Global Currency Reset – Understanding the World Currencies

everybody is Nick G for global currency reset I just why it is go ahead and show you
guys what’s been happening lately I’m I’m surprised that the the site which is
actually less than im less than three months old as we get so much traffic on her see among like us right now go
ahead and see here you search for global currency reset it
actually bring it up the site right here top result over
currency reset dotnet I misses the site which you guys are
probably familiar with if you’re not you need to
go here global currency reset dotnet stipe it all on board um getting a lot
of visits I mean in just the this week along we’ve got
over 8400 visits on each each day we’re getting a
considerable amount of people to the site that our new if you search
on Google it’s not in the top ranking yet but I don’t expect that because this is
such a new site I’m still adding stuff to it however my youtube channel is right there i mean
you could see were on you you know we’re on Google research for
global reset and you can see there’s my side right there
on YouTube listing in fact if you want just go in there click that video and it’ll open up are we going to watch
that but and there’s my picture and there’s
more videos here if you click on that link you’ll see I
have a multitude of other videos one that I did the other day which guy
should probably check out this is one with Christine Lagarde on its talks about were Christine
Lagarde actually mentions the term reset a lot people wondering why she
just a global currency reset I don’t X white freak people out so she just said reset and on if you
watch right before she says it on she’s actually she’s looking down at
her notes so I thought that was very interesting
it happens on see yes it should happen like right
here in the beginning somewhere but essentially she just she just
glances down right before she talks about the word reset so it’s a very
interesting video I yeah I think this is the part right
here where she glances down you see her look at your notes and then she talks
are reset writer watch they go okay so you guys can watch that video
Tom did other ones like Lindsey Williams and stuff CK skin you know come to your own conclusions
make sure you subscribe click the button right there subscribe I also have additional links on all the
videos for a newsletter so you can get the global
Chris recent newsletter essentially if I find anything interesting I just be
posting updates to that on there’s a PDF the you guys can download a PDF for a
book on let me show you how this works she gonna go into my website here you
and you’ll see that there will be a link to
open up a PDF and see the link is going to be right
here says the big recent book free download you gonna click that link right there
see which is global currency reset book you’ll just click it and then it’ll open
up a dialogue box and you can open and you have um you have just 247 pages at this PDF now this is a really good
book i on this book you can get on Amazon there’s a link provided %uh at the end at the vid at the end of
the year you book for that okay to cash a check that out a new book
I just posted if you wanna know the latest information
there’s a a breaking news but right here so if you click low currency
reset breaking news that’ll give you the most recent
up-to-date information I can find on all the articles are posted here but
it you know it it’s sometimes hard to navigate through that you have to scroll down a little bit on
here’s duplication of all those links I was telling you about there’s also a subscription thing right
here you guys can sign up for the %uh the newsletter I’ve got an
exchange rates here so I’m sure I’m really building the site up on there’s a a way to follow I think go
out Google+ which I highly recommend you
guys do and and all my posts are gonna be right here which is recent Posts you
guys can check these out these are all in order from what I’ve posted by your back to the site still like
here’s the site on not on Start Page you click Start Page and you scroll down a little bit and it’ll bring up there it is again my
youtube channel you you see right there global currency reset dotnet now remember the sites disses started a
similar to Google it’s just it I guess you know take a
more private way of searching seen Hance by Google well as close that up on here’s Yahoo global currency reset on look at the top
search result is my site I’m here’s being global currency reset and again there’s a top site my site
right there and then Duck Duck Go me so you don’t
know that is it just another class search engine I’m not too familiar with the purchase
another one and there is again global currency research dotnet cell
thank you guys for all that traffic that you’re sending to
the site it’s really helping you get up in the rankings I’d really like to be
top of Google arm other than just the YouTube video
but we’ll see what we can do on if you guys wanna update just sign up to the newsletter there’s a nice
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information to you free to fill out in fact a man have to open it up in a
private window because I’m already logged in the should be able to show you the order
the a sign a form but see sometimes when you liked it
doesn’t let you do that not there goes cool such a nice thing
for to name an email address and don’t worry I’m not gonna spammy I’m
just gonna send you information about the reset you know there was some site out there
that was charging people to let them know when the reset was gonna happen I’m not gonna do that stupid I here’s
what I’ll do I’ll just let you guys decide for yourselves on if you wanna be notified when I
signed up for this it’s fine if you I just bookmarked this website %uh Golkar Teresa dotnet on that’s fine that to be perfect as n in the morning
you can open it up and check if there’s anything that’s happened if if do reset has happened I will post on the homepage you’ll see something on
