Gold and Silver prices may fall this week as Investors take profits

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 9th March 2016 and we are
urging our subscribers to be a little cautious about the price of gold and silver for the
rest of this month. As we said in December we thought gold and
silver prices would rise a little into the New Year and then would tail off after the
Chinese New year and when the early Indian Wedding season was out of the way. However
prices still continued to rise in early March in view of the rapid movement into negative
interest rate territory by a number of Central Banks.
Well today we saw that April Gold futures sold off sharply during the Asian session,
recovering slightly during the European session before sellers hit it again shortly before
the U.S. opening. The market is currently trading at $1252, down $10.
Worries about the expected monetary policy easing from the European Central Bank and
the possibility that the Fed may raise interest rates perhaps as early as June are encouraging
investors to take profits. The SPDR Gold Shares ETF, said its holdings
fell 2.4 tonnes on Tuesday, their largest outflow in nearly four weeks thereby pressuring
prices. Tomorrow, Thursday, the ECB is expected to
cut its deposit rate by at least 10 basis points and expand its asset buying program.
If this occurs and the ECB exceeds this figure then the U.S. Dollar is expected to rise against
the Euro. This should pressure the dollar-denominated gold market.
With the FOMC meeting planned for 15th – 16th March any comments relating to interest rate
rises perhaps relating to June will again prove bearish on Gold in US Dollar terms.
In addition, further recent rises in both the Stock market and in the prices of crude
oil may continue to add selling pressure of gold and silver.
For those who are awaiting dips in both gold and silver prices before acquiring more, may
indeed witness these over the next 10 days, so we urge you to watch the markets carefully.
We have to add, the market can go either way and a number of technical analysts are still
predicting $1300 gold and $16 silver. So we do not believe the peaks have been reached
for this year but a temporary reprieve may be on the cards.
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30 thoughts on “Gold and Silver prices may fall this week as Investors take profits

  1. More important than the next week or two is where the metals close for the quarter. This will tell far more about the trend.

  2. Good information! Dip! That's what I'm hoping for. I saw the 1252 today and was thinking hard about that ounce I want. Maybe a better plan is getting a fractional piece each week to more or less cost average that ounce. I know a whole ounce is cheaper per ounce, but don't they say you get the premium back when you sell?

  3. Stack consistently over time. In addition, Get on board the "Trump Train". Vote for Trump, the whole Trump, and nothing but the Trump.

  4. Let's see if your 10 day forecast of gold and silver going down turns out to be correct. Gold is at $1256, Silver at $15.37 on 3/9/2016

  5. Thanks you just stopped me from buying a few 100 oz bars of silver at .59 over spot . I can wait to see what shakes out Im up for gold or silver drop or dip .With an eye on pt to dip …..Glad you made this vid ! might buy one incase it goes up anyway.

  6. There's another guy here on youtube that also expects a drop to the mid-14's next week who goes by "Inside Silver." He also seems to be interested in "The Cold, Hard Facts", and comes from an Australian perspective. Since Australia has one of the largest mining industries, it's an extra brain to pick, as far as where things are headed over time.

    If there's one thing that I've learned over the last decade or so, it's that the more different perspectives you get, the better, as it gives you more facets of the situation to consider. The more data points, the better your ability to mentally chart your course!

  7. I'm not a trader, but it seems price automatically dip when short contracts mature. When that doesn't happen, the games should be over.

  8. "Some analyst predict $16 silver and $1300 gold"….hes being modest. Ive seen videos predicting "$500 silver and $5000 gold before the end of 2016." One man said and I quote "America will appear like when the barbarians invaded and pillaged Rome." I assume the barbarians he is referring to is the NATO funded ISIS terrorist group that sells Syrias oil to Turkey. Last I heard Obama is bringing them over in planes while claiming that they are merely "women and children"….because Putin was killing too many of them.

  9. if you think the price of precious metals is going to increase considerably over the next few years, which i do , then just buy what you can comfortably afford each month , the price wil average itself out , keep stacking peeps…

  10. SUPER!!!!
    Now this is juicy analysis. I soooo want to buy a tich… just to help drop my dollar cost average. I just need 20 to 40 oz at sub $14 to get me in a better position for later in the year ( and years to follow).

  11. People with a long term view really should not be bothered if silver loses it's $15 handle to the down side. I am talking about people like me who have a 15 year time horizon. At any moment during those years, if silver has some crazy move to the up side, well then it will be (in my case) dump and move to another under valued asset. Ride that new asset class up then rinse/repeat.

  12. Why are all the dealers having so many sales? Some silver is selling for 59¢ over spot. Could there be more supply than demand? I wonder what Andy Hoffman has to say? Don't really care, just wonder.

  13. Gold prices will increase when panic hits as currencies look to be headed for imminent collapse and everyone tries to buy gold and silver. The demand will fuel a price escalation because those with gold will be reluctant to sell. It would take a brave man to sell his stack for worthless bits of paper. I'll swap my stack for a house and a plot of land somewhere warm and sunny.

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