Going All In Selling on Amazon Platform in 2019, Launching Products and PPC w/ Kevin King

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welcome back to outsourcing and scaling today I’m with the legend
Kevin King how you doing I’m doing good man how are you doing doing great let me
read your bio real quick Kevin KD sells at millions of dollars of product on
amazon.com via retail and other websites he’s been a recurring guest in over 30
FBA and e-commerce podcasts and his highly sought after speaker at Amazon
conferences worldwide I know because I’ve seen him talk at a lot of
conferences worldwide he also mentor sell is collectively doing over half a
billion u.s. dollars per year on Amazon in the freedom ticket and helium 10
elite mastermind he organizes a billion-dollar seller summit which I’ll
definitely want to hear more about runs a private group called amz marketer
mastermind where over 200 $1,000,000 and up Amazon sellers share advanced tips
tricks and strategies and you can learn more about Kevin and listed some of the
podcast has been on at amz marketer calm you have an very impressive resume and
we’re gonna talk all of that and all amazon but first I want to take a step
back so before you got an Amazon before you got any commerce even so when you
were growing up what kind of kid were you were you a straight-a student we’re
you a rebel put some of that in perspective and did you always know you
wanted to be an entrepreneur yes yes and yes yeah I was a straight-a student I
was like eighth in my class out of like eight hundred and some odd people in
high school I think I went nine years of perfect attendance never missed a day of
school but I was also a rebel so I was also if you ask my dad he always says he
hopes e8 I have a child one day that’s just like like me because he said it I
was I was definitely a rebel I was always out there bending the rules and
finding a loophole that I mean when I was growing up my parents had contracts
because if they would tell me hey you got a make you but I don’t know I’m just
making this out I can remember these specifics but you got to make your bed
every day I really like and one day I didn’t make my bed they’d
say well you didn’t make your bed well you didn’t say what time I had to make
my bed you know I’m like or something like that you know I still the day is
left or whatever so they ended up making these like little contracts they always
thought I would be a lawyer or an accountant because I was I was always
good with numbers so since the age of three I was an entrepreneur I started
selling uh I mama take me to little store and at the age of three and I buy
bubblegum like back then I think it’s like a penny for this like big pink like
bubblegum that came in a little wrapper with a cartoon or something on it and
I’d buy that and bring that back and sell it to the neighborhood neighborhood
kids for like three sets and so I’ve always been an entrepreneur always been
involved in so I’m so over doctrine or stuff from selling stamps mail holder in
the back of catalogs to coins to whatever it may be so I mean I’m I’m 50
years old right now and the last time I got a paycheck I was 17 so then that was
I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16 17 years on that deliver pizzas but other
than that I’ve never worked a corporate job I’ve never I’m not a traditional
person that’s that’s trying to you know quit their corporate job and then and
get this freedom I’m kind of reversed to that so you’re working at McDonald’s
you’re delivering pizzas do you just wake up one day and say I want something
more I want to be entrepreneur how did that transition happen no I was not
renewing that whole time – I was doing I was doing side hustle I mean even in
middle school but – 15 14 15 back then there’s a billboard music choice I guess
they’re still around with the Billboard Music charts and the casey kasem would
come out with his top 40 and i would actually listen to that every week this
is before the internet or before all that stuff and listen to that and write
down the top 40 you know listen to it on a Saturday morning from 10:00 to 1:00
write down the top 40 take it to school on Monday and say does anybody want to
buy the album and so someone went yeah someone says
yes I want the Diana Ross or whatever the heck of way maybe album that’s
number three this week I would then every Friday and my mom would take me to
to the record store and I would buy the Apple whoever had albums on order I’d
buy them and mark them up like a buck or two you know I thought I was doing
really well the dollar to mark up and take them back you know on that
following Monday and deliver home along with a new updated top 40 list
so I’ve been doing that all along it’s just when my dad put restrictions on me
even when I was working at McDonald’s he would say you can’t work more than
you’re in high school you can’t work more than 20 hours a week and I would I
would always try to bend those rules and work 30 and so I always remember one day
I was working the drive-through and I wasn’t supposed to be working my dad
told me no more than 20 hours and this would put me at like 28 so I told him
