Gold and Silver and Inner Sanctum Update – w/e 4th August 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 6th August 2017 and we are
providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 4th August.
Gold fell $11 from $1,269 to $1,258 having hit a high of $1,274 and a low of $1,254.
In sterling terms gold finished the week at £965 that’s down £1, and in Euros it closed
at 1,069 Euros that’s down 11 Euros on the week.
Silver fell 43 cents from $16.71 to $16.28 having hit a high of $16.88 and a low of $16.24.
In sterling terms it closed at £12.49 that’s down 23 pence for the week and in Euros it
closed at 13.83 euros that’s down 0.39 euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from 75.94:1
to 77.27:1 The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 22,092 up
66 points on the day and up 262 points on the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 6,351 up
11 points on the day and down 23 points on the week.
Brent Crude fell 10 cents from $52.52 to $52.42 and US Light Crude fell 13 cents from $49.71
to $49.58 The dollar index stands at 93.54 that’s
up 0.29 on the week. As we suggested last week, gold initially
firmed and in fact rose to a 7 week high and then fell back as a result of rising treasury
yields and a stronger US Dollar further supported by Friday’s non-farm payroll report showing
that U.S. economy added 209,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent,
the lowest since March 2001 With Congress now taking its Summer break
and President Trump taking his 17 day golfing holiday, we believe that much of the political
tension which has kept gold prices artificially high will wane for the duration of August
and we expect to see lower prices develop. Whilst it is possible that the U.S. Producer
Price Index which will be revealed on 10th August and the U.S. Consumer Price Index which
will be reported on 11th August could have a firming impact, we believe they will impact
little on the fall in prices we envisage. Now it’s extremely difficult to forecast
exact prices but we suspect that gold will fall back another $20 – $30 this week and
then dip below $1200 before August is completed and we believe well below $1200.
Silver followed gold’s lead last week but performed more weakly resulting in a quite
firmer gold to silver ratio of over 77 to 1. We see very little reason over the coming
weeks for silver to strengthen and now we believe that the long awaited fall towards
$15 is now on the cards. Yes there will be volatility, however the trend over the next
4 weeks will definitely be down and the $16 level will be broken through very soon indeed.
Finally our reaction to the comments made last week and in previous weeks from our subscribers
and an explanation of what has been happening. The past few months have seen us downscale
the number of videos we have produced and to some extent only covering major incidents
and our weekly roundup. Once we move to the Inner Sanctum what you are seeing now is what
non-paying members will get. What you used to receive – at least one video a day – plus
a whole library of information and continuous interaction plus insights and information
not published on CNN or MSNBC or Fox News is what Inner Sanctum members will receive.
Now let us be blunt about this. If you cannot take criticism of your President’s actions
the Inner Sanctum will not be for you, regardless of who that President is. If you cannot take
the message that gold and silver prices may actually fall as well as rise, the Inner sanctum
will not be for you. If you believe that the World is about to end next week or next month,
the Inner Sanctum is certainly not for you. If you only believe the exaggerated, and often
made up claims of Alex Jones, the Inner Sanctum will not be for you.
We have information on Donald Trump and most World leaders and opponents (so not only those
who have been successful in their elections) that the mainstream media does not cover.
However, you do not have to believe what we tell you, though the majority of the information
that we will provide will be documented and the sources mostly visible to see. So far
our videos have only referred to the possibility of Russian Collusion and that the Jury is
still out. Though we can easily show that President Trump has had numerous dealings
with Russian oligarchs and people close to President Putin, far earlier than the 2013
Miss Universe pageant. Remember that video we produced under the
heading “FBI Director confirms investigation into Trump/Russia relations” on 20th March
2017 where we hinted that Nigel Farage’s visit to wiki-leaks supremo Julian Assange
may be more than meets the eye. Well only last week, UKIP funder and close confidante
and friend of Nigel Farage; The prominent “leave” campaigner and millionaire businessman
Arron Banks has been called to Washington to give evidence before the Senate into alleged
ties between the Kremlin, Brexit and Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign.
Why do you think that Congress which is controlled by Republicans – Donald Trump’s Party
– have introduced measures to prevent the President from replacing his Attorney General
without congressional sanction while they are on leave? Why do you think after 6 months,
Congressmen and Senators are now willing and able to defy the President in their voting.
Is it because he is draining the swamp or is it because he is trying to create an even
deeper and more murky one? These are some of the issues we will be getting
to the heart of, far earlier than your News media reports. No we are not the mouthpiece
of the New World Order or the Establishment but we are also not sheep who believe something
just because we want it to be true. Gold and Silver prices will eventually rise,
not necessarily this week or this month or even particularly this year as the pumpers
or some of our own subscribers would have you believe – well not significantly. Whether
it’s manipulated into its current price or not makes no difference at this moment
in time unless you firmly believe that the manipulation cannot go on any longer. We have
to tell you, what manipulation there is can and will go on for some time yet. Forget Peter
Schiff and Mike Maloney’s assertions that the dam is about to break. They have been
saying this for the past 7 years and longer. Some news, The Dow hit 22,000 something we
said will happen last year and it will even go to 23,000 and the National Debt will soon
rise to 28 trillion dollars and the dollar still won’t collapse. We will explain why
in the Inner sanctum Now finally let’s cover the Inner sanctum
briefly. Those of you who are selected to join will have the first month’s membership
for just $1 as a thank you for being patient with us, and to enable you to determine without
financial sacrifice whether it will be for you. It will be a tiered membership a pyramid
if you will and it will be launched this year. However we want it to be as perfect as possible
and we are awaiting the final date from our web designers as to when it can be launched.
When we know for sure, we shall let you know as we want it ready and fully occupied with
information before we reveal the date, so that there will be no more embarrassing deferments.
So what you are seeing on our YouTube channel now, is what free members will always get
and does not reflect a lack of interest on our part but an acknowledgement, that only
those who are deserving and willing to contribute and get involved in a constructive manner
will be allowed to join the more intensive, responsive and illuminating Inner Sanctum.
So to those of you who are genuinely interested, do not despair or become fatigued, but please
just watch out for our announcements – we are confident you will find it worthwhile.
However, we will be dealing with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
so be prepared that what you may hear may be things that you may not wish to.
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Illuminati Silver owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.