the homepage I promise I’m not going it’s gonna just
run to the banks and go go to an exchange on I did sorry views are different dinar
sites like dinar guru in turn our daddy and on I’m still updating this of you guys
ever come by EC like a page Isis is is still looks like is being
developed that’s because I’m the only one working on this mean the site is less than three months
old so on just trying to build traffic to right now try to write articles you know if you
guys never got the website is at the easiest thing the world you really have
to devote a lot of time to it okay so on I guess that’s really it for
the time being already suggest you guys do it if you
have just got to newsletter please do it and also make sure that you
subscribe to the YouTube channel okay subscribe to all
those other links I have I have a facebook I’ve got Twitter on I guess the main reason I did all
these is because I know some people don’t like to use Facebook so I I decided to do the Twitter and I
some people don’t wanna do Twitter sided a newsletter on there’s just there’s a lot of things
for people who are what kinda wanted not get their profile
seen you know there’s a lot of folks like I was one of them who I did not 18 use Facebook at an hour to
get my name out there but I said you know how are you gonna reach people it’s like a double-edge sword to do want
to reach people but you can’t really stay pride so unfortunate how to do that so on
Thursday newsletter link PDF link youtube link Facebook link Google+ Twitter you guys I’m really
trying to reach out to people and I know the best thing to do is
eventually do when these Google Hangouts now if you guys have heard a Google
hangout is where a buncha people are like a on unlike a
video chat and everybody just kinda discusses one thing I was considering doing that I was
considering just doing I just doing recordings like this online posting them to my YouTube channel I
haven’t really decided if I want to a podcast or not but I’ll let you guys decide one new
thing 10 to mention is a just create a forum page today today is Wednesday mmm March 19th 2014 this is a brand new form page I’ll early
just created it so if you guys are interested just this is my first for my really done
it before but I have to use to topics 01 adjusted general a global
currency reset discussion the other one is why has the GCR which is called her
three-set why is that not happen already on does different dinar sites out there that will try to just get you guys to
invest a lot of money in turn are they charge you a ton of money on and I want you to know
something there really marking up the price
extra-high at how I don’t really think that’s fair
now I created a specifically for people here call exchange rates if your gonna
clicked on my home side look at what I did for you guys so it’s
got all the different currencies as you guys are interested in now I’m just gonna right click and open
the mall we had Vietnamese Dong Iraqi dinar Indonesian Rupiah Zimbabwe dollar and in the most
important one the sensual a bank that’s why the Central Bank of Iraq home
page okay here’s why this that’s the most important one you’re on
a central bank of iraq’s home page here this is what you want to look for to see
what that is that tells you what one US dollar will
get you one US dollar gets you 1,166 dinars to 1,160 fortune are so does not too much a variance in there as
you guys now so here’s the thing if someone saying that the resets Rd
happen just checked the site and if if the site hasn’t changed and
here’s here’s the other thing you can do you you can go to those exchange links that
I just shows you okay art look at the Iraqi dinar on this okay this is one Iraqi dinar equals 0.0 0 0 85 8 now you can reverse it by clicking
this much what’ll happen 1000 164 let’s go back to central bank
iraq 1000 164 ok a survey was saying that the that the it’s already happened its
international the rates are on the screens do you guys really believe that mean
look at this it has it hasn’t changed now the reason
I have a showing this way is because someone is people say that the dinars
gonna go from one Iraqi dinar to one US dollar ok if that was the case then there
wouldn’t be all the zeros it would be like a one-point something or by the way this
one other link I forgot to show you a minute I’m gonna his game is closer to this interview on gonna go into central bank america no I
believe it’s Ministry of Planning okay how much you
pay attention to this link I have right here go and write that down copy that link
okay how to step on a screened on the scroll
down to watch her eat something be this or a quick what you see there one point 134 dollar heard in our okay says this price should be approved for
three years until re appreciation what that means is that’s the rate that
they’re gonna they’re gonna fix the dinar dollar to
until the dollar I’m sorry to the dinar goes up okay now I’ll let you guys decide that
but I mean that’s what I’m saying here K as
for the other currency changes I just open from this
site here Vietnamese Dong that’s on here too okay some you guys
we’re hearing that the dinars gunnery values can be worth 50 cent look at look at all the zero still 0000 if you do the reverse you’re gonna see
it’s worth I 20,000 okay over 21,000 on Vietnamese Dong for every dollar they
had says is a great site that’s why I left the links a few guys go him bookmark these and just put them
wherever because these are really handy links Indonesian Rupiah is another important one that they’ve
been mentioning I don’t really know why by the way guys I’ve been to I was in
the Navy I’d been to Indonesia me I don’t really I cannot see their
currency going up II really don’t so I don’t you guys get
heavily invested in in rupee like you think it’s gonna make a
publisher my free I’d I really doubt it this doesn’t make sense look at these
eras in this one another 40 s okay now here’s the thing there’s
revaluation and then there’s the lobby after the
zeros okay they did that with zimbabwe you guys probably heard about