I’m going out to to meet some buddies or something and end up parking my car in a
neighborhood like three streets away I thought I was hiding my car
KC drove by or something turns out he had a suspicion so he drove into the
drive-thru and I was working the drive-through and you know I’m on the
middle on the little machine and welcome to Mike Donald’s may I take your order
and then I hear my dad’s voice on the other side yeah like a hamburger and
some fries or something I’m like oh I just got blessed it so I got grounded
for that so I’ve always been a hard worker yeah so you have these side
hustles but how did you transition to full-time was it just hey you were
making enough where you didn’t have to to do the other jobs anymore or how did
that transition happen well the transition I mean in college I went to
Texas A&M University and I do have a degree in business from Texas A&M and
during college I was doing stuff on the side I mean the thing that well I’ve
made a lot of money I mean my parents said I had paid for my back then it
wasn’t so expensive to go to a public college but my parents paid for my
college but when I was young you know from Ollie’s job mowing yards painting
street numbers on curbs you know picking up cans on the side of the road whatever
it was my parents said you’re making too much money as a 10 year old or 12 year
old or whatever you know $200 a week is way too much money for someone that’s
ten years old so they would make me save half of that and that money turned out
to be my beer and spending money in college so they gave it back to me as an
allowance when I was in college like every week they would say here’s a
couple hundred bucks or whatever whatever the number was for my beer and
pizza money it’s a that’s how it came back to me so but in college my first
taste of actually probably better success would be a class called Bana to
17 at Texas A&M back in the 80s the late late 1980s there’s a class that every
businessman had to take their sophomore year of
college and that class was Bana 2:17 it was yet to learn the basic computing
language so now you know basics hardly ever used anymore but basically was
actually computing language and they had to learn you know the logic behind it I
had been doing some of that when I was in high school and teaching myself you
know one summer I stayed up all night every night pretty much making my own
little video game programming it and stuff and so I know what to do so I
started tutoring people and and as I hey my buddy wants you to do something too
so I started putting little Flyers all over the campus in the library pull off
this number if you need help eight five bucks an hour or whatever it was and
pretty soon I would have like ten or fifteen people at a time I was like I
can’t bring these to my apartment or meet them in a coffee shop or whatever
so I ended up written a room in the library I you know free room in the
library and have ten or fifteen people in there at one time and I teach them
and then that evolved over over the course of a year until I was written out
the Hilton ballroom a conference room with that can hold 500 people because
this class had about a thousand people taking it and so I would have to be
involved to where at the beginning of each semester I would go to the
registrar’s office and say under the Texas Sunshine Act I would show down
this law and say I’m entitled to get the list the students or taking this class
and they they would give me the list on labels peel-and-stick labels of what
their address and so I would go down to the copy chef coffee coffee shop and
make a like a flyer it says hey on these dates you know right before their exams
three times a semester come to the College Station Hilton pay me fifteen
bucks a head and I will teach you everything you know need to know to pass
the test because their teachers I’ll teach you in a different way than what
your teachers are teaching and I would get five hundred people paying me
fifteen hundred dollars ahead three times the semester and I was able to do
that for like four years until the the professors kept trying to change it on
me there was making them look bad why don’t they everybody having to go and
pay me for a three hour crash course cliff notes on how to do this versus
they’re not learning in the class so that was my first taste and then that
evolved into when college my first taste into the internet direct marketing world
I told me I want to do that was I because I had all this money I was the
guy that was doing supplying all the beer and everything
for parties you know a group of four guys and a partner in the apartment I
was like I had the money nobody else had money so I had money and so I was
basically the you know I was the guy that’s supplying everything and I got
this is stupid why my mind beer for everybody and alcohol and I’d taken a
beer a class in college like my sophomore year I was just curious like
right around 2021 how’d it be a bartender I want to know how to mix
different drinks and so you go and you take this class and in the class you
don’t use real alcohol it’s just like colored water but the real bottle says I
don’t know what this stuff tastes like so I went out and bought like an entire
