Ianisin here. And welcome back to Hitman 2. Now we left off what we completed the new destination the Maldives in Haven Island, we had to kill Ljudmila Vertrova, Steven Bradley, and Tyson Williams and I really loved doing that. That was so much fun to do. I mean I can do it again except maybe just doing it a different way. if y’all want me to do that I can I can But anyway, here we are doing another elusive target or matter of fact, it’s not really a elusive target. It’s like an a a side objective a side target that you want to kill or that you have to kill or you don’t have to. Ajit Krish. or Ajit Krish. The ICA19, yeah pretty much just gonna keep everything the way it is. And so he’s a little bit of an investor selling bottled water and You know, he’s trying to make people pay these Enormous high prices, I mean which they think they’re low, but they’re actually high. To his standards. Once they actually buy it the profits gonna get high. So yeah, they’re gonna be ripped off as soon as they buy apparently some Atlantide bottled water. I mean I could just go to Best Buy and get like some water for about two dollars or about Hell, I don’t know how much a water bottle is like $0.99. I’m not exactly sure, I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. So Yeah. Back in Miami. Oh good luck indeed. Look at my pants. Looks like they got ripped or something? Look at the bottom. Ah whatever. That’s just some of the other stuff that hitmans been through when he was at Maldives. You actually experience his you know troublesome. Disruption to his frickin uniform, because he had other business to attend to. But yeah here we are back Miami get ready kill Ajit Krish. and I haven’t really done this myself. Cuz you know, I usually test him out before I start recording but you know, sometimes it’s best to you know just to go ahead and get in and see what see what the things all about. See without the lockpick it’s nearly impossible to get to places, key don’t need that. Just gonna go this they’re just gonna go through this way. Take him out. Just get him out of the way. I don’t know where that – It’s three soda cans. But it’s one of them that’s already uh, I can pick up the rest of them I can’t. Jitter So lets make our way to Ajit. And he’s far away now. Alright, not allowed to be back here. Casual. I remember going this way. Remember when I killed Sierra knox? It’s been a while since I’ve done that, and hey, I still have fun doing it it’s so fun to do. Yes, get in there quick before anybody notices. In the VIP area without an access card. So there is way over there. Yeah, I can see his blue shirt. I know when you first start the Miami mission, you know When you have to take care of Sierra knox, you don’t get your gun. You don’t start with anything because apparently it’s a big area with a lot of people around you so Yeah. Now if I had the lockpick I could just go like right here pick the lock. If you fail, you could just restart you don’t have to it’s like if you if you kill Krish and you like you get cited you could restart it. It’s not like when you, in a silent assassin or a elusive target where if you kill them and you get cited or you mess up, it’s over. This. Not a thing. So you ain’t gotta worry. I know it’s shocking, isn’t it. I gotta figure out how to get in there. I don’t know what she’s saying, I gotta shoot that camera quick. Can I get in here. Of course I can’t. Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it. Probably gonna have to go through the long way. And look everybody looking at me. Because they knew I shot something. All eyes on me and hey, I like that. So this is a lot faster way of getting there I can see. Yeah, you’re so cute. Gonna find a card. Or at least I need to sneak into one of their, you know pit areas, and it’s probably had to be this one. It looks Italian. Alright, we’re in. Another camera, damn it. Yeah, I can’t get cited here. Yeah, we’re good. Is there a crate? yeah, good conveniently-placed too. Need to get rid of this guy, matter of fact I need to get rid of everybody and everything around Ajit. Poison, I doubt I’m probably gonna need that. Let’s get the coin, distract one of them. And dump them in there. Okay, good, I was thinking the woman was gonna go check it out. Oh geez, yeah, he got A LITTLE CLOSE to me. Okay, dude, turn around. There we go. Hurry. He’s in there, where’s my coin? Alright, come here girl. Please don’t let anybody – oh sh%t. About about a say like if I grab a hold of her fight like go around the little box, Ajit and his bodyguard’s gonna notice it and yeah, mission compromised. So, yeah, let’s hope if she wouldn’t be able to see me like right here. Okay, now I need to get rid of you. Good thing there’s a crate in there. Hurry. It’s like the main mission, of Miami they did to – Now, I forgot was gonna say now. Thanks a lot, Diana. Thanks a lot. Oh yeah, th tha the main – like when you’re in a doing a main mission – Miami or any other destination, they could take out ri.. things they’re – actually in the real Miami destination. But what I’m trying to say is they take away some things that in the actual, you know mission story. Okay, I got to get that a police officer in here. And then I can go… then that can go straight for the kill. Alright. And I’m gonna try and risk hiding his body cuz I know there’s not really anywhere else besides – Well, that one’s full. This one’s get ready to be full, and I know there’s one way over there. Yeah, I can see it from here. And – If you actually play the one where you have to kill Sierra Knox, There’s a truck besides those police cars, or instead of the police cars, they show a Big ca..big trucks, and you can distract them. And you can put them in the little garbage bin. Current head of Atlanta – be careful 47 his charm and charisma has drained many people. Oh, of course just go this way. Just go in a circle. [Amused laugh] Okay, please, don’t – Hurry! Ah I didn’t get him into the truck. I didn’t get him in the truck, uh whatever, just put him there. if I go around yeah, he ain’t gonna be – Damn him, you know what? I’m gonna hide him. Just put him somewhere where I – I ain’t gonna risk hiding his body. I could, but I just don’t want to I don’t want this to take way too long. Come here. Oh, come on dude! Nobody asked you. Lifeguard: What the hell was that? I don’t know but go back to the swimming pool cause you look like a lifeguard. My hair starting to get long. Geez. See I could try and risk it and lure the guy in that box but those two police officers wasn’t there, It’d be a lot easier, but now it’s way harder. Jesus. This should take like five minutes. For me, it’s probably taking about ten. Has it been 10 minutes? I don’t know. It’s gotta be close, like eight or nine? Okay dude c’mere, this is the time. Yep, this is when we do it right here. Come a little closer. Come on you’re gonna become rich if you ca.. if you come here. Alright, this is where he dies. Snap his neck! [Neck being snapped] hmm Damn that sounded painful. Diana: Target has been eliminated. Tho our client we’ll never get their money back. You have given them peace of mind. Well done. Okay. Now let’s get out of here. I ain’t gonna hide his body. I ain’t gonna risk that. [Hard time thinking if he should hide body or not] No, no, no, no. I ain’t gonna risk it. Diana: I’m currently hacking into Krishes phone Well, it’s a look too late now cause I already took him out. Diana: seems to have made several calls to Vermont. Neither HE had planted unlocated anywhere near there. I will get back to you as soon as I know more. I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I’m sure there is. He’s already dead so like really what’s the point? Alright, get outta the VIP. [Very Important Person] coming through. Come on let’s go. Try not to run in any cops or anything. Even though they won’t be suspicious of you, but I just don’t want them, you know to say mean things to ya. Just running through a crowd. Yeah, that’s realistic, like who would do that in real life? Just randomly running around. You know, people might think you’re crazy or something but. Let’s just get out of here. Boom! God ma – did you see my pants? Jesus Christ. So much for looking good. I look badass more like it. See. Suit only, that’s what I do. Five star. [Laughing evilly] Alright. Oh continue story. Should I? You know what, I’m gonna say that for the next video. I know I know. It’s like some of y’all want me to continue, some of y’all – well most of y’all want me to continue, but some of y’all is just like – You can do whatever you want IAN. But, don’t get mad at me if I stopped here. But, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed. And I will see y’all in the next video for where we – continue the story with [A Bitter Pill] or who’s actually behind Atlantide. IANISOUT. I was a little late there, but alright.

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