Gold and Silver Price Roundup and Comparison 2015

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 2nd January 2016 and we
are just providing a brief roundup of gold and silver prices for 2015.
As you can see from our chart we have shown gold and silver prices as they were exactly
12 months ago and also at their peak in 2011 and compared this to where we are today. We
have to add that we have used bullion prices here as opposed to spot prices so the figures
may differ slightly (but less than 1%) when compared to some others charts produced elsewhere.
In fact our figures slightly understate those of others.
We can see that in sterling terms gold is 5.8% lower for the year and 39% lower from
its peak in 2011 and in dollar terms these figures are worse in that they are 9.4% down
for the year and 44% down from their peak. Silver shows an 8.3% fall in sterling value
from 12 months ago and a 68% fall from their peak in 2011 and in dollar terms, again the
figures are worse in that since 1 year ago they are down 12% and are 72% down from their
peak in 2011. Interestingly, comparing today’s figures
with the peaks for 2015 in dollar terms gold has fallen some 18% and silver 24%. We mention
this because when these prices began to rise many pundits came out and said that this was
the start of the third leg bull run. Clearly it wasn’t.
So what does this all mean for 2016? Well we are going to cover this in our 2016 Gold
and Silver price forecast video which will be broadcast in a few days’ time.
Suffice to say, that despite many of the pumpers, technical analysts and gold and silver bulls
claiming for most of the year that prices were going to rise, we have stuck firm by
our downward trend predictions and are pleased with the results of our analysis at least
for 2015 – and we feel there could have been an even worse time for precious metals
had the conflict with Russia and more recently Syria not occurred.
We hope you have found this video interesting and informative and if so, please give it
a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly visit our website regularly at Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

27 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Price Roundup and Comparison 2015

  1. Dear IS, although no one can argue with the numbers presented, perhaps we need to look at purchasing from a totally different perspective. When one buys a new automobile , and drives it off of the lot they immediately lose approximately 30% of the value of the automobile, which translates to a 30% loss of their money. Beyond that, automobiles have become so expensive, many, if not most, need to finance the purchase. Interest on these debts are also lost money. Granted we don't want to go around throwing our money away, however I would suggest gold and silver purchases are not bad investments, as prices will rise again one day. I suspect we can't say that about our automobile purchase. So your predictions are correct, however I suggest the averaging down method will-yield the best long-term results. I enjoyed the videos, and not trying to be argumentative, that said, I wanted to offer a different perspective. Happy New Year's.

  2. Thanks for all your patience with me and others who are not experts at this game . You and your team have saved me from buying too early and have taught me patience in pulling the trigger . I am grateful for your channel still don't remember how I even found you quite by accident.

  3. Thank you for the run down. Look forward to your forecasts for 2016, your group is by far one of the more reliable voices of reason in the youtube PM community.

  4. Another great vid, I enjoy getting two sides of the debate.

    Hope you guys had a great new year.

    Thnx for all your work.

  5. This is why for some '08 crisis was a curse and for those who acquired gold at £500 per ounce was a blessing if they sold it at the right time.

  6. But when prices are manipulated like they are, there is little point in trying to predict anything other than the eventual collapse of this corrupt financial system. Then and only then can we expect a price correction to it's real value. But not in dollars, that would have no meaning, more in what it would cost for something in ounces or grams.

  7. Before 2014 I held only cash and steered clear of the stock market and everything else, because I had no knowledge or desire to get involved. Each year, when looking at my account balance, I finished up, via interest payments. I was measuring my wealth in a currency which was being devalued every single year through inflation and then later it began to be devalued by QE. But its ok, because on paper I was up by a few percent each year! 🙂

    I hope you understand the point I am attempting to make there. I look forwards to your forecast for 2016 PM prices. I have my own that I may share in a comment on your upcoming video if I am feeling brave enough.

  8. Just a thought about price manipulation. Price manipulation is done. We've almost reached the bottom to what the true price of metals should be. Gold still has some way to go. Manipulation had the most influence on metals in 2011, when metals were at there peak.

  9. Enlightening video. Thank you for presenting the chart illustrating the down trend fluctuation in Silver and Gold. I am very excited for the upcoming video that you mentioned where you will express your price predictions for 2016!

  10. In Canada, prices have remained higher than they would have otherwise fallen, but this is due to the ~30% drop in "perceived value" of the Canadian fiat debt note vs. the US fiat debt note.

    As for those who wish to "argue their perspective", I'll just sum it up with the old adage that "slow and steady wins the race." We are among the very few at present who are even willing to acknowledge that the race exists. Any way you slice it, we've got a leg up on the vast majority…however slim or short that leg might be, or however long it takes for that last "fateful footfall" to hit the ground and start running.

    In the meantime…a little here, a little there, and as long as the global financial games continue, we keep adding to our tiny little piles that the putridly wealthy will simply chuckle at, were they to ever…say…break down in our neighbourhod, or if their limo driver simply takes too much imported cocaine to finish their appointed route plan. (They damned sure won't be in any of OUR neighbourhoods ON PURPOSE!)