bars worth of liquor like 50 different types of liquor and bars so for the bar
and we had in our apartment well then people started coming obviously guys
like free alcohol I was like I’m not paying for this everybody’s gonna have
to pay their own way so I had a little apple – – computer come on and given me
the laptop school laptop and I programmed a little program on there to
basically be a bartending program so I had recipes and also would run a tap for
everybody so if you come and I would actually you know you want a hurricane
you want a margarita okay it’s a $0.50 or whatever it was and we’d have
specials on Tuesdays and so I had this little program and then I was like I
should do something with this so I started advertising in the back of
computer magazines as a as this little is on floppy disks and I was using the
university’s computers to make the manuals and all kinds of stuff so that
was my first foray into drug marketing and then I ended up starting a company
my senior year called a college lifestyle company which is a full-blown
16 back thing I think is a small it’s 32 page or cut catalog with all kinds of
stuff that you would want if you’re in college you don’t little nerf balls and
you know the shoot blankets and all kinds of stuff that college kids would
want dorm refrigerators and whatever I did that bye-bye during mail and one
thing led to another off of that so my background before all this Amazon stuff
was in direct mail so I did a lot of direct mail a lot of sourcing and in
Asia I never really went over to the source you know wasn’t sophisticated
ways is now but sourcing in Asia and Korea and developing products like I
ended up in to collect like baseball cards but with actually
with pretty girls on them instead of got baseball players it would became a hot
trend running time of beanie babies like girls in swimsuits and stuff that did
really really well well it lasted so this whole direct marketing thing I’ve
been doing for a long time in product development so when Amazon you know I’ve
been selling on Amazon since 2001 as a third-party I have a calendar company
separate from its seasonal calendar company it’s a separate business for my
Amazon business but we sell in Amazon so they were buying wholesale from us and
then I started the FBA stuff in 2015 I think I saw I think amazing calm was
doing like ASM three or four I think it was and they’re doing a little four-part
video series to promote it and I watched those I was like I don’t need to pay
five grand to take this I know all this stuff this is like right up my alley
everything I’m talking about I know so I just started listening a the limited
number of podcasts that there were at the time and digging into Facebook
groups and just to try to get a grasp on everything a little bit more of the
particulars and just took off from there and so I launched a bunch of brands and
that’s how we we have us today so you obviously had a lot of success on Amazon
off the Amazon are there any failures that stand out maybe at an Amazon
failure in the early days when you were figuring it out oh yeah I’ve had plenty
of failures I always say success without failures luck right so you know there’s
always a story behind any I’ve had a bankruptcy you know I declare bankruptcy
and that and then 1990s off of one of my other companies and had to rebuild from
that you know I was I was I have a I’ve had a lot of failures and as far as
Amazon yeah my first two products didn’t they’re in the beauty two of them were
in the beauty space and I’m a guy what do I know about beauty stuff and so
those both were didn’t didn’t really work and so ya know there’s been plenty
of failures and missteps and doing things wrong that had to recover from
yeah it’s not always everything I don’t touch is doesn’t turn the gold now
there’s there’s plenty of plenty of issues along the way sometimes I
actually may write a book you know I’ve dealt with one of my other companies I
dealt with the Mafia you know where I actually had you know I just sleep with
baseball bats at my side that my life threatened
yeah I had to check a cup but underneath the car too with all of those remote
stars before he started up you know I’ve been I’ve been on photo sets for one my
other companies were a tiger mauled a model drugged her by her foot across the
studio all on videotape the news coming out I’ve dealt with I’ve had a lot of
lusts I can tell a lot of stories so so what motivates you I mean you said that
you were being an entrepreneur at a very young age I also know that you’re very
passionate about teaching people you said that you were doing that back in
college I know you’re doing it now I always say you’re giving back to
different communities what motivates you past all those failures and to just keep
doing more and more and then even just figuring out a new stuff I mean I think
it’d be pretty easy for you to sit back and say hey I’ve had a lot of success
like I don’t need to to go run this summit or I don’t need to speak of this
event what keeps you going I enjoy helping people I mean I’m one of those
guys that you know back when American Idol the TV show American Idol started
you know I was I would watch that show not because I have I’m a big fan of
