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  1. The actual indicator here is the retail bearishness in the comment section. With unbiased quantitative data backing this up, this may very well be take-off time for precious metals.

  2. Regarding PetroYuan and how Saddam tried to do so back in time, you see the difference is Huge between Iraq and China thats why they succeeded collapsing Iraq but no way they're gonna stand against China this time , they could stand against some of the major sellers in the market.

  3. "Has Silver's Time Finally Arrived?"

    I'm not a betting man, but if I was I'd bet it isn't. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

  4. Judging from the deafening silence from Mike on Hashgraph,  it may be safe to presume that Mike was blindsided by what to me ,  looks like, and likely is an attempt to impose a NWO digital currency, sponsored by  a 39  member corporate monopoly , which looks like a "poor man's TPP".  I would very much like to hear opposing opinions on this !As far as AG is concerned, it's a no brainer.I once read that "The Gold Guys"  were a Government sponsored "confiscation scam"that paid those two schnooks 30% over spot for all the gold and silver they couldturn over to the bullion banks.The dwindling IQ of the American people delivered  the Gold Guys success beyond their wildest dreams….The only problem that may arise with PM, is the tiny amount of M-ZERO left to redeem it for when the digital money system feeds back into the coming derivatives nightmare…I fear that for a period of time,  we will be living in a "dead zone"  where nothing functions… it will be those who can barter, or have a paper currency position who survive through this historical period to see the other side…the chem trail in the  "Loopers movie" chem trail scene, looks to be dead on for what has happened, and what lies dead ahead.The Loopers were paid in silver.It would be advantageous for "RUMP" to quit threatening everybody, and open US banks to Yuan exchange… but  "The Boyz from Mt. Sinai"  aint gunna let that happen….we are about to witness some VERY colorful transitions, that 95% of the TIDE eating public are neither psychologically, intellectually or physically prepared to endure.I was writing my book at the same time Mike wrote his, I never published it , because Darkfag changed the copyright laws, and the 100 photos I used were in copyright violation .

  5. I have silver, and am going to buy more, the main question i have, that seems difficult for perceived experts to answer, is, If i have silver bullion, and if it goes up, where exactly do i sell the bullion to 'Cash Out'..? I have heard mints buy bullion back, but most of my silver is private sales (Tested and Inspected by a jeweller first oc). Understanding i wont get spot price, who is buying my bullion when its "Ratio to Gold" is reversed?
    Where is the best place

  6. Mike, you are is fantastic; you gave me red pill; showed me the path into the real world of finance. But I think I bought too early into gold/silver, luckily not a lot. I should have done a lot more research, not just on silver but on macro economics in general. Here is my current opinion (subject to change as I am still learning) …

    Scenario 1: We go into a terrible deflation; Mike's everything bubble pops really hard. Bonds, Stocks, Real-Estate and other assets falls off a cliff also taking down silver and gold with them. Cash is going to be king for a while, everyone will be hoarding their money (fiat). Then if the central banks announce more QE, the prices gold/silver will be the first to pick up and may even sky-rocket as we saw right after the financial crisis.

    Scenario 2: The central banks, as we are seeing today, continue with their covert QE operations; funding zombie companies, propping up the markets etc. If it is not effective, it could be followed with NIRP, Tax Refunds etc (and maybe some form of helicopter money). Inflation picks up with not much economic growth but at some point they lose control of it. Silver/Gold will be king.

  7. the silver rocket is just around the corner …around the corner…around the corner…around the corner…around the corner

  8. Well I've asked this question to Mike before and have yet to receive a reply. Well, I'm going to try again.

    Mike, you have mentioned numerous times over the years that manipulation (in precious metals) 'always' ends. The Silver market is positively minuscule in comparison other assets (around $17bn) exactly how can manipulation end being that the suppressors have much deeper pockets than individual investors and the derivatives for silver can be anything in the order of x100 or even x500 . In what universe can physical buying overwhelm that?

