Gold and Silver Prices during Inauguration Week

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 17th January 2017 and we
are briefly commenting on the movement of gold and silver prices this week up to and
including the Donald Trump Inauguration. We have been asked by many subscribers as
to whether we believe gold and silver prices will rise this week and whether it marks a
change in the future direction of its trend. In fairness we do not like to give very short
term estimates as there are so many factors which may affect gold and silver prices, some
which can be identified and quantified and others which erroneously appear and changes
the whole landscape. Our weekly update provides an historical account
of what happened the prior week and gives our best guestimate of what we believe could
happen the following week or two. It was our contention on the weekend that this week would
be turbulent and could be in either an upwards or downwards direction and that until inauguration
day it would be extremely difficult to give an accurate picture of where prices would
end up at the end of the week and could possibly prove little changed at that end.
Well a few things occurred Sunday and yesterday and are being carried forward today which
will give an upward bias on prices. Yesterday Gold prices consolidated and ranged
for a large part of the day as global fears continued to mount and this helped to keep
a bid under the gold prices and helped to keep it close to its range highs and above
$1205. At the time of producing this video gold has in fact risen to $1215.
Well today, we have the speech from the UK Prime Minister Theresa May where she is expected
to spell out more details of the Brexit process and also make it clear that it is likely to
be a hard Brexit where the UK will exit the Eurozone for good and not half here and half
there. It depends on how the markets interpret the speech and if it believes that the process
that is spelt out will increase the risk even more than usual, then we can see the gold
prices shoot up even further and break from the strong resistance around the $1200 region.
But if it is going to be more of a sell the rumour and buy the fact kind of move for the
pound, then we can see the global fears recede and the gold prices could then correct back
below $1200. A hard Brexit though may prove positive for
the UK in the longer term, will be concerning short term, however, more importantly will
be its impact on the rest of Europe. There are a number of Countries which have elections
this year and anti-EU Parties are gaining strength. If the UK basically confirms that
being outside the EU completely is a good thing for Britain, the voters of these countries
will think, well why would it not be good for us too – and then we shall witness the
gradual break up of this Union. The short term financial consequences would be quite
dramatic and currency markets will be in turmoil and the equity markets will follow – all
being positive for gold and silver. In addition we have Inauguration day on Friday,
with anything from 800,000 – 1,000,000 people expected to turn up with a serious number
of ant-Trump protestors attending in the hope of disrupting proceedings. If any form of
major civil disobedience occurs, then this too will play out across the world and affect
markets. Alternatively, if Prime Minister May is more
conciliatory, and the Inauguration goes well, then this fear factor abates somewhat and
we shall see gold prices fall back below $1200. This is where we are at the moment; if we
were paper traders we would have bought gold last week with the intention of selling it
close to the end of this week. For physical buyers we have to be more circumspect and
take the longer term view. Silver at the moment will follow in gold’s footsteps. There is
nothing from the Industrial point of view that will impact silver prices more significantly
this week outside the normal gold and silver price relationship.
Our contention is that gold and silver prices will fall back in the coming weeks, however
we have to fully accept that this week will be impactful at times and that as we have
said in other videos until we see the teeth of Trump’s policies it is difficult to gauge
accurately what is likely to happen to the dollar, the equity markets and gold and silver.
We wanted you to have this added viewpoint because if this week goes badly for any reason
then the green light appears for gold to take a hike and we would not want you to miss out
completely. Equally if they go well, then we believe the opposite will occur.
Much now depends on the British Prime Minister, US President Trump, and the American people.
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36 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Prices during Inauguration Week

  1. I cant see the Inauguration going smooth ,the anti Trumpers are hell bent on making sure it does not.And lets not forget powerful people like george soros.

  2. Yes, it is for real! Donald Trump is the next Adolf Hitler! The world be warned! I have foreseen! And it will be most terrible! At first it will seem optimistic and great! But suddenly it will be the most Terrible of all terrible!