41 thoughts on “Gold and Silver and Inner Sanctum Update – w/e 4th August 2017

  1. You guys hardly ever comment on crypto curriencies what do you think of bitcoin and governments using cryptos.

  2. How much will the cost of the inner sanctum be after the $1 charge? How do you get chosen i sent my email before.

  3. I agree that G&S will be going lower. My charting sees quite a rise for USD ahead over the next year or so. If you like G&S, it's going to be ugly. However, chart on NUGT is great, once it breaks through $33. On a different note, food prices are very close to skyrocketing. If you haven't been keeping track of the crop failures, worldwide, they are massive. I paid 1.25 USD for a small can of Cream of Mushroom soup at WalMart this morning. By this time next year, that same can will be at least 1.50 USD, and smaller in volume. Please buy extra food when you go to market, else, you might be strapped badly in the near future. Thanks IS!

  4. "You want the truth….you can't handle the truth".
    Well I can… Truth is all I ask for, so bring it on amigo….looking forward to see what you have install for us pupils of Truth.

  5. I think that trump had one final chance to save himself when he gave the state of the union speech. He spoke about what America could accomplish years from now and how the time for petty bickering is over. But after that he didn't change at all. However I still think there is one absolute truth we can count on -He will never ever be given a fair shake on anything from the mainstream media.

  6. I am a simple man 2 years into précis metals (silver) I want to say that I truly appreciate your directiveness and your insight upon Silver and it's commodity market. All of your videos seem to announce some kind of information that is usable Thanks

  7. Providing the Inner Sanctum is reasonably priced, I'm looking forward to being a member. Just keep the conspiracy theories out of your commentary. Keep it calm and objective please.