  11. A little trick for Heavy gold stackers who are trying to average oz cost price down and are finding it slow going and expensive. Start buying silver when the price dips down further. Combine both gold and silver oz cost averages into one TOTAL INVESTMENT oz cost average and watch your total investment oz cost average drop like a stone.This is more fun to watch when buying 100 oz plus lots.
    I know some don't like buying silver but as I keep hearing from the so called experts,there is more potential upside in silver per oz than gold.
    So am l on the right track? Silver stackers just need to find the lowest priced silver.Thanks.

  12. Trying to find the turn around point and spending a lot of time working it out…. The numbers are good for direction but it means nothing unless you know the direction change within a 3 month period…. As they say the early bird catches the worm. Good video and take it easy.

  13. Been doing some research , and it seems that MARTIN ARMSTRONG predicted DOW at 32,000 by 2015….therefore, I am putting more faith into HARRY DENTS , outlook of the DOW entering a very bearish cycle in the near future. I dont agree with his 6500 DOW, in a few years, but he has been VERY CORRECT, on deflation, oil , silver, gold, housing sales, etc

  14. the recent history of silver has proved it can go up to almost $50..and come back down to almost $5…off of the bull run highs. Lets just assume, that this time around, silver WILL NOT come down to $5…but makes a bottom @ $10 { which I think is likely} …then silver does represent a solid profitable investment, for thos that can hold until the next bull run . Buying 20 grand worth of silver at $10 per oz , could mean turning that 20 grand, into 80-100 grand , in a decade or so. This is the huge benefit of waiting till silver makes a bottom , and not being suckered into buying all your silver at a price of $20- $30 per oz..which greatly diminishes your profit potential….keep in mind, silver is just another commodity, meant to make money on from wise investors. Silver isnt that important to human life, in regards to , you dont need it to survive or sustain life. Its just a chunk of metal mined from our earth…..

  15. as far as me investing in gold …I wont touch it until the GSR numbers indicate its time to buy gold., right now, the GSR, still indicates that silver is the better buy .

  16. I think its pretty clear these markets and no doubt most markets are now being massively manipulated. Thus any really price discovery is very very hard to predict. The manipulations can keep going far longer than most realise.
    We know the market is inherently unstable so any attempt to control this is always going to fail. The current situation is very dangerous as the proven ammunition to absorb a crash is depleted.

    Banks clearly don't want PM's to rise as its a red flag to the fraud and obfuscation in the economy.

    When we see productive use of capital and employment thats dignified with real growth in wages then we can say the economy is running well. We have been fooled into thinking the increase in house values is all that matters and its completely backward. Housing is not a productive asset, the economy must create wealth and provide value not just flip its own housing ever higher. I thought we would have realised a bubble/burst in housing creates a very short term binge but its not sustainable or beneficial longer term.

    Massive amounts of debt (mortgages) still pumping the economies, housing at historic highs in many/most major cities. Real underemployment at very high levels since 2007.

    These times are all an illusion of prosperity and stability !

  17. Looking forward to your next video. There seems to be a number of people who say silver will increase in price this year. I hope it won't and at worst continue to trade sideways for the near future. Surely the decrease in the silver price, confirms that what the pumpers are spinning is incorrect and that the silver standard ended for good reason. Silver is not a monetary metal, it carries some value, however its price is driven by industrial demand. We have seen governments return to a gold standard when fiat currency has not worked, but never have they opted to return to a silver standard over gold. So should we really be asking the question, how will global industrial demand for silver change in 2016 and beyond? SM

  18. Like the graphics…will still buy slowly on way down…bottom could be now or in a year and a half…I just believe we will not be getting gas at a $1.99 a gallon much longer…we will see..Keep up the Great vids!👍

  19. Refreshing.

    I have got gold, silver, platinum and palladium investment performance and return on investment on my website. Your statistics are correct, although I use a different data source based on the spot market so mine differ slightly.

    Its been a rough few years of commodities in general, with the threat of debt deflation offering little upside.

  20. Happy New Year.

    I want to thank you for your channel. I did purchase some silver (but no gold) in 2015, but I was circumspect and patient. In a large part this was due to your calm counsel to recognize that the lack of industrial demand is by far the dominant consideration in pricing, and will remain so until the logistics of supply and excess inventory are affected by the market conditions.

    Your steady and reasonable conversations here persuaded me to hold onto my hard earned money, which I instead applied to more practical concerns, and to simple savings (and some fine bourbon). Now I am in a better position to purchase more silver, and perhaps some gold, as the year unfolds.

    While I was already skeptical of the pumpers, as you call them, your videos here encouraged me to avoid the careless notion that there is no time like the present. I'll try not to curse you if WWIII breaks out this week and I am caught without the ability to make any purchases due to the sudden change… of course I'll probably be too busy to curse you if that happens, anyway! And in any case, your effort here seems to be in very good faith, given a conservative but open-minded view of geopolitics.

    Thanks again for the effort, and I will be a faithful listener as 2016 advances.

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