music or not because I want to be on the show or be famous I’m always the guy
I’ve always been the guy that’s been behind the scenes so this is a kind of a
change in the last couple years where I’ve been the guy speaking on stage I
was always like to be the the little puppet master the guy behind the scenes
that was uh pulling the strings and more of a producer type of role but I enjoy I
watched like the shows like American Idol and stuff because I enjoy seeing
someone who is like a little diamond in the rough let’s let’s like it’s like got
what it takes they’re just in the wrong situation wrong time or they just need
that one little break or that one little push or that one little nugget of
information and so I enjoy seeing someone like a like a Carrie Underwood
on that show become a little girl from Oklahoma now she’s a huge superstar I
like that process and so it’s the same thing with teaching people on on Amazon
is I get frustrated because there’s so many people out there that are scamming
there’s so many people all the Lamborghini guys there’s so many people
that are teaching or that maybe they try to sell on Amazon it it didn’t work for
them so they let me start a course to try to make some money there and they
don’t know what the hell they’re doing they just don’t know what they’re doing
there are some good courses there are some good people I’m not knocking
everybody but there’s a lot of crap and there’s
a lot of misinformation on Facebook where someone say hey what about or you
know reviews can you put it in a package can you put your URL on a package insert
and stick it in oh no it’s against tos and like seven other people will say you
know it’s against TOS you can’t do that like all effin effin crap is it’s
totally fine you know there’s so much misinformation that’s why I started to
do the teaching I mean it evolved it started with Manny I’m friends with the
guys at helium ten I don’t have anything to do with um tents on my company or not
partners in I’m just I’m partners in the training side of it so the helium and
ten elite which used to be called Illuminati first couple years they
approached me a couple years ago about this idea that they wanted this advanced
training because there’s all this stuff for new people and I said I don’t know I
don’t really have time I’m working on my business and they kept coming back to me
and I said hey we want you want you to do this or being be involved and so I
said okay I’ll give it a shot and so thankfully I did because it’s that’s
that’s a very successful business now it you know it’s it’s very lucrative but at
the same time it’s I enjoy helping people and when people say they saw me
on stage or they saw something in the helium 10 elite or whatever like hey you
know two years later they messaged me and they say I saw you on stage at you
know amazing calm two years ago and something you said I took it to heart
and I made some change in my business and now my cells are up you know three
times when I was you know that’s where I get the passion it’s trying to help
people see things a little bit different way it’s not the cookie cutter way it’s
not the I have a different approach in a different way that I look at things and
that’s what I try to help people just open their minds a little bit there’s
there’s not always just one way to do something one of the things I noticed
about you is you’re always just coming up with new content I’ll see you at two
conferences thirty days apart and it’s new material and Illuminati I mean when
I was there you’re always up-to-date on stuff how do you do that I mean you have
a ton of stuff going on how do you get information and then how about have
enough time to just stay up-to-date with everything that’s changing and marketing
and e-commerce and Amazon well it’s it’s difficult I mean I can’t step on
everything there’s always something but I’m pretty well connected I mean so I
that’s one of the reasons I do all the conferences I meet a lot of people so
I’m connected a lot of different groups I’m connected a lot of
your forearms and I know a lot of people somewhere at these conferences you know
we’re off to dinner or something someone sigh hey have you heard about this or
you heard about that so I mean sometimes people will say hey
look you know how to do this but look Kevin this cannot be discussed anywhere
I know there’s a lot of stuff I can’t talk about you know I’ve totally honored
that there’s there’s things that people are doing are little tricks that they
just don’t want public and so I won’t you know someone says don’t say that I
won’t say that but there’s there’s so that’s someone some of it I’m just doing
some of it it’s just natural to me but like you said you know what I’ve done
enough presentation you know preparing a present as you know preparing a good
quality presentation either for stage or for you know a webinar something is a
lot of work it’s not something you can just knock out usually pretty quickly so
I’ve done enough of them now where I have like 10 hours worth of stuff and I
every month if something new comes out I can add it but I can select you said you
saw me 30 days apart and it was different I try to make sure that no two
