Half Dollar Hunting – Odd Find Plus Silver!

well it’s been Bank pickup day I’ve got
a box a half’s here got three boxes of haves there got a couple of boxes of
nickels there we’ve got a box of pennies down there I’m actually hunting this box
of pennies as we speak and I’ve already checked those half dollars for Enders
and there was no Anders in them but they are my favorite
Loomis olive green rolls unbelievable doesn’t mean anything’s gonna be in them but it’s still cool to have it got a full box of those in months and I’ve got
three boxes of them figured I’d open this one will live for you guys just in
case this NF string and sons box gives us some love well first we got to make sure
it is the NF string and Sons rolls it’s the box with the holes on the bottom and
that’s usually NF string and sons although I did get a yellow Loomis box
one time in these uh Harrisburg boxes let’s see what we got all right looks
like a whole bunch of clad Enders but you never know what’s inside and you
never know what’s on the other side so let’s flip them around all right we’ve
got them flipped over and I found another as in not a lot of Enders on
this side either so let’s go ahead and kick off the hunt with this roll and
maybe we’ll find some silver in zee rolls! all right we’ve got this NF string
and son rolls box the Harrisburg PA box in the house ready to hunt we’re leavin
those three for now might hunt one with this hunt that’s why I’m showing them I
pick up another box tomorrow so that’d be a total of five boxes I’d like to
have three for my live stream and I’d like to have at least two hunted so not
quite sure well get into this one if we don’t get a lot of finds I’ll probably
hunt one of these boxes for my grocery store Bank just to kind of get a feel
for it and see how it goes you know the drill I’ll start with this first roll
and I’ll loop you in along the way we’re on roll four guys and I already looked at
it but I wanted to show you this look at this thick coin so obviously when they’re
that thick they’re usually a proof but when I took a look at it and it’s
trashed it’s completely trashed but believe it or not it’s got an “s” mint
mark you can see it down there right now 1979 s and if I put it under the
microscope let’s go ahead and get the mint mark showing you can see it right
there it’s an S so I’m gonna spend a few minutes on this guy looks like he was
caught in a fire something’s happened to him it is a proof probably not
salvageable but I’d be curious to see if we can get any of that original shine
back let me go and see what I can do and I’ll bring it back in if I have some
success there’s no saving the proof guys 79 s um hydrogen peroxide bath warm
soapy water rubbing alcohol put a little bit of each
on it three different steps didn’t really do anything but it is a proof and
as bad as it is we’re gonna rescue it for a little while I don’t think I need
to 79 proof anyway but no reason to put him back out there for someone else just
to grab or to keep getting damaged even worse let’s get back to the hunt yeah
roll number 26 has got an odd find for me guys and I haven’t looked at it yet I
wanted to show you what I’m seeing here I don’t think that’s a hammered out coin
and shaped that way I think that might be a foreign I’ve never seen a shape like
that in a half dollar roll so let’s take a look estados unidos mexicanos so it’s a Mexican coin diez pesos ten pesos 1982 it’s looking pretty
clad to me let me do a little research on this coin and I’ll get back to you as
expected it’s copper nickel so it’s clad but it is a cool foreign
find and I don’t have one of these so I’ll take it nonetheless and we’ll get
back to the hunt roll number 32 guys and we might have some silver right here we
do 67 philadelphia nice I knew it might have some luck when I got a beat up
proof and a foreign I was like you know what I’ve also got some NIFC’s probably
a pretty good chance that we’ll find some silver because man usually when you
find some oddities you’ll find some silver plus we’re finding a lot of burnt
coins so anyway silver in the box
feels good to get one so far let’s keep looking well we finished that box a half
dollars and you know what it was a decent box we got five nifc’s an ’02 two
threes two fours and a 2010 nothing past 2010 not all of them are keepers but
wanted to show the finds we have three keeper coins in my opinion that I’m
gonna hold on to a 74 D in pretty good shape a couple of dings on his cheek but
outside of that I really think this is a pretty nice coin and I don’t find 74 D’s
in this condition it’s not the double die obverse I wish it was another bicentennial I’m really pretty picky on these but I will take this one couple of superficial
scratches that’s to be expected is circulated and then a brilliant 82 again
superficial scratches but man if this would have had been the 82 P no FG
instead of the 82 d that’ve been something as well the good finds of the
box I say good finds we’re gonna include him in there because he is trying to
show his little proof shine right there you can see it so wish you would have
came out better but what am i doing it’s not gonna give any more value to it it’s
just a ’79 proof that has been in a fire so we’ll hold on to him for now I
know I have a 79 s proof by the way this is if you didn’t know the type 1
there’s type 1 type 2 some proofs for half dollars and I believe 79 and 80 for
sure the two years that they had them either rounded or flat it’s not the flat
s it’s the rounded if it’d have been the rounded it would have had more value if
it would have been in better condition as well I’m really happy I found a foreign
this is only my second ever foreign in a half dollar box obviously lost a little
bit of money in the deal it’s only 10 pesos but it is an 82 and I didn’t have
that coin so I’m happy with it and then finally the find of the box
obviously any time you get silver you’re stoked it’s hoping for one more
especially when I got up to that corner I thought maybe we’d have another roll
with one we didn’t but you know what I don’t get a lot of Silver’s that are
just Philadelphia’s and I don’t get a lot of 67 either I wish it was a 65 or
even earlier but I will take it it’s in really good shape still has a lot of
luster and shine and I think it’s beautiful so we’ll take that at the end
of the day I know it’s a quick hunt I’ve decided to hold off on search in those
boxes because I’m thinking that it’s best to leave them for the live stream
if I decide to do another box I’ll let you know if you enjoy the hunt with me
please give me a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for