    I believe this is crucial to anyone wishing to invest in Silver because if the manipulation doesn't end the market may as well be dead and buried. You're a good educator Mike, i'm certain i'm not the only person on youtube dying to know answer to this question.

  9. Mike, when this all ends your years of sharing this information will pay off for those that listened with a long term view. Silver will get its deserved recognition when the chips fall.

  10. "belangp" has done some excellent videos on Gold and its relationship to oil as well as currency. Highly recommended.

  11. Do not cheer the long awaited demise of the US dollar, as it signals the demise of the living standards of almost all Americans. Not the stackers, but just about everyone else except for the .1%. So to all the stackers, be ready to lend support to your less prepared family members and maybe even your neighbors, when the shtf.

  12. PM is dropping
    10 bond yields are reversing
     the USDX is rising…
    and NOVO is crashing
    it would be interesting to see how many hundred billion FED bonds are being absorbed by the FED to pull this off,
    and how much HFT is taking place to contain the PM equity market.
    The thing to watch now, is the duration.
    The shelf life of manipulation is precarious for the FED… they create buying opportunitiesthat push UP ^^^^^  the things they manipulate down…
    When they used the USDX to do thisback in the Bush era, suppression could last for weeks or months, but now, 10 times the magnitude of  2004  manipulation rarely lasts for more than a few days, or a week if they're lucky.

  13. With today’s tech both silver and gold are over produced around the world. The price of both will drop significantly in years to come

  14. Thank you Mike. My Grandchildren , my Children and Wife and I and friends thank God for you, for your care and concern and knowledge for knowing is power that we don't all starve. PEACE

  15. Gold is getting out of their control so they try to press silver price, but there is time for everything , a time to sow and a time to reap….. It's reaping time…… Whatever was sown…. Silver bull market begins from April onwards…. Finally. 100 %sure based on biblical cyclical work. I was the only one on planet earth who predicted how long this bull rally would last…. Exactly biblical 9 yrs. And 7 days. 360 *9=4320 +7 days. From 2009 9 march.

  16. I hope so but I gotta tell you the boat is coming when I am still waiting and I am tired of hearing about this bull shit I am ready to sell now at 16.50 that will be a shame

  17. I honestly don't even care if it goes up or down. If UP I may sell some off for liquidity, but certainly not a large % of my stack. If it goes down, I'll be buying even more than I do now. Way I see it, I win either way. In the end, I just enjoy the shit out of opening my safe & admire my savings every time I add to the stack. Not ONE of us here will ever go broke, period. Even if we had to cash some in during hard times for less than initially invested . I >>enjoy<< my hedge fund/ insurance policy as well, havingfull control over it & knowing I've taken measures into my own hands to ensure myself & wife will not only survive, but THRIVE no matter the state of the union.

  18. Silver is a religion! No longer a commodity… they should make it official, "SILVERNTOLOGY", remember you hear from me first ! Give me the credits brothers and sisters!

  19. Annnnd now I sit here and watch Silver go back down, down, down……to where? Probably where it's been sitting around the mid $16's. So tired of it doing pretty much nothing. People tell me it's a hedge….it's a savings, ….it's a inheritance to pass on…bla, bla, bla. So 20 yrs from now when I'm almost dead what good will it be for me? If the dollar collapsed and a loaf of bread costs $16 or 17 dollars how much of my Silver will I have to barter with to buy that loaf? And will the AVERAGE person even take PM'S for that staple? I was all in a few years ago. Now, not so much so. You've got the camps on both sides…BUY AND HOLD PM's. And BUY AND HOLD CRYPTO's. Or SELL it all…..get what you can while the gettings….ok. And just as a side note…..I consider myself as an "average person". I don't have thousands of dollars to play with. I think it's another case of you have to have money to make money. At least at my age. Younger folks might see it differently.

  20. I have a beautiful stack of silver, at an average cost of around $15. I'm only topping up if we dip below $10 again, otherwise I am totally prepared for the inevitable and eventual collapse

  21. Silver is down today after you suggest we buy. Are you saying we should buy now so we can sell for a $1 profit 100 years from now? Ok got it!

