know from experience.  Another thing that I've heard is that the US Mint stops producing the current year coinage so that they can 'retool the presses' for the next years run, thus, only so many left (bullshit).  These pitch-man are audacious.  Thank you for trying to help people.

  2. I contacted Charles at the US mint. I specifically asked him about sales to authorized dealers. He said coins were available for sale but everything he said led me to believe he mis understood the question and he was referring to numismatic sales, not bullion sales to authorized dealers. Therefore, Charles answer or any answer you get from chat is likely to be misleading.

  3. hmm should have bought when buying good; india down $2800 oz; silver went up 0.18 ; silver eagles $19.33 just looked up for eagles previously sold at $20 and change—hmm

  4. The pumpers always say that the mint is running out around this time of year, it lets me know that winter is arriving shortly, and I should put up my snow fence.

  5. I called the mint yes they have stopped silver Eagle sales to authorized dealers but not to the public. Silver Doctors are telling the truth.

  6. Well I think with videos that just came out from Trump that silver may not lower  as much now if  he keeps making more videos and making statements like he just did.  I hope silver keeps going down for a few so I can keep stacking a lot more.

  7. I went to the SD bullion site and asked about this, here is the conversation.

    Thank you for visiting SD Bullion. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!
    Yes, I was curious about the video that was posted by SD about the US mint no longer selling ASE FOR 2016. I am now finding reports that this is untrue.
    Rick Martinez
    Hmm I'll pass that along to the team that produces those videos. Can you provide the sources you're referencing?
    I know they have industry relationships direct to the production at the mint so I'd like to take a look.
    Sure, illuminati silver posted a video and posted a comment to the SD video on youtube
    There was also several people that contacted the mint to confirm and replied to IS's video
    Please have the doctor look into this and let the community know why there is so much confusion
    Also today on the mints website the 2016 coins numbers went up by 500,000
    Rick Martinez
    Interesting. I'll do so. We'll get to the bottom of it.
    8:17 pm
    Thanks, Silver Charts on YouTube has a video on that
    Thanks for the help

  8. Always so reserved with judgement gentlemen. 🙂 Simply said, the metal sellers will go to any length to move their wares, it's a fear driven industry just like with insurance!

  9. Just checked spread price www.bullionvault.com same as spot.

    They have $1.5B of silver and gold you can ALWAYS buy any amount it there, either allocated account or delivery.

  10. Great work guys. Thumbs up for calling Sdoctors claim. If this claim is true, why do well established silver vendors tarnish there name for stupid reasons?. 40,000 silver eagles is only a two week supply for their sales! Damn them for being scandalous.

  11. This is a post from last Friday (18 Nov) on another site I frequent. The author is Doug Eberhardt of Buygoldandsilversafely.com. He is, by all accounts, a stand-up guy.

    "Hi all, not a sales pitch, but, premiums on American Silver Eagles are going to jump by 50 cents here soon, maybe more as suppliers are running out of allotments for 2016 and the U.S. Mint is not delivering new allotments till later this year for 2017 coins. So my suppliers are starting to raise premiums. I still have one supplier that hasn't done so yet, so if interested, call as you can save 50 cents a coin. Otherwise, rounds are still cheaper than Eagles and a better buy for the same quality of silver. In the past few years when we have had silver prices fall fast the premiums typically go higher. Some investors just prefer Eagles. This has been a progressive fall in metals from the low 20's to now and premiums have been pretty good, so this is the first sign of a rise, albeit mostly related to the U.S. Mint doing their normal, "wait for the next year model" routine. No guarantees on how long this supplier will have the discounted rate and come December we'll have premiums probably back to normal. Judgement call on pricing of silver right now."

    Then this two hours later:

    " They just raised premiums 80 cents on the Eagles with that supplier, fyi. Some of you got in and one of you tried but didn't. Sorry. Rounds are still at a good price."

