Gold slides to $1272 and silver $17.86 – Good buying opportunity?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 4th October 2016 and we are
briefly covering the todays fall in gold and silver prices
At the time of producing this video, gold stands and $1272 down $38 on the day and silver
at $17.86 down almost a $1 both being even lower earlier today. There have been a number
of explanations for this, not least being that this could be part of a scramble for
liquidity among big banks hammered by the drop in the pound below the $1.30 mark – apparently
a key psychological level and its lowest level since 1985. Another has been the IMF forecast
producing relatively buoyant global growth figures and therefore the prospect of the
FED raising interest rates in November. Our take on this is simple. Rates will not
go up in October just prior to the election, but of course November or December is a possibility.
Even if they do, their impact will be short term and not necessarily detrimental to gold
and silver. The IMF Report at best points out that things are not as bad as they could
be but hardly paints a particularly positive picture. Deutsche Bank has not negotiated
its deal with the DOJ as yet and Hedge Funds are advising their clients to remove their
monies from the bank. The main reason for the move at present is
the strengthening of the US dollar against other currencies. The dollar index has risen
0.4 to 96.1 and in our view, this presents a great opportunity for those whose portfolio
is light in gold and silver, to seriously consider making up that deficit.
This dip, in our view presents an excellent buying opportunity especially with the level
of uncertainty facing the global economy and the disruption that the US election will cause,
not to mention the other concerns already covered.
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