presentations are the same so that if someone sitting in that audience that
has been at every scene we talk like 10 times they’re like oh yeah I heard him
talk about that before oh yeah I heard him talk about that before I’m gonna go
outside and then grab some water or something uh
wait for the next speaker that then I say something and they’re like oh wait
he hasn’t said that before that’s something brand-new so I try to mix them
up to make them always feel feel different and fresh I don’t take like
the same presentation just repeat it repeat it and repeat and repeat it yeah
that’s awesome let’s talk about Amazon we’re in 2019 I got it in 2008 you said
you got in around 2015 where is Amazon AD now what’s working what’s not working
and where do you see it going in the future
I got it in 2001 actually I have one of those old school accounts where I get
daily withdrawals that’s you don’t know if you have that too
since you’ve met 2008 but 2015 was the FBA
is that the FDA model so where’s that where’s amazon going I think it’s only
going up you know a lot of people always say is is the gold rush over I don’t
think I don’t think so I think it’s better than ever but I always say no
look it’s not easy like it was three or four years ago or you could just stick a
label logo on something on a plastic bag and
salad it’s a it’s a true business now you got and you approach it like a true
business there’s a lot of bad players there’s a lot of bad apples there’s a
lot of gaming the system going on as a lot of crazy stuff going on especially
in the stuff with sub B it’s up 1,000 BS RS but there’s still tremendous
opportunity that’s I don’t think there’s any other business model out there you
know you hear all these people with a that are doing clickfunnels so they’re
doing some of it drop shipping or Shopify sites and all this other stuff
and you hear some of these success stories and there are some over there
but there’s a lot more success stories selling on Amazon there’s 20 I mean you
could take a look at Amazon you know clickfunnels has their – comma Club
which basically means you’ve sold a million dollars to commas and a million
dollars you sold a million dollars worth of product on through a through a funnel
through click funnels and that doesn’t mean you made a million dollars in your
pocket that just means you mind my negative money in your pocket I just
means you’ve made that much in sales I always remember that and so the and but
there’s I was just at the clickfunnels event in February in Nashville and I
think there’s four hundred some-odd people that have done that 443 well you
take a look at the same thing on Amazon side how many people have sold over a
million dollars with a product on Amazon last year’s twenty three thousand one
hundred and seventy two or something like that yeah now some of those are big
businesses but so are some of the clickfunnels people that are doing so
the opportunity is just way bigger and it’s more sustainable I think some
people so I think it’s a great time to get in Amazon I think it’s if you’re
selling on Amazon it’s a great time to do it
are there mistakes you can make yeah there’s things that people do wrong they
lose their but probably 90% of the people that try to sell on Amazon fail
ninety ninety-five percent because they’re not doing the math right they’re
not doing the numbers right they’re not selling on Amazon it’s not easy I mean a
lot of these courses and all these gurus and these YouTube videos make it look
like quit your job and retire next month and sit on the beach but I think the
case it’s it it requires a vast skill set and I’m fortunate that I have most
of those skills because of my past most people don’t have that so they have to
use services like free up or they got to hire people to fill in those gaps and to
fill in those those areas where they they just aren’t
and I’m lucky I have a supportive wife so I can work quite a bit so and I work
smart you know I don’t worry about some of the little things that some people
are like totally anal and they hire a person to do people always say Kevin you
know why don’t you job out your customer service why don’t you however va4 your
customer service that people always say that’s one of the first things you
should do I say why do I need to do that when I get three emails a week why would
I hire someone to do customer service well I have three emails answer we get
two of those emails are from people want to sell me some sort of service I just
have to click a little button that says I no response required so I mean I’m
exaggerating a little bit but it’s it’s it’s no big deal
I mean I put out a good quality product I put out good instructions I put out
good if there’s needs to be a follow up on to explain something I do it I do it
well and you cut down on those problems I’m not trying to cut corners like so
many people are just throwing something out there quickly and and I don’t have
those issues so that’s that’s what I mean by working smart not or I don’t
need that now also if I had hundreds of products that would be a different story
you know some of these people that are managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs I
couldn’t do that but I deliberately force my I deliberately keep my SKU