  12. … sometimes i like to listen to the pumper vids and feel my pupils dialate and heart race as i fantasize about 936$/oz silver… then i take shot of the illuminati narcan and come back down to reality

  13. Maybe the short fall in sales is because people what silver closer to spot so generic rounds are making more of a come back than government issue bullion. Hence the short fall and excuse my language but bullshit from the silver doctors to try boost sales in American Eagles. Interesting non the less. What a crap game they are playing. If I had time I would contact the mint but the answers are clearly in the comments section

  14. Hahaha illuminati… great work. probably find out later that its the dealers line of credit that had the limit. their 2016 annual report isn't to far away after all.

  15. Good info yet again! My thanks! Must say that panic buying – be it silver or Black Friday deals – is for idiots. Surely any stacker would simply buy when they can afford it and maybe extra when prices take a dive, then stack, stack, stack! Right! As for Black Friday sales – I know off topic but can't resist – who in their right mind would fight for or dig through bins of stuff no one wants? I hate shopping like that! Really want to save money? Write down what you want to get, google and pick the shop with the best offer. No stress!

  16. US Mint updated their sales figures regarding the Silver Eagle yesterday.
    Sales are up by over 500.000 (2.721.000) since fridays numbers (2.196.000).
    Catapulting the total sales figures for the ASE 2016 to over 37 million coins produced this year.

  17. At 3:30 "The uncirculated has yet to be released as only the proof is available for purchase." What does this mean? Are we talking 2016 or 2017 eagles? Which are uncirculated and which are proof?

  18. Lets be realistic here, Silver Doctors are shills,  this should be self evident by the constant barrage of SD Bullion ads on their channel. Beware the Pumpers!!!

  19. Thanks for the video. Are you going to do a video on the Dow topping 19,000? This is huge. I was advised a year ago to get into the market, and boy were they right. I have made huge returns. So grateful and thankful. How high can it go, and how long? Thank you Central Banks lol!

  20. Getting "pumped" can be exciting!
    Getting "dumped"…. ohh so brutal.

    "Just call us suspicious"…………………………………………….(I love your style I.S.)

  21. Good investigative work my friends… It's late November now…doesn't the Mint often stop production anyway in early December??? So I didn't get too excited.😊

  22. I just switch off now as soon as I hear anyone talking about coin or eagle shortages, it has nothing to do with silver availability. I can buy 1000oz bars of silver anytime I want i.e. there is a difference between shortages of the physical metal and a shortage of printed pictures of an Eagle on a metal round which is just a coin production issue

  23. Not to belabor a point, but there is a discussion on Rogue Money (youtube) from this morning, 11/22/2016, entitled 'Hump Day with Bix & V: Pre-Turkey Day Edition', wherein US Eagles and availability are the topic.  It begins at 26 minutes into the podcast.  Very informative.  It makes me wonder if the individual you say you spoke with at the US Mint was 'reading their lines'.

  24. This video is extraordinary and reveals some shocking news on SILVER. I think silver is going below $10 soon: http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2016/11/silver-to-drop-below-10-says-news-unit.html

  25. Every year they try and pull this stunt and by now people should figure this out. Soon no one will buy any more silver and they will shut these dealers down.

  26. Call APMEX and they don't even want to buy your silver right now depending on what it is. They are not interested in crap silver they want only items that sell. Nothing is selling right now. There's going to be a big silver glut soon and a big debacle with these precious metals.

  27. I feel genuinely sorry for the kind of people who regard the likes of 'SilverDoctors' to be reputable in the first place.

  28. It took me a second but now I know who you are. You are Lucifer Morningstar on that Fox tv show. I swear, look up Lucifer/fox

  29. That may be, but the banks have been pumping worthless paper since 1971 and people still still think it's the bee's bollocks, until they don't, then all hell will break loose.. Look at the people in India, the ones who had silver/gold under their mattress are OK, the one who had paper under their mattress are screwed.

  30. I stand corrected.

    The reason the Mint continued selling Eagles after the Silver Doctors announcement, is because they were selling off their remaining inventory. They did halt production for 2016, but they always keep an inventory of product and this is why we saw sales numbers continue to climb.

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