Gold Chain Care – Caring and Cleaning your Cuban Link Chain and Jewelry

This is Watch Your Style. Today we’re gonna be going over a couple of
quick tips on how to care for your hand-made, custom Cuban link chain. [opening music] So I get a lot of phone calls with questions
about how should I properly care and clean for my Cuban link chain, and the first thing
I wanna express is that gold is very soft, so when it’s first finished, it has this high
luster gloss and shine to it. So depending how much you wear your chain
is gonna determine how much that shine is gonna suffer. And one of the main things I wanna point out
is I do not shower with my chain, and people as me about this, believe it or not. They ask me, �Eric, should I shower with
my chain on?� And the answer is No! One of the main reasons is is that if you
shower every day with your chain on, what’s gonna happen is is gonna build up soap scum
exactly like your shower or your clear shower doors and stuff. Taking a shower with your chain is not gonna
clean your chain. It’s a whole another process to clean your
chain, which we’re gonna go over. Another important thing is, I do not sleep
with my chain on because all your doing is you’re causing extra wear for no reason. As you wear your chain and you roll around
or whatever is that you do while you’re sleeping…if you have a charm on it and what not, the chain
is moving around and is rubbing against each other and you’re twisting and locking the
links. All this is for no reason. I think it’s just good practice to take off
your jewelry, whether it’s a chain or a watch when you go to sleep or you shower and believe
it or not, people actually ask me this. So how to clean your chain. Look, honestly, if you don’t clean your chain
every week, again depending on how much you wear it, you’ll tell, because what happens
is that your skin naturally releases oils and sweat and stuff that goes along with all
that and the chain is kind of going to look dirty. I always try to think about it like a window
or a mirror. Obviously, when you hit it with Windex and
you clean it, it gets nicer and shinier. Same thing with gold. So what I like to use personally is, in the
kiosks in the middle of the mall, they sell you this spray and they’re like, sometimes
they’re like ninjas trying to sell you stuff. Some or green,some are pink, some are purple
the liquid, but it’s actually very good. Why? Because for me it’s kind of like Windex for
jewelry. You kind of spray it on, you hit it with a
toothbrush, you rinse it and dry and what it does is it gets rid of that oil and that
grime that might be stuck to the jewelry and leave it sparkly clean. Now, if you don’t have that, you can also
use a toothbrush with some mild soap and some warm water. Kind of the same thing, just spray it on there,
scrub it, rinse it and dry. I like to do that every week, but I’m also
a psycho. I’ve had people wear a chain for 15 years
that never cleaned it once. As you go wearing the chain, it goes rubbing
against each other, the gold links, making contact with the link will scratch itself
and over time, will leave marks. So sometimes people would use these special
polishing rags. Do they work? Yes, but you gotta be careful with these rags
and I’m gonna tell you why. For example, my chains when I finish them,
I like to give them a quick flash dip to give it that rich, yellow luster, because 14 karat
and especially 10 karat, by nature is kind of pale, so it won’t have that sharp yellow
color. So if you do hit it with this rag, it will
pale the color of the gold out. Personally, I don’t like that look. I would rather use the chain for a while and
when it kind of gets a little bit too scratched up, maybe like once every year or once every
two years, I’ll have it polished. Again, very careful with who polishes the
chain. The worst thing you can do with a Cuban link
chain is have the wrong person polish it. Just like a watch, same thing can happen. So those are kind of things you wanna keep
in mind to keep your chain clean. One last thing I wanna mention to you is how
you store your chain. Look, you don’t have to build a shrine for
it or lay it on a bed of cotton pillows or whatever, but when you kind of bunch the gold
up together like so and it’s just all together like this, the links are scratching each other. Remember, gold is very soft and it has a high
polish finish, so depending on when it rubs against each other, all it’s doing is scratching. By all means use your chain, wear your chain,
but keep that in mind. It will start scratching and it will start
suffering, so take a look at your chain at home and you’ll notice if it has a lot of
mid nicks and bang marks, which will take away the shine. That means it’s time to polish. So if you’re interested in possibly trying
out a Cuban link chain or perhaps getting a quote on different sizes or grams, feel
free to download our app for Android and for the iPhone. It’s called the Cuban Link App. Also, feel free to leave me some comments
on any special tips that perhaps you might have that works for you to clean your Cuban
link chain. So if you liked this video, please like and
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87 thoughts on “Gold Chain Care – Caring and Cleaning your Cuban Link Chain and Jewelry

  1. Stays clean when you wear it outside of a nice turtle neck lol. Nice video as always. Use to love Cuban link now more in to rope chains which are a pain to clean.

  2. I know this is a video about chains, but what is your opinion on Breitling watches? I am just starting my collection and I only make around $55,000 a year so not quite ready for some of the more expensive options

  3. I usually use dish detergent (preferably without bleach or the "extra strength" one). Dish detergent is great at removing oil left on by the skin. It's also important to use a baby toothbrush, and not an adult (old) one.

  4. I love chains but dont wear them… too many acid jackers on road these days. Dont want to put things on display.
    Lol shower with chain/ watch on- why?!!!!! Wtf

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    Can I ask you a question !

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  10. Whatโ€™s up Eric I use toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide or ketchup then both give a sick polish shine

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  12. these guys sold me this cream in the middle of the mall and it removes scratches and doesnt remove any gold like when u take it to a jeweler to get it polished with the machine ….it works similar to the rag but its a cream u put on a paper towel and rub your gold on the paper towel turns black as you are doing it and it does an amazing job ….i dont see them there anymore :'-(

  13. I use toothpaste and come out right and the buffer rag the Polish rag and I also used jewelry cleaner well I'm done polishing with a buffer but now it just to piss after is bring back the gold shine to it after the buffer are I mean polish rag

  14. I disagree. The main reason I buy fine jewelry is because I have certain chains that stay on and never come off. My 6mm rope never stays off longer than it takes to clean it up and it sparkles like new every day. I work construction Iโ€™ve had small pieces of mortar stuck to it, I had a 120 pound mastiff jump up while we were playing, he had his mouth open and poor guys tooth caught my rope chain I kid you not my rope wasnโ€™t hurt even the least bit. I myself was impressed I took it off and examined it like damn did I just fuck my shit up. Anyways just sharing my experiences with the novice that may be reading

  15. Put it In water and amoniac spiritus Then you have like a brand new Chain or some kind of acid(just not the Aqua Regia blend!! Its the only thing who Can desolve your gold!!)

  16. And why are you wearing sunglasses, when isnโ€™t sunny? Thinks, that you can look more cool? I saw too many black peoples wearing sunglasses even at night to look cool.

  17. I wear my 14k Cuban in the shower every day and sleep in it every night. There's never been one spec of soap scum on it, and it is still as shiny now as it was when I first had it made. This dude is way too paranoid bout his jewelry

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