Gold and Silver Update – w/e 20th January 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 21st January 2017 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 20th January.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $12 from $1197 to $1209, having hit a high
of $1218 and a low of $1196. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £977 that’s down
£5, and in Euros it closed at 1130 Euros that’s up 5 Euros on the week.
Silver rose by 26 cents from $16.81 to $17.07 having reached a high of $17.33 and a low
of $16.75. In sterling terms it closed at £13.79 that’s unchanged for the week and
in Euros it closed at 15.94 euros that’s up 0.15 Euros.
The Gold to Silver Ratio fell from 71.25:1 to 70.82:1
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 19,827 up 94 points on the day and down 58 points on
the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 5555 up 15 points on the day and down 19 points on
the week. Brent Crude was down $1.61 at $55.49 and US
Light Crude was up $1.15 at $53.22 The dollar index stands at 100.74 that’s
down 0.44 on the week. Last week we stated that gold would be highly
resistive at $1200 but we could see it touching $1220 – well in fact it briefly touched
$1218 and then fell back as the inauguration approached. In sterling terms it was little
changed on the week and it dollar terms it was up just $12 an ounce more or less in line
with our view that the week would end little changed from the beginning.
Silver markets essentially followed gold and ended the week up 26 cents and frankly everything
was based on the inauguration of Americas 45th President.
Many feared there would be riots and yes the doom, gloom and panic merchants were out in
force last week suggesting that the inauguration would be cancelled or over-run by protestors
and that Donald Trump could be assassinated. The number of people who quoted ‘inside
sources’ telling them that something grave was going to occur. One spokesman who claimed
he had contacts within the Police Force at a senior level stated that there was an establishment
plot to do away with the President-elect on the day of his inauguration.
Well all we can say is that yes there were protestors, and they were dealt with quite
easily. The Establishment plot did not occur and frankly we did not expect it to. One day
people will eventually realise that all these pumpers are just trying to scare you into
buying their products now before it’s too late – and it’s just a load of baloney.
Anyway getting back to gold and silver. This coming week is extremely important, for as
from Monday President Trump will be signing a number of Executive Orders which will give
us all an insight into the future policy direction of the US. He made it clear in his inauguration
speech that it’s America First which does suggest a degree of protectionism and hard
bargaining ahead. A number of Treatises we expect may be torn up and the US may indeed
embark on a path that will serve to strengthen the dollar over the coming months. However,
we also see turmoil as other countries evaluate what his policies will mean for them, and
as we still live in a globally inter-connected world, if certain markets fall they will have
a similar impact on others. Next week is crucial and frankly we are sitting
on our hands and doing nothing until we can see how it pans out. We can envisage precious
metals both rising and falling, what we do not know is the bag of tricks President Trump
has to reveal. Markets may still be nervous, though they may very well like the America
First message. So if we were gambling men, we would expect ultimately next week gold
and silver prices to fall a little by the end of the week. We certainly expect them
to fall by 5% – 10% by the end of February if not sooner. We hope you have found this video interesting
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of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
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39 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Update – w/e 20th January 2017

  1. 41rd!!! d=O)

    I don't know whats going to happen, but I do know that with Barry throwing 1500 NEW PAGES of "government rules" yesterday, that's almost obviously designed to screw with Trump's starting his term.

    Seems to be a whole lot of childish spoilsporting going on in the states right now. LOADS of whiners, and of course almost all "alleged" democrats, with nothing to say, making absolutely certain that EVERYONE within a country mile hears every single word of it!

    *Externally linked, as usual:

  2. fear of increment+se urity loss fuels despair+panic in the unaware 1. each must handle his stack without distraction even fray hiself.a clear overview can often attain simply.

  3. I don't see a strong reason for gold to fall in the short term. Trump will not be able to get a budget through – it will be tied up in Congress for months, if not all year. Many Republican congressmen will not vote for a big deficit. Once market participants realise that nothing much is going to change, some economic realism will return and the Trump euphoria will evaporate. Trump has said that the USD is too strong, so there will be pressure on the Fed not to raise interest rates. If they do, they risk being accused of sabotaging Trump's plans. There are few headwinds for gold, so it is likely to continue rising this year. Whether it will rise as much as last year is harder to predict, but the miners still look attractive.

  4. Obama signed so many illegal executive orders on weekends and holidays giving himself the power to control almost every aspect of the United States. Including the power to kill American citizens if he felt they were a threat. When your president does crazy stuff like that it's hard to imagine that he doesn't intend to use it. Thankfully someone made sure he takes his antipsychotics.

  5. found this quote interesting…and befitting to share here.