  22. We the citizens continue to be attacked from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the microwaves etc. When the markets crash and they take the baby boomer stash that day will be bitter sweet for the PM preppers.

  23. You really don't understand what you are talking about. They are usually still net long (clients money) when they are short. This is how they hedge… really I expect more understanding from you Mike.

  24. I don't think people can make alot of gains from silver with the usual everyday fluctuations cos they don't own enough. Gains are only made big/ish when there's a crisis. I simply see that as insurance, nothing else. Whats all the hype about? Just be thankful you have some, folks.

    I do like your vids Mike, but, i must admit, I'm getting a little bored of the same old hype. That said – you're a wee marvel for making Hidden Secrets of Money.

  25. patience is a virtue. relax people. silver is a hedge/protection. not a get rich scheme. eventually we will be sitting pretty. its all about ounces, keep acquiring.

  26. I think this video is wrong because Chris Duane just did a video about how the shorts have given up. Hey said the record shorts was over two years ago when silver was down to 13.

  27. We refer to former UN Ambassador John Bolton. You really can't say anything bad enough about him except that he is one war-loving sicko, who has rarely meet an unfriendly country he didn't want to bomb or a un-compliant regime he didn't want to change. That includes North Korea, Iran, Syria and Russia for starters.


    It also means that the impending fiscal carnage is now beyond recall, and that the mother of all "yield shocks" in the bond pits will soon shake Wall Street to the rafters.

  28. Dear Mr. Maloney. Thank you very much for the kind words. I was surprised and flattered to learn that you even knew about my channel. Hopefully your viewers will survey my videos and not be disappointed. Best Regards, Paul.

  29. P.S. I'd consider it a real treat if you watched the video in the link below and sent me a personal message with your thoughts and critiques….


  30. 'In response to all these comments, keep this in mind' more people are into silver & gold than ever before! up until the last 8 years or so, I never saw a TV commercial advertising silver & gold, now we all understand about the "fiat shit dollar" the world is waking up' Mike Maloney will go down in history as one of Americas greatest educators!

  31. China is fake as hell. I'm Chinese, the government gives the fake number of the GDP, the real GDP is one fourth of the one they claimed or even less. Most of us living in an extremely poor life, we can't even afford eggs and coca cola. You can't believe I'm this county, if you can afford the eggs, it shows you a rich person. People from west and central parts of China are even still eating grasses as food. I'm being serious, we are as poor as many African countries. And I believe it is INDIA who will be the next super power. India‘s potentials are far ahead of china's in almost every field. Do not believe in China's data.

  32. the first set of silver to gold ratio data was done by Belangp. Absolutely the greatest asset to the stacker community. He has made many videos that i have seen multiple times. I recommend his channel to everyone interested in learning anything related to the global economy & metals

  33. Tis better to spectate than speculate. Every time you buy silver is better than not buying silver. Good things come to those that wait.

  34. Thanks Mike for getting back to the important topics and not creating another video about worthless cryptocurrencies.

  35. Love all the True Believers admonishing the Dirt People that silver is "insurance" and a "hedge against inflation".

    If you accumulated most of your stack in the 2011-2013 years as I did, you've seen your "hedge" circling the drain.

    I still have it because I don't need the money, but the wife is pissed off and rightly so.

  36. Been stacking with everything I've got and even some I don't. Been one year since I began stacking and well over 2000 oz now. Couldn't possibly be happier. 16.85 average. One more year to go before we reevaluate our position. Best of luck to all.

