Gold and Silver Update w/e 22nd January 2016 – by illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 23rd January 2016 and we
are providing our brief gold and silver update for week ending 22nd January.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $9 from $1088 to $1097 having been as high
as $1108 and as low of $1059. In sterling terms it rose by £6 and in Euro terms it
rose by quite a large 19 Euros Silver rose 12 cents from $13.92 – $14.04
having reached a high during the week of $14.30 and a low of $13.87. In sterling terms it
rose by 7 pence, and by a quarter of a Euro. The Gold to Silver Ratio remained the same
as last week at 78.2:1 We did expect to see a little strength in
gold and silver for last week and the rest of the month as we enter the Chinese New Year,
and this actually occurred both in dollar, sterling and Euros terms though by only a
relatively small amount. Technical traders see a little strength in both gold and silver
for next week with resistance at the $1110 and $14.40 respectively
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 16093 up 210 points and the Nasdaq closed at 4591.
Virtually all equity markets were up on Friday but equally, virtually all are down on the
month. The dollar index stands at 99.57 almost 1 point up on last week’s close and evidence
that the dollar is continuing to strengthen. US economic data last week was relatively
benign except that the weekly jobless figures had rose above market expectations announcing
a 293000 increase compared to an expected 279,000.
Of note though were the comments made by Mario Draghi, the President of the European Central
Bank, which opened the door for further quantitative easing should the global market tremors and
the emerging market slowdown threaten the eurozone’s recovery. He said:
“We are observing a weakening of the prospects of the Chinese economy, …this has two effects
substantially: one is through trade . . . the other, the confidence effect on the stock
market and all other financial markets.” So we have a strengthening dollar and the
prospect of more QE from Europe. To us this means that in dollar terms there will be further
pressure on gold and silver over the coming months (though we see a little strengthening
for this month) but in Euro and possibly Sterling terms we can see their prices rising a little.
The effect of QE may be to bolster stock-markets yet further thereby potentially attracting
surplus funds back into these, as opposed to precious metals. However, yet again there
is no doubt that for the present, China is the key.
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10 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Update w/e 22nd January 2016 – by illuminati silver

  1. DO you think the "plunge protection team" stepped in late this week to shore up the US stock market? If not how do you explain the swings? Could the team work in concert with insiders to give them a "comfortable" step down in the market?

  2. Ive been buying platinum coins and bars . Its almost at the edge of price being right ….still hard to get physical for a reasonable price about 89.00 over spot I.S. is right about the price my horizon is ten to 15 years as for right now I like some of the coins Isle of man Noble beautiful coin ……with its Viking long boat…..thanks for the vid!

  3. Free markets are dead…Manipulation is the word I use when talking about stock markets. Markets a little under the weather there's a fix for that,QE and the plunge protection team…We got your back folks. Stay calm and keep investing.

  4. Glencore is a perfect storm waiting to happen. Nearly everything they are divested in is down. Silver, copper, nickel, oil, you name it. When they take a giant nose dive into the ground they take 148 billion in imaginary value with them and the 30 billion in outstanding debt goes poof!

    Glencore could be the Lehman Bros of 2016. This latest house of cards has Glencores all over the place although not to the astonishing degree of "eggs in one basket" that Glencore does. Who ever runs that sucker should be fired.

    But when Glencore pops or one bank or another the chain reaction will be like setting off TNT blocks in Minecraft.

    And when that happens. And it will. It is a mathematical certainty. That is when you call your Congress Person and tell them if they bail out one bank or one corporation you will spend your free time next election cycle calling and knocking on doors to make sure they aren't re-elected.

    And that's how you end this insanity that threatens the future of the country. Are you one of those people that never served your country? Did you wish you had a pair a long time ago and now you could hold your head up high like a VET does even though your country is pissing on him? The next financial collapse is your chance to grow a pair and actually save your country. Ironically probably even more so than some poor dumb patriotic bastard who got his legs blown off in Iraq even though Saudi Arabia attacked us on 911 like they are crushing our Domestic Oil Industry right now. They pretend to us its to hurt Russia and therefore crushing our industry is worth the price. REALITY CHECK. It is just another attack on America.

    So when it all unravels do what you should have done in 2010 and vote out every stooge in DC who is selling your retirement funds and your children's futures and their children's futures to save their FASCIST MASTERS.

    Then maybe you can look someone in the eye someday. Like your children. And say you actually did something useful with your otherwise pointless life.

  5. Not much has changed…IMHO..silver is still on target to go near $12 by end of 2016. There is not gonna be any silver bull run in the near future, that takes silver to $20 or more per oz. DEFLATION IS IN CHARGE.

  6. Priming a market w/ cash QE inflates the markets and creates a bubble looking for a pin to burst it. Free markets work on price discovery or a least they use to.

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