Gold and Silver Update w/e 12th February 2016 – by illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 13th February 2016 and we
are providing our gold and silver update for week ending 12th February.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $64 from $1173 to $1237 having been as high
as $1255 and as low as $1165. In sterling terms it rose by £43 and in Euro terms it
rose by 47 Euros Silver rose 77 cents from $14.99 – $15.76
having reached a high of $15.93 and a low of $14.90. In sterling terms it rose by 52
pence, and in Euros by 0.56 Euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose slightly from 78.2:1
to 78.5:1 showing the added strength of the gold price compared to silver.
Gold and silver showed very strong performances last week, and in particular towards the latter
half, after Janet Yellen gave what many regard as a dovish statement on the US economy plus
the use of that word ‘accommodative’ interpreted by analysts that interest rates were unlikely
to rise any time soon. The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 15973 up
313 points on the day and the Nasdaq closed at 4337 up 70 points on the day but both down
a little on the week and some 11% down on the year. Friday saw the Dow and other markets
across the world move into positive territory primarily because of suggestions that OPEC
were going to cut oil production. This resulted in Brent crude rising some 9.3% on Friday
to $32.86 and US Light Crude rising an impressive 12% to $29.36. The dollar index stands at
95.94 falling some 0.62 points since its previous Friday’s close of 96.56 but up 0.4 on Friday
after that oil announcement. So Gold is 5.4% higher this week and silver
is up 5.1%. The continuing weakness of the dollar, falling stock markets, Janet Yellen’s
dovish statement on the US economy and its potential impact on interest rate rises, all
contributed to these rises in gold and silver prices. In addition, we have to state that
there have been signs of further central bank buying of Gold and some Institutional interest
as well, in view of the fears many have over the stock market position for 2016. Again,
China’s slowdown is frequently referred to as a reason to be concerned.
In our review last week, we ended our commentary with the words about gold and silver: “Yet
despite their 9% and 8% rises, add in geopolitical turmoil into the mix, their prices should
be considerably higher.” Well in fairness their prices did catch up
a little last week, but again temperance is important. Their prices are still only standing
within a couple of percent of what they were this time last year. Yes a great improvement
compared to a month or so ago but no higher than 12 months ago. So the question everyone
is asking is where do we go from here? There is no doubt that every gold and silver
pundit is attacking the airwaves with Gold going to $5000 – $10,000 an oz and silver
$50 – $100 an oz in 2016. Well we have been here before. In fact each and every year,
the same message has been given by the usual suspects. The question is, are they right
this time even though they were wrong in the past 5 years? Well we shall give you our thoughts
on this in a comprehensive 2 part video series with part one being broadcast on Wednesday
and Part 2 next Sunday. What we shall say in the meantime is that
unless gold breaches the $1300 level and holds (in fact our personal data states $13.50 spike
breach) and silver the $17 level, then we have not seen a turn in the cycle. So tune
in on Wednesday and next Sunday and we shall give our comprehensive forecast for gold and
silver for 2016. We hope you have found this video interesting
and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly
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daily at Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

23 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Update w/e 12th February 2016 – by illuminati silver

  1. Your non-pumping, unbiased, intelligent analysis on the PMs is always much appreciated. I have never viewed gold as a get rich quick trade, but as an insurance against the stupidity of central banking.

    Keep up the good work u guys

  2. I am really looking forward to your forecast. I hope we have a major drop for a few quarters so I can increase my position. I am only looking at Numismatics for my collection now and have paused on stacking bullion for the short run.

  3. Looking forward to your upcoming analysis. Yours is an opinion we can we can trust to be fair and balanced. I am just glad to see gold and silver at least doing what they are supposed to do which is to add some diversification to a portfolio. At least it is zigging while other assets are zagging! If it falls back down hopefully it will be because things are once again improving and stocks are rising. But I fear we are stuck. When will stock market ever accept a path of increasing rates without throwing a hissy fit.

  4. Who hands out the paper contracts on the comex where its now 528oz paper vs 1 oz real gold?

    U can keep the price as low as u want trow in loads of paper contracts…….Who has the right to make contracts and who rules the world?
    Who loans people money so house prices can rise who sponsors war who create paper money (and contracts)

    Start to look at them why the econemy is falling apart with there weird and strange complex financial products they design and sell over the world for huge profits……Yes they control the gold price and dont wanne see it high cause then people loose much comfort in them and then bad things might happen like 1929 where banks and and loaned money for buying overpriced stocks…..Now the real econemy is hardly breathing and the stockmarket giving the idea its all going awesome…….Cause of the central banks policys…..

  5. in my mind I believe the only thing to fear is fear in the stock market I believe the us economy is not to bad I have seen it worse it actually appears relatively strong. The gold and silver sellers of the world continue to insist the world is ending lol but I believe the us economy will be fine for years to come

  6. The DOW..has now turned VERY violatle with high volume….this is something worth noting because in the first few weeks of 2016…the DOW was going down…but on lighter volume…IMHO..the DOW is heading for a MAJOR move down..within a 1-2 day period…instead of it falling 300 points in 1 day…we may see a 1100 point drop in 1 day. ….we havent seen that type of decline for a while, even though it has been regularly making triple digit moves each day….DOW is due for a SIGNIFICANT 1 day drop …something bad enough to make major headlines.

  7. As a gold and silver invester I sure hope that these metals will go back down again, if they keep going up it will cost me too much to buy them in the end, and I still have a lot I need to buy, in order to reach my target of a 50% portfolio exposure.

  8. Very nice, balanced and informative as always. Much appreciated!
    Will you be factoring in, or touch on the subject of, the probability of an escalating war in the middle east?

    Really looking forward to the videos coming on wedensday and sunday! 🙂

  9. @Illuminati Silver… When do you think a supply shortage will rear it's ugly head and send prices and premiums higher? Similar to last summer.

  10. Good video, IMO next week will be a big week for the the markets and gold, I have noticed quite a lot of profit taking in the coin and small bar market all dealers in the uk have plenty of stock and margins have gone up! I personally will not not be buying unless gold goes down in price (I bought in Nov Dec Jan). OPEC and non OPEC may come to a deal but remember Russia has to pump oil till the summer and Saudi knows this. 1300usd is what a few in industry have forecast to be the top for Gold this year. I look forward to your videos next week.

  11. Makes me wonder how negative interest rates here in the U.S would effect Gold and Silver prices. What a can of worms that would be.

  12. Yes we have been here before. However it would appear that the variables have changed. The equity markets here in the colonies are in a different position support wise. Oil is in a different position. Regardless I did not intend to change my strategy in the least. Thanks for the update

  13. I think one major factor on where we go from here depends on the Bundesbank amoung other things. Will the metal hold these levels no one can really say, too many " black swans " floating around out there. For those of you cheering on the metals, remember that high precious metals will likely be the result of events that will not be so nice for us.

  14. evidently, there is some very bad stuff brewing in syria….right now…this could be a explosive week for stock markets and metals….turkish and russian troops are supposedly having conflicts in syria…if this gets out of control, metals could make some huge moves.

  15. I would also like to thank you for a reasonable insight on precious metals. Sometimes a listen to the pumpers too much and need to come back down to Earth… Thanks guys!

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