  37. Hi Mike, the silver indicators are definitely positive but looking at the silver COT chart rarely does it silver move up immediately. It could be 3 months, 6 months, 2 years even before a sizeable rally takes place. Gold and Oil COT reports are far from bullish, and I think oil might be near record bearish. Obviously commodities are not 100% correlated and will move on their own fundamentals but I'm struggling to see how silver rallies hard from here when gold and oil are telling another story. I agree if buying physical here for life 16 dollars is a good price, but for positional investors with a 1 or 2 year horizon I think you need to consider the commodities sector as a whole before investing

  38. This is a war for logic, reason and sanity. If you can’t hang then your grandchildren will starve selfish floozy

  39. I have over 2000 ounces of silver, I wonder how much Mike has? Probably over 10000? Whats your power level in silver? lol

  40. Mike you are honest but no one and I mean no one can bet against the house until it catches fire . Silver and gold will go sky high when the Fed burns to the ground and America with it.
    One prediction that will come true.. Mike Maloney will not gloat, brag or laugh at the millions of destitute Americans and empty shelves.
    The Russia rubbish is the greatest market signal screaming danger , danger close. I am not talking fury hats, leather boots and vodka. The US aristocracy that is using the emotional challenged Left Wing to destroy America. Sharecroppers USA coming to you State.

  41. The problem with gold and silver is the banks very easily manipulating the price. Maybe they can do this forever

  42. This came from pbelang … check out his channel if you want to really understand gold. Or, if you have children and you want them to understand money, then he has great videos on this topic too.

  43. There is saying of prophet that in end time silver will be in short amount & gold will increase in number . ( End time Silver decrease)

  44. I have doubts on the metals ever doing anything much. I own silver but have stopped buying, why buy now when you can buy cheaper later. The dollar is going up as we speak and metals continue down. I just wonder.

  45. Somebody mailed an insult about the Gold Yuan being old news…
    not 1 in 500 Americans  know about it, how is that old news?
    and, the US government just dumped $300 billion into the US corporate structure & bond market for damage control….
    The real trouble will begin, when these Gold Yuan  come full circle back to the Shanghai gold exchange , establishing free price discovery and gold recycling  for the first time since 1933. Israel is  running out of time to start a disruptive WW…The rest of the world can read the writing on the wall, 95% of the American people are permanently f**king  blind.As far as silver goes,  money isn't money until people think it's money… since 2008, an epidemic of amnesia has gripped brain dead America, and Americans have NO independent thought  process left… everything they do has to be by example… what an explosive condition this will be.That 1.4 Trillion Trump gave away is the seventh trumpet for death of the dollar.

  46. Millions of kids and their parents marching and begging the government to take away their rights. Still think there is nothing going on?

  47. Everysince Mike start promoting Bitcoin its has gone only down..
    His advice will ruin your life..
    They are all doom and gloom fear mongering gold dealers..
    Do everything else but never listen to anybody on youtube

  48. Man i bought silver back more than 10 years ago ,bought and sold at $30.67 when George soros sold his position and since then it dived to $16 and has stayed there since

  49. Mike, you've inspired me to make my own video… tell me what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sznvZ9XNLaM

  50. Mike, Is SILVER ready to Rock & Roll?
    I think a huge SILVER demand will come from the Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability industry.
    Fixing our aging POWER GRIDS are due for replacement with new technology called SUPERCONDUCTIVITY.
    Superconductivity is a phenomenon where some materials exhibit no electrical resistance below certain cryogenic temperatures. For this reason, superconducting wire can carry more than one hundred times the current of an equivalent size of copper wire. Power devices using superconducting technologies benefit from up to 8% efficiency improvement, because they have zero resistance to direct current electricity. These attributes can translate into significant reductions of cost, size and weight for motors, generators and power cables.

    One of the key elements used in the manufacturing of these power cables is SILVER. One superconductor power cable 1k meter in length takes about 40kg of silver.

    Superconductivity Power Cable – 2nd Generation High Temperature Superconductor (2G HTS) transmission cable and associated equipment.
    Link to 2G-HTS cable: http://www.superpower-inc.com/content/2g-hts-wire

    SUPPORT – The Department of Energy has been funding superconductive research for a long time now.
    Link: https://www.energy.gov/oe/high-temperature-superconductivity-program
    Link: https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/oeprod/DocumentsandMedia/Supercon_Overview_Fact_Sheet_7_14_09.pdf

