Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Part 4 of 11 by illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 17th January 2016 and are
addressing the issue of Gold and Silver price manipulation. In parts 1 -3 we highlighted
the main advocates who have accused Governments and Central Banks of such manipulation. In
this video we are going to address one of the ways in which that manipulation is alleged
to take place. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA)
Which was officially formed in January 1999 and whose Chairman is the now well-known owner
of the Metropole Café website – Mr Bill Murphy – has advocated that gold price suppression
has been implemented by the major central banks (the U.S. Fed in particular) with government
support and allied with the monetary power of the bullion banks.
GATA states that gold (and silver) prices need to be controlled as the gold price can
pose a threat to Governments economic management, and the overall picture they are trying to
present to the people. Couple this with ongoing media propaganda downplaying gold’s power
as an investment and such interventions can probably be kept to a minimum.
So it is claimed that when the gold price threatens to get out of control and more drastic
measures are needed to knock it back ‘flash crashes’ occur when huge futures transactions
are implemented (often when major markets are mostly closed), the purpose being to knock
prices sufficiently to trigger stop-loss computer trading and thus drive the price down further.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and David Kranzler give an example of how this is actually done
– “The manipulation consists of the Fed using bullion banks as its agents to sell
naked gold shorts in the New York Comex futures market. Short selling drives down the gold
price, triggers stop-loss orders and margin calls, and scares participants out of the
gold trusts. The bullion banks purchase the deserted shares and present them to the trusts
for redemption in bullion. The bullion can then be sold in the London physical gold market,
where the sales both ratify the lower price that short-selling achieved on the Comex floor
and provides a supply of bullion to meet Asian demands for physical gold as opposed to paper
claims on gold.” So the primary venue of the Fed’s manipulation
activity then is the New York Comex Exchange, where the world trades gold futures. Each
gold futures contract represents one gold 100 ounce bar. The Comex is referred to as
a paper gold exchange because of the use of these futures contracts. Although several
large global banks are trading members of the Comex, JP Morgan, HSBC and Bank Nova Scotia
conduct the majority of the trading volume. Trading of gold (and silver) futures occurs
in an auction-style market on the floor of the Comex daily from 8:20 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
New York time. Comex futures trading also occurs on what is known as Globex. Globex
is a computerized trading system used for derivatives, currency and futures contracts.
It operates continuously except on weekends. Anyone, anywhere in the world with access
to a computer-based futures trading platform has access to the Globex system. It is alleged
that it is the use of Globex which allows additional manipulation outside of normal
trading hours to take place where the impact can be even greater.
So this is one technique used according to the authors of being able to drive down paper
prices, acquire the physical and ship it overseas. In the next video we shall highlight how the
manipulation takes place in the LBMA or the London Bullion Market Association.
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15 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Part 4 of 11 by illuminati silver

  1. The London gold fix has always been manipulated by Barclays,Deutsche Bank,HSBC and bank of Nova Scotia. They have been actively working to manipulate the benchmark. You and I know you that the morning and afternoon conference calls where the rates were fixed were not always passing the smell test

  2. I.S., during this video : David Morgan says that gold miners best producers squeak by at $1100/oz and silver producers are scraping the bottom of the barrel at $15/oz. This interested me because the ratio of production cost is 73 times more per oz for gold than silver according to this information- much closer to todays silver/gold ratio. Does this indicate a 16 to 1 ratio is a manipulation of the pumpers out of touch with today's reality in the industry?

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