count under 20 I like 17 active right now I think and I deliberately keep it
small and lean because I’m not trying to grow a 100 million dollar company here
that’s not my goal it’s not about how much money I can make it’s about how
much money I can make to live the lifestyle that I want to live that’s
that’s all I need so so let’s talk about spending your time because you said you
you work smart you work with a lot of Amazon sellers there’s so many different
things you can do you can focus on your Amazon business off Amazon you can go to
conferences there’s lots of everything is inside your Amazon business where
would you encourage people to spend their time or break down their time I
would spin them I would encourage people to spit the most I mean I’m able to go
to so many conferences like this last year I did 26 conferences if you don’t
say how do you do that and you run your Amazon business because I work my butt
off in 2015 16 and 17 to build it to where it’s almost on III I could not
have done gone to all these conferences in those two years and and built a
company at the same time and built the product lines I built up and and now
it’s just you know changing out something
they’re adding a new product periodically dropping a product so it’s
it’s kind of almost on autopilot so I’m able to ride that way but I’m getting
rage I’m doing a partnership with another company we’re doing some eco
friendly stuff we’re gonna be launching a whole line of a stuff made of ocean
waste 100% ocean waste products and that’s gonna require some time so the
second half of this year you’re not gonna see me out as much because I guess
I’ve got to stop and I’ve got to focus on building that because it’s a
tremendous opportunity but I would have had that opportunity if I had been out
there meeting people either so it kind of goes goes both ways so I recommend
people focus on Amazon and Amazon only don’t get sidetracked with Shopify and
drop shipping and all you know you need a basic website you maybe some basic
Shopify just so you have it but don’t put hardly any energy in there Amazon is
where it’s at and people say well I hear all these people saying you shouldn’t
put all your eggs in one basket on Amazon you need to diversify diversify
diversify I say horseshit stay on Amazon if you’re starting on Amazon in the US
focus on Amazon the US if you want to expand expand Amazon Canada and expand
Amazon Europe or and so forth because you can repeat the cycle which you’ve
already known you don’t have to relearn a different way of marketing and relearn
a different wheel it’s much I mean I sell in Walmart I sell in Jess on eBay
they pale in comparison Amazon Canada Amazon Canada is small but so if
something happened to my Amazon account in the US and it got shut down for
whatever reason or suspended I would I would be up a creek without a paddle
either way it doesn’t matter and so in when you’re I’m on the board of advisors
for 101 commerce who’s buying 101 different Amazon businesses right now
over the next few years and you know Richard who runs that I mean I’m not
involved in actually buying or looking at these but he is he’s like look if
you’re diversified that’s great that will add some value but it’s got to be
more than 30% so if more than 30% of your total sales are coming from off
Amazon then it does add some value but if it’s less than 30% it who cares to
the end to be honest most people unless you’re doing something really bad you’re
not gonna get to spend it on Amazon you know I mean you might have a temporary
thing here there but unless you’re really doing something that you
shouldn’t be doing not everybody always admits that
and then then you really shouldn’t be primarily banned you can you you can
there’s always ways to get back but Amazon is just so huge right now yep she
is so good I would go all-in on that I mean if you want to do Shopify that’s a
different business model it’s a different skill set that’s a different
everything and some people say yeah I want to be able to control the customer
and make the customer mine and I want to build a brand that’s great that’s
there’s nothing wrong with it but that’s different business model then selling an
ounce as a whole different thought process whole different everything
Amazon is a great place to launch I mean you can build a brand let’s starting on
Amazon maybe you don’t know what the brand is gonna be you even have a name
for it really but you start selling on Amazon you learn how this ecommerce
works you learn how is shipping and all the whole system works and you weed out
some stuff you will cave this product here you know people just don’t like it
I thought was a good idea they don’t like it I’m getting bad reviews but this
one over here is doing good so let me add something to this and this it kind
of evolved into a brand that that appeals to a certain avatar a certain
lifestyle and that’s why you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a certain category
because people’s people buy electronics and they buy beauty and they buy dog
stuff go after an avatar or a type of person or lifestyle it not a product
category and your chance to success will be higher so that’s why people always