69 thoughts on “Half Dollar Hunting – Odd Find Plus Silver!

  1. Half Dollar Hunting through 1 Box – looking for that Silver!
    I actually have 5 boxes but am saving a few for the Live Stream!
    This Box ended up producing a variety of finds so I was happy to be able to throw out a Half Dollar Hunt Video! I hope you enjoy the video and are also finding some good coins in your coin roll hunts!
    How are you doing stacking silver? Are you finding 90% or 40% silver in your half dollar boxes?

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  2. oh ya!!! half dollars!! nice video rob….man i really want you to score big time! its gonna happen sooner or later!!!!

  3. Hi mate how's it going hope all is well with you and your lovely wife. Well done on the hunt foor silver a few nifc a paw old proof and a nice silver better than nothing mate hey.c u on your live stream bro take care regards GregLee from Melbourne Victoria Australia.🌏🥈🥈🥈👍

  4. View 294. Not to be mean but my opinion is that the new intro is not that great. Put coins instead of letters to make it better!!!!

  5. I feel like your new intro is more like a Dan Brown novel about to explain the secrets of the Illuminati, rather than hunt for treasure. I do like the new tag line, but bring back the exciting music!

  6. Nice search Rob! Through that Burt coin back😜 I sent you a email last night on a 1987 D double die to take a look at. Awesome videos!😊

  7. I have found two Panama Balboas. Both clad. The older one is a cool high relief Conquistador. Same size as American half.

  8. Rob, YouTube ticks me off! You put this video out 4 hours ago and I just got it now. I don’t know why but oh well. Thanks for the video!🤔👍🏻

  9. All U.S. coins made from 1965 to 1967 don't have mintmarks although I believe they were made at all 3 or atleast 2 mints

  10. I enjoy your videos. Several weeks ago, while hunting halves I found a 1892 World Exposition Half dollar commerative coin. Only problem was someone drilled a small hole through it.

  11. I just go to the local coin shop with a 20$bill every month gives me his best 6. 40% cause he hates to melt good ones..I keep good clads too as s..f can eat at McDonald's.small dollars too.did find 1917walker in bank roll .8-10$coin.

  12. My primary bank won’t bring any boxes of half dollars. They claim the Fed is discouraging this for practice for coin collectors. Not sure that’s at all true. My guess is the bank doesn’t want me to bring them back in after I’ve picked through the keepers. However a head teller was willing to save them for me which seems like more work than ordering a box. We’ll see what happens.

  13. Hey Rob I know a solution that can clean your coins if they're like that vinegar and salt it works really well

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