  3. I think its gonna be a smooth Inauguration,but i think we are gonna see a dip in gold and silver this week maybe for a lil while as well just my opinion,thanks for sharing Illuminati Silver.

  4. Interesting the Russian hacking information came from a bad source. I wonder how Greg now thinks about that. Also thanks for your view point on gold and silver… hopefully just a non event and fears will be calmed.

  5. Great information, I.S. Your analysis is always interesting. Would it be possible to prepare a video on how J.P. Morgan has been manipulating the silver market by shorting the COMEX market and buying physical silver when the price drops?

  6. alway enjoyed your commentaries. Somehow I envision you doing it sitting by a fireplace with a nice cup of tea.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they are letting gold prices rise before the inauguration. Trump is a businessman afterall, and how many of these businessman actually get into an all out pissing contest, AFTER they won? All the boxers & MMA fighters, talk trash leading up to the main event. Then what happens after the match? They compliment each other. The smack talkings he did to the Republican candidates, including Clinton, have subsided alot since his victory. His labeling of China as a currency manipulator, in my opinion, will die down also. Removing the short-term chances of a trade war.

    This is only my short-term opinion. Long-term, I still see the global economy taking hit, and precious metal will rise.

  7. guys what do think about this

  8. sounds like someone needs a good dose of Gingerroot Honey and Single Malt Whiskey brew.
    Get well soon. Prices will always go up and down… your health must be of interest 1st.

  9. I believe ,things will go smoothly after all this peaceful transfer of power has been going on for a few years ! Whining by disgruntled people will die down , reality will set in .

  10. Don't know if the trend will continue but I bought 2oz of gold four weeks ago at $1,130.00 an oz. It's been steadily rising ever since. We will see what happens.

  11. We have put the most unpredictable person in a long time in the White House…will be an interesting ride the next several months for sure!

  12. I think the shariah gold standard is slowly kicking in this will be the biggest leading factor for the metals this year and beyond

  13. Lots of variables to consider. I'm hoping for a gold price dump in April when the commemorative gold coin goes on sale at the Mint. That will probably be my only gold purchase for this year.

  14. People move the markets and this week, we will be waiting for sentiment from the people
    who pay attention to world events, then, watch the charts and see the sentiment priced in
    to those charts. Yes, there will be predictions, but, first, the EVENT, one way or the other,
    then, let's see what the analysts say. Definitely, I'll be waiting for Illuminati Silver's
    take on the developing news as they move forward. Let's hope that Presidential Elect,
    Donald Trump's inauguration goes well. Of coarse, there is more events coming down the road. In my opinion, there will be more scenarios, that is, more world events going forward.
    For example, pay attention to Argentina, Venezuela and THE EU.

    Charles Swank

  15. You have good articles. However, it is unlikely pms' will fall back to lower levels again. The dollar has to be weakened for commerce. So many civilians in the U.S. are anti Donald. Plus he is a wild card. China may temporarily float the rmb.

  16. The market is fully emotional when Trump just says this or there, then the US$ down, gold & other currency go up. I do not believe in 2017 the market for gold can be healthy react to the real demand. It will keep drive by rumors & big bank's manipulation.

  17. we bucked the trend in early 2016 and now it appears this latest rise may well be authenticating a new multi year bull market for the precious metals

  18. I was just looking at prices and I visited penn metals. they haven't taken orders due to a med emergency of the owner since early december 16'….

  19. Your intro music sounds like someone pissing one xylaphone and you talk WAY TO MUCH! Especially as the sound of your voice makes me want chew glass, stick coals in my ears or just plain tear them off, just to not hear you. Course that latter wouldn't work. But the insanity cause by your conceited but weak and çhaulk or rock Grindy voice makes you want to do it. Just get to the tracking point before we leave channel in first 60 seconds. Wich is what I did. I would rather never know than have to listen to this.

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