    "If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons. Then give them money to earn, count and spend and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in." Alexander Warbucks

  6. Well .. we have a Trump Presidency now like it or not, personally I like it, and I will continue to monitor the markets and follow the remarks of Illuminati Silver who seems to have the most level headed outlook in these chaotic times

  7. Excellent! The first 4 minutes or so is worth the view. I am so sick of hearing all the muck about plots and plans; not that their aren't any, but really! G&S down 5% more is a pretty good buying opp. I think what many don't understand about "America First" is that U.S. labor, esp. with Union involvement, overhead, etc.; that goods originating from The U.S. will cost far more than people have gotten accustomed to paying over the last 25 years, and that means lots of inflation. Speculation on my part, of course. Don't know for sure, but hoping Trump does not try to be entirely isolationist. One thing I do agree on is that NAFTA (& Obamacare) need to be revamped. Good weekend to All!

  8. A very sound video. I have to admit, I found that Republic of Chad 5oz Egyptian bullion on sale and I broke down and got one! I think you helped influence that purchase when viewing your bullion video! Thank you for your level-headed assessment.

  9. Could it be that you are a downpumper on gold and silver? In one of your latest contributions you saw silver at 15$ in this week. At the time it is more than 17$! And again you await falling prices in February. Wherefrom do you have this conviction?

  10. IS, Jeff Christian of CPM group has a interesting outlook on gold for the year that you maybe interested in

  11. Thanks as always for the fine analysis and commentary. But Trump, before being sworn in, had already affected American economics. If you're implying that he will somehow turn … Mmm not seeing it. His message: Recognize our economic allies, but America first. That's the only context you need.

  12. $17.43 silver per oz is my prediction of closing for the last fri of this month….we shall see!!!…trust me trump is in very safe hands!!!…….IM NO PUMPER! i love your vids as always keep up the good work!usd will fall its way overvalued a giant bubble about to burst sometime this year

  13. Im sorry but i disagree with your view on silver going down 10% by feb or mar…16 is our bottom for this year period. will be in the 20s come april… Have a great week.I truly know for a fact metals are going to do the opposite of what many like yourself think..trump will have alot to do with silver going up much faster by gold ratio of 67 come april fools day silver will hit $20 per oz and gold will be 68 ratio IMO…still there is a 30% chance im wrong THE DOW WILL NOT HIT 21K AT ALL THIS YEAR!…im sure many will disagree with me..It may not even see 20k but i know for a fact 21k is not possible…oil is going back to the 40s then 30s by yr end and I expect silver to peak near $80 per oz sometime this year…feel free to call me ignorant thats fine by me…Im loaded to the gills with jfk and silver eisenhowers and know there gonna increase greatly in value this year….sorry its not bologne its gonna happen by the end of this year.i know my typing sucks so u can all make fun of me…TRUMP IS MY HERO!!!finally the usa has the leader its needed for so long!disclamer—your vids are awesome even though i may disagree with you lol

  14. I love to make a bet with anyone who doubts me…silver will close this friday above 17.25 bid 17.35 ask….anyone wanna bet me?

  15. Thank you again I.S.
    After reading a few comments I feel I need to ask people firstly why they own precious metals. For myself its because I have no faith in the official looking pieces of paper in my wallet, if the masses understood how Insurance Script (dollars) are created as Ford said there would be riots in the morning. I personally don’t care what price is discovered on the fraudulent stock markets as the futures market was created to allow people the ability to think they own metals when in reality they own nothing but a promise just like dollars. In any case I listen to pumpers and reverse pumpers just as entertainment as no one on the medias has any real idea other than their own agendas, there are real laws that govern this world and they are the Laws of Nature , whether you understand them or not does not mean they don’t affect you. If a child playing near a cliff who clearly doesn’t understand the law of gravity gets to close to the edge does not mean it will not affect him.
    When people play in this created system (the markets) they are answerable to other rules that are controlled by something else all together but that’s for another place and time.

  16. Indeed, this coming week is going to be incredibly interesting. Meanwhile, all the silver pumpers imaginable, both in the precious metal equities and physical dealers are screaming from the rooftops that a bull market is forming, buy now before prices increase to $20 or higher.

    I think I'll listen to I.S., on this one.

  17. Im watching gold and silver moving in lock step , down from yesterday . Are we getting ready to have a metals drop?

  18. We will see the "truth" at the end of February: " expect them to fall by 5% – 10% by the end of February if not sooner."
    1921,22*10% – =1072,08 —- 17,14 *10% – =15,426.

  19. I don't understand. If uncertainty causes precious metal prices to rise, there is chaos now with the latest round of executive orders but relative stability in prices. With massive protests and immigration holds, there haven't been any major swings- surprising.

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