say should just sell in one category don’t don’t try to go across categories
and I say no absolutely not don’t limit yourself in the beginning just throw
some stuff up against the wall and see what sticks and then evolve from there
and and build a brand down the road if that’s that’s what you want to do I like
that approach yeah I’m always the big fan of starting small and adjusting in
the market and whatever is working you put more money more time into and
whatever’s not you you kind of pull back let’s talk about product launches and I
think there’s lots of different gurus or people out there say hey you should do
this or you shouldn’t do that what’s maybe something that a lot of people are
preaching that you wouldn’t do in and what’s a better way I know you’ve
launched a lot of products would your mind set behind a product launch well
I’m probably launches I mean in today’s I mean there’s so many different ways
you can launch a product I mean the thing I don’t do is I don’t do any the
black hat stuff on launching a product I don’t use any of these services that
will that will get you onto page one with a without even getting any sales I
don’t use any services that will do rebates I don’t do
any of the review group stuff I don’t even do friends and family right now my
approach is a heavy dough it’s a slower I’m not gonna come out of the gate and
be in page 1 and week 1 I it might take me a couple months to actually get get
there but I’m doing it more organically more through PPC heavy dose of PPC and
then if I if it’s a product you know if it’s a dog product and my dog Mitch and
I might use some of my current customers help juice it a little bit through some
ranking URLs to help move it along but that’s and I might run some Facebook
stuff with manage chat and that kind of thing to help drive a little bit other
times you know last Christmas I was able to launch a product with with no PPC no
giveaways no outside traffic no email on my list just by creating the listing
properly and by finding a product that’s in the man it was Christmas so it’s
seasonal so I couldn’t that couldn’t sell is probably around but I was able
to do it’s three SKUs and the month of December I made a fifty one thousand
dollar profit without ever doing a single launch single giveaway no PPC no
not just by creating a proper listing and knowing how to do the proper
research the that people could find the product and it worked really really well
so there’s there’s a lot of those type of opportunities too but you got to know
what you’re doing and you gotta know how to set the listing and how to find those
up how to use the tools the tools they’re out there now are amazing that
didn’t used to exist even a few years ago they just keep getting better and
better you know now with the release of brand analytics data and incorporating
that into some of the tools like even tens or vonner launched or some of the
others it’s incredible what you can do though whereas three years ago we were
as a more of a guessing game and some people got lucky and some didn’t but now
the data is just it’s abundant and it’s just amazing what you can do if you know
how to analyze and how to do it so you can find those kinds of opportunities
where you don’t need to do a huge launch I don’t go after big saturated stuff or
heavy stuff I mean Amazon you know two years ago was what 2016 so I’m like 120
hundred thirty billion dollars in sales than last year what they say that’s like
240 250 somewhere and it’s almost double or it may be this quo it’s somewhere
around double just two years so what used to be a four
thousand BS are two years ago which is on the cusp of maybe selling 10 15 20
units a day now as a seven or eight thousand BSR but it’s still selling 15
20 units a day because amazon has just grown so much so there’s plenty of
opportunity there and you stay off the radar never had a hijacker you know in
three and a half years it’s four years almost now selling I never had a
hijacker the only problem I’ve ever had is someone that I used that thing goes
viral launched actually an arse on blast one or both of them back in like 2015
2016 so when people are doing online arbitrage where they had multiple
accounts on those services so they’re getting stuff for 99 cents and then turn
around and sell me up for 40 bucks on my listing and but I would they only had
two or three units I was able to wipe them out or they sold them really quick
but that’s it I’ve never had counterfeiters I’ve never had because I
choose products carefully I differentiate the products with
packaging and with the way I do the listing so it makes it difficult and I
don’t play it too high I don’t I don’t play up there where the in the in the
class five Rapids wherever all the Chinese hackers are selling I’d rather
be down hitting the class one class to just float through my canoe rather than
worrying about getting flipped over all the time and having to climb back in
it’s interesting I love the different approach because I mean I read a lot of
Amazon people and I don’t think anyone has that exact Kevin king approach that
you mentioned let’s talk about PPC and then we’ll wrap this up PPC is obviously
