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  1. Sir maine Abhi tak to gold me invest nahi Kiya hai.
    Sir mera ek question hai ki mutual fund me Dividend kise milta hai. Aur kaise pta kre ki Dividend Mila hai ki nahi. Please make a video please sir.

  2. India me gold invesmet itna hota hai because black money ko sab se easy way hai ke use gold me transfer kar do

    Shocho 30lakh ko bank ke ya gar par rakhna kitna muskil hai vahi usi amount ka gold rakhana kitna easy hai

    Pahela reason ye hai dusra reason agr koi shoche ke property market m b to gold se jada return milta hai pr vo liquid asset nai hai uske liae correct buyer bhot important hai

    3rd and the most meaningful reason jo currency govt print karti hai uski koi guarantee nai hai k vo future me excite kre ga ya nai because ye ek paper currency h jese 1000 pr 500 ki note band ho gai but gold apni value kabhi nai khota

    Jitni currency gire gi utana gold ka price badhe ga

    1 tone mines ki khudai k bad muskil se 4gm gold milta hai isi liae ye ek bhot hi precious metal hai jo history se leke aaj tak exist karta hai

  3. Gold bond in detail, Top Gold ETF PLANS FOR INVESTMENT , SWP, STP How to use these tools PLEASE COVER THESE TOPICS

  4. #Askgroww
    Thank you for uploading useful video again..
    It's a request- could you please explain the price differences in gold between all the options you explained in this video ?

  5. Why don't you update the app.
    I was planning for an SIP through groww but there there is only 1year, 3year, 5year graph.
    And holding is mutual funds are also not shown properly.

    Thus, I start using paytm money for my investment.
    I can track one month track record till it starts + One can see complete details of holding with percentage.
    There are too much terms and conditions in groww app.
    Ask some critics about your app, you will get to know how complicated its.

  6. Just a suggestion …. If you add some background music in video … It would be great for you…see Linus tech tips channel for example.

  7. I appreciate u Because of uer education advice and also in uer videos discrimination part in first There written in Kannada Language.

  8. I think every Indian has already invested in gold in jewellery form, even most of the Indians has investments in gold only. Therefore, if you have gold jewellery not necessary to invest more. Go for equity or debt.

  9. People say we should investment in mutual fund for retirement, 50% 30% 20% but what fund we should investment in, equity are 3 type of fund large cap, mid cap, small cap then we have multi cap, debt fund, hybrid fund. So what option we should go with????

  10. Nice video groww, 1 ques make a video how to change my biller amount through internet banking ! Is possible or not ?

  11. Very informative video sir…can you give more information on GOLD BOND schemes ….there is very less info. About this …pros & cons also

  12. Sir I have many off units off kotak gold fund in 2018 Jan but after I didn't buy any units off this kotak gold fund now what is the rate of kotak gold fund

  13. I respect for ur hard work guys hope u reach ur dreams damn u guys replied to every comment hats off😍👌 and i completely trusting this app and that's y dint open any account with kuvera and coin
    Love you guys💝

  14. सर में म्यूचल फंड में पहली बार 2020 में इन्वेस्ट करना चाहता हूं मुझे कुछ जानकारी नहीं है मेरे लिए कौन सा फंड सही रहेगा प्लीज हेल्प मी मैं

  15. Mutual fund sell karte time humko kaise pata chalega ki jo fund hum sell kar rahe hai uski price sell or redeem button pe click karte time kitni hai? Aur redeem hone ke baad bhi 2-3 working days me paisa account me jama hota hai. Aisa koi option hai kya jo shares ki tarah price set kar ke rakh de jab expected price pe share jata hai to automatically sell hota hai aur paisa account me jama hota hai instant?

  16. I don't agree with your view regarding gold in this video.
    I don't see gold as an investment it is just a currency.
    Gold prices go up majorly because of 2 reasons –
    1. The depreciation in ruppee compared to Dollar due to inflation
    2. The sentiment in market (Demand/Supply).
    So for investment I won't advise gold to anyone.
    But on the other hand – GOLD is a very good hedge against inflation.
    Also It is non productive asset.
    So for me gold is not an investment.

  17. Please explain about taxes incurred for buying and selling gold. Please explain about, phonepe gold, paytm gold and egold

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