  8. Hmmmmnnnn…. Dow will rise and rise; in pursuit of yield the world over will jump in, plus the forever printing of fiat… % rates will rise, as will commodities and inflation – the purchasing power of the dollar will first climb sudde ly then declines as the dollar continues it's slide from world reserve currency as it competes w cryptos and gold backed currency; inevitabilities built into the equation. Silver will rise before this year is up as miners continue to decrease and China will refuse to continue to provide US and world with cheap silver (in exchange for cheap gold purchases) , N Korea will unfold into war and cause volatilities and uncertainties… Crypto currencies will rise starting super soon although sovereign provided hacking, taxation and western crypto competitors will attempt to dwarf the climb of cryptos. Bonds are gonna hit first… or so these are my thoughts of what may occur…

  9. As we are gentlemen, I shall refrain a harsher rebuke. You sir underestimate our country's situation. I sir don't care.for.your tone and your bashing of my president. Having a brit bash my president is not good patriotic cheer by my regards..good show otherwise but I'll be own my way again as my country needs me. Spit on my president in my witness and we will thrash that man soundly. God speed.

  10. Would be interested to know your thoughts on the push to introduce a one world currency and whether the U.S. dollar will be taken down as the world reserve currency in order to achieve this.

  11. I get your point! But why don't you report corruption in your own country? My opinion, you may be part of the swamp. Seems you attack the only leader trying to drain the swamp! I have a good idea what's happening in USA. Are you supporting draining the swamp in your country or part of it? Godspeed End the federal reserve bank! #statescoinmoney

  12. Still holding out for 13.90$ silver
    We see central banks are heavy into the markets …unprecedented times
    Swiss central bank purchase of Apple stock etc shedding euro's as people in the EUROPEAN union swap euro's for Swiss francs as they feel the EU is failing as it was only set up for big oil and it's chemical subsidiaries and patents to stop competition
    Your thoughts?
    Trumps dealings with Russia ?
    Hilarys 100 million $ gift from Russia for 20% of Uranium 1 USA uranium sold to Russia ?
    The Haitians fund 90% + never went to the Haitians… people died trying to reveal this
    Etc etc etc

  13. I now no longer listen to Alex, Peter, Bo, Cliff, Jim or Mike.

    They can only be wrong for so long before losing credibility

  14. I've heard a discussion about the EU taking tentative steps to end QE this October. The person commenting about this potential development posited that such action would put significant downward pressure on silver and gold. What is Illuminati Silver's take on this?

  15. Dear IS, could you please advise on reasons for you to be bearish for Gold in next 2-5 months? What's the reasoning behind your expecting price to go below usd 1200? Would be much appreciated to hear and understand your thesis.

  16. So silver and gold supposed to be down this week. Whether or not they're staying even. You're a kind of like a weatherman you're 60% right and 40% wrong. I was cool with you guys till you wanted money. I would pay if you are right more often. But a lot of times you're way off.

  17. Illuminati silver was buying silver not long ago when its price was higher than today (as reported in his/their videos), and becomes very bearish when silver is around $16 and more bullish when silver begins to go up. Perhaps its to tamper demand, not wanting people to buy silver when its at the lower end if its normal trading range? Will be surprised to see $15's silver in August, like Illuminati Silver said, but if it happens, will be buying more physical and applaud Illuminati Silver for his/their spot-on prediction and analysis.

  18. And what do you think of Jim Richards, another gold pumper and doomsayer OR otherwise a smart analytics person? Thank you

  19. I can sum up this whole channel for the last 2 years and forward. Gold and silver won't rise or fall within a few bucks blah blah. The dollar index is up. Now its down blah blah. Euros and silvuh (correctly pronounced "Silver") blah blah. Donald Trump is evil but failed socialist left-wing crackpots like Angela Merkel who have destroyed Europe are great blah blah and don't affect silver.
    I will pass on the "Inner Insanitarium."I'm still a silver bug, but I'm turning in several hundred ounces tomorrow to re-invest in some cryptos that have been going to the moon. Then i can buy more silver. Why have a 100 oz bar making nothing when you can make 10-50% gains in a week in cryptos?

  20. I been so miserable from all these mosquito bites and delay in my foundation repair but I am relieved to hear you say the dollar will live. I guess I wanted to hear some good news. I don't comment much on politics. I voted for Obama then Trump. It's your channel and you have every right to express yourself. Although some hot headed comments are worth reading just to get a good laugh! Besides, a true American believes in free speech whether or not they agree with what is said. I won't take offense as long as you don't take offense when I say I do not like royalty's face on my coins. Except for my King Tut coin.

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