    TESTING 2G-HTS wire – HTS System has already been under test for 10 years. A 30 meter 2G HTS cable was constructed by Sumitomo Electric Industries using SuperPower® 2G HTS Wire and installed in the National Grid System in 2008 as part of the Albany HTS Cable Demonstration.
    Link: https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/oeprod/DocumentsandMedia/Albany__03_05_08.pdf
    Link: https://aip.scitation.org/doi/pdf/10.1063/1.2908453

    STRATEGY Planning – Article on “Cost Projections for High Temperature Superconductors”, a quote from page 3: “this scenario would consume about all the silver currently recycled by the photographic industry, a situation likely to adversely affect silver prices, assuming other demand remains constant (perhaps the wisest investment strategy for a utility is to insert Ag-based HTS wire technology as rapidly as possible, subsequent to salvage at a huge profit 40 years from now after the discovery of room temperature superconductors!).” Oh by the way, Ag is the atomic symbol for silver.
    Link: https://arxiv.org/ftp/cond-mat/papers/0202/0202386.pdf

    Why use SILVER HTS wire? – Scientists have been able to get other metals to superconduct but they require much lower temperatures then silver. Lower temperatures are not cost effective. Using silver and nitrogen gas is a cheaper method to make silver go superconductive at 77°K (-321.07°F). When silver reaches 77°K, resistance of the cable goes to zero letting electrical current flow without any loss. Nitrogen gas is very cheap to other gases (helium, Hydrogen and Neon) on the market. As the temperature approaches 0°K the cooling power/cost goes up exponentially.

  51. The fact nobody wants to touch bullion is why you buy it. You ALWAYS buy the depressed stuff and you then get rid of it when mommy and daddy unsophisticated morons start getting in. Most investors do it the other way around. They buy at the end of a rally and then ride it down

  52. I like to watch what the Bullion Sellers, SD, JM, Etc are doing. When they offer 10oz at spot I know its about to go down. Almost never fails. I just got a shock on eBay though. I found actual "deals" on junk silver. Like 40 quarters only $2 over spot plus $4.45 shipping which when average in is about 17 cents over each quarters silver value. Then I started looking at more. Dimes, which are HUGE on ebay were more reasonable. Then I saw auction after auction after auction with rolls and rolls of junk silver.

    I went to Google and googled silver and saw that the greatest SHORT since 2006 was just put on silver and Gold long contracts are being pulled back.

    This usually means they will go down. These little bumps up may only be the usual manipulation to shake out a little operating capital here and there because like banks there isn't any money to be made with straight business in the precious metals market.

    Awhile ago I said Silver would not go up or down by more than $2 overall this year and I still think that is true but I do think we will see the $15.50 spot again and probably by May with perhaps even worse drop in June.

    Feel free to comment on this during those months if I am wrong or right. I have no problem with being wrong. It will help me refine my methods.

  53. It's quite obvious that most of the commenters here don't understand WHY or even WHAT the problem with our "money" is…Federal Reserve Corporation. UNTIL the day comes where the constitution of our land is actually obeyed and private corporations STOP having complete control over our currency, then and only then (short of a complete collapse which is dangling over all of us as I write this) will PM's actually correct in value to our currency. I wonder how many of you are actually aware of who the shareholder banks of the FRC is? Some of them might surprise some of you…but metals aren't for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

  54. The price of silver is not going up any time soon. Two things you need to factor in….
    1) Mining Costs… It will not go down as the price now is about break even.
    2) Its many commercial and manufacturing uses. The manufacturing market would not sustain a rapid increase.

    For these reasons, do not expect any big swings. If automation can make mining it cheaper… Price could foreseeably go down. No clue if that is on the horizon though.

  55. Pay attention. ESM (Euro Sun Mining) is about to get their mining permit ratified in Romania. ESM's Rovina property has over 10 million ounces of gold equivalent, making this Europe's largest undeveloped gold deposit due to the fact that Rosia Montana will not be mine-able as it will become a Heritage site. This is a 10 bagger guys. Hurry!

  56. I never attained my metals to make me rich. I hold them for preservation of wealth outside of the view of government and banksters eyes. That…and I am HORRIBLE with cash.

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