been incredibly profitable for Amazon it’s only getting get it’s only going to
become more only more features where do you see PPC going what’s your PPC
strategy I think PPC is gonna become I think Amazon’s become much more of a
pay-to-play platform you know what was a 10 billion last year or something like
that and it’s probably gonna double or triple this year you know they’re
introducing more and more tools and they’ve been behind the curve on like
Google and Facebook for a while but they’re starting to introduce more that
some of the big brands are now starting to pay attention to Amazon wall street
brands I’ve been doing big TV ads they’re gonna start diverting some of
that money and they don’t really care about a cost they don’t really care
about some of that they just it’s branding for them so they’re gonna be
taking up more of this real estate I think I think there’s a good chance in
the next year or two that or ganic may start on page two on Amazon or
or maybe there might be a line at the bottom you know like there is now the
customers who do these also like these if it might be that’s where the organic
shows and everything above that is paid now Amazon I’m just gonna take your
money just to take your money you got to have paid plus conversions it’s got to
make sense but it’s becoming big enough and there’s enough people starting to
spend money there I think that the PPC component is gonna be a much more
important component to success on Amazon in the future so if you to me PPC is not
hard a lot of people they just can’t get their head around it I mean as my course
the freedom ticket which is for new people that’s that seems to be a
stumbling block for a lot of people I they’re like I need a good PPC course or
anybody knowing bacon to PPC it’s not hard it’s just math but first but I
guess that’s what makes it hard for people it but I look at PPC – I don’t
even look at a cost I don’t care about my a cost I really don’t I look at my I
want to know what might my total cost is so if I’m selling a hundred units and as
of right now you know 80 of those are organic and 20 of those are from PPC PPC
a cost might be a hundred percent maybe if I’m selling the item for 20 bucks
maybe it’s cost me $20 every single one of those sales a lot of people would
maybe cut that off and say that’s I won’t make it cost lower I don’t care
it’s helping drive prop me up and give me the exposure for the other 80 so I
would take that like those costs of twenty dollars times twenty four hundred
bucks and I applied to all 100 of them so my a cost really is four dollars out
of a twenty dollar cell so it’s it’s 20% a cost across everything you know I
looked at my numbers like that Amazon can’t give you that data because they
don’t know your cost you have to use third-party tools or Excel or whatever
to get that but that’s how I analyze it and which is different than what most
people do as well but so PPC is super important and that’s going to be
introducing some new tools soon some new ways anyway they get the video coming up
I mean Daliah they’re doing a live video right now and kind of beta like a QVC
they’re gonna be able to run video you have video show up on keywords you know
I tested this a few years ago with a video shorts in it but
things coming back where instead of that you’ve been on a keyword you bet on bid
on a barbecue gloves so just having your picture up at the top and a sponsored
somewhere in the listing there’s gonna be a little video that place you know
because you’ve been on your video that has barbecue gloves all right I think
that offered tential for the people that do it right is huge I think someone that
does a good video I think it’s a video I can convert at a much higher percentage
than someone just clicking on a still picture so I think the opportunities are
getting it better and it’s gonna cost more to play Kevin thanks so much for
joining us where can people find out more about you and what do you have
going on that you’re excited about that you want people to know about yeah if
you want to know more you can go to amz marketer comm or you know helium 10
elite is our training for advanced people if you go to helium 10 elite calm
or if you freedom ticket calm is where I teach people new people how to sell so
if you knew it this business there’s a webinar there that’s worth watching any
if you don’t want to buy the course it’ll show you a lot of cool stuff on
keywords and everything at freedom figure calm and then I’m super excited
in May I’ve got a billion-dollar seller summit happening it’s 50 that it’s 12:12
hand selecting now go to all these events and I’m very much a tactician I
want like tactical stuff not just more corporate flof that you hear sometimes
at these events so I’ve hand selected 12 people that are coming in to speak and
then we have 50th some of the most successful sellers out there coming into
Austin for four days of just amazing learning and networking and fun at the
end of May May 20th to 23rd 24 so it’s gonna be I’m looking forward to that as
well awesome thanks so much for joining us no
problem man see you next time hey everyone thank you so much for
watching did you enjoy this content if so click
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