Gold Never Goes to Zero

right now it’s just tremendously tremendously undervalued he’s on the be compared to how much paper currency and stocks and bonds where we live in a world that is in a blizzard of paper assets owes paper assets if you look at them throughout history all of them eventually go to zero I mean how many companies are there that have had your stock has lasted 200 years how many countries have bonds that they would still honor from you know how many countries that issued debt 200 300 years ago my somebody hnf I see the bullets I Tina Harrod that you want gold has never gone broke it’s been around for about 5000 years it’s been minted into coins where it has been money for 2,600 years and it never goes to 0 New Zealand in Brazil investors are still holding onto the hope that the real estate bubble is going to continue I think it’s all over with I think in the next two to five years you’re going to see a slide economically that’s going to leave the world devastated you’re going to see projects like this belonging to the bank

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