that we went to the hyperinflation they had like to 100 trillion dollars in
bob weiner well guess what they’re not using those
not anymore ones in Bobby dollar is worth 0.002 US
dollars now look at what this says read important
information about the Zimbabwe dollar and you guys probably already know
they’re not using anymore okay now look at it says the Zimbabwe
dollar has been suspended indefinitely more info K we go with the says inflation levels a five billion per cent they go by April 2009 is about a dollar
suspended indefinitely the governor now uses the South African
Rand United States dollar which I’ve confirm with other people answers for more information read the
BBC’s Zimbabwe dollar not back soon look at that link is still available so
there it is BBC News Africa Zimbabwe dollar not back
soon okay and and by the way I watch guess it
gonna say something on ebay real quick okay Thomas can type in Zimbabwe dollar want to see something because I know
these didn’t deny jurors were telling you to buy these 100 trillion dollars they don’t use
these anymore they are not using these are using
smaller denominations but like I was saying earlier they don’t
even use a smaller denominations cuz they gave up using it see their currencies is so worthless
right now I mean I’ve got some other new ones but
I mean I’m not anticipating anything happening as bottom and just just for
fun but town how managed show you zimbabwe on and there is no I’m I’m focusing on
this is because I’ve heard gurus at mention
things such as the dollar as a boba dollars gunnery
value at 50 cents or 20 cents okay here’s what they’re using right now
I’m in a show you to devaluation of the fourth dollar this
is on Wikipedia you can search for this yourself guys I really want to spoon
feed you but I just watchin noticed this look at it says they remove 12 zeros
from the currency and then that was in fed way but look at
this even it in April the the people just gave up the scent screw
this we’re not going to use it so if you wanna see what the actual
notes look like you can just type in Zimbabwe dollar 2009 a man hit in in images you can see okay now I’m I’m I’ve got some other so
I can prove to you guys but let me show you what it looks like Kate PC down here to stay 2009 that a
can tell you’re looking at the right thing because they’re not using the other
notes and by the way these notes ok in person they almost look fake it looks
like there’s P was printed on someone’s %uh aspirin at staples or something on as use tax if it right there if you
click images and you click of like a aka
higher size like that you can find something that’s really high-quality
image that you can see up close so let me show you the old zimbabwe
notes what they look like it is in the olden bob we note if you
scroll down here you’ll see 2008 okay now they’d have already read
enough so if you have one in these notes it is worthless worthless okay now the newer notes I’m still gonna say
those worthless just be just because the they’ve already
abandoned a currency which means if you go to Zimbabwe right now do you
really think that they’re gonna they’re gonna want to take your money they’re not daytime if you have dollars
having oh my gosh they love you let me tell you coming from any
perspective when I went to indonesia and I had a dollar it was worth so much
over there look at this one US dollars worth eleven thousand
rupiah when I stayed in Bali you could stay at a hotel for 20 bucks thus really beautiful hotel I don’t know
it’s like now I I’m not really planning on going back there launched on you guys when a country decides that they’re no
longer going to use the local currency they switch to the dollar now with this whole global currency
reset what might be happening is the whole purpose is to get the dollar
out-of-date recorders are status now could that
happen yeah absolutely on there’s an interesting video posted
on the American contractor said I want you guys to see okay so here’s the American contractor
site and there’s a link here to the ukrainian
soldiers surrounded in Crimea I I suggest you guys take a look at that video its it’s very
important you understand what’s going on there on also
I really like to mention that this guy really knows he’s talking about so he has a great YouTube channel to get to
it just done search for American contractor day go there’s his YouTube channel and he’s got
some great videos you guys can check out on he’s got a link about the dinar there
and yeah I mean that’s basically it you guys
I just wanted a kinda go over the web site I wanted to go over the currency’s
exchange is on Central Bank of Iraq you guys need to
know that this site will be updated right away now if you hear the darker as I trust me
I don’t miss the tonys call I just gave up on that I listed a Schmidt sometimes I listen to modulates the sedation a lot actually
because he too seems to make more sense arm but I would really discourage people
from listening to Tony because well he’s been under
investigation ants on I’m you could probably just
search for it right now online if you just type in tired Tony renfro MLM scam there it is Tony renfro him I all-male a scam in if
you click this you could just see on the Ripoff Report
at talks about TNT Tony and it just goes over how he
used to have this site called 14 daily plus it he ripped up a buncha people you guys can do your own research but
Tom is not this is not about let’s attack Tony
because you know he’s a group now it’s about that that the sky is T
Disc and a lot of people and I don’t know what he’s trying to do
now is dis with this whole phone call that he does is TNT call it
looked only trusted but I’ll let you guys come up with your
own conclusion everybody listen to this call they’re all adults so you guys figured out okay I’m I guess
I’m not a spoon feed you I’m just gonna just show you what I’ve been looking at
so let’s see what we cover today we went over the web site and we went over how you can check out
the exchange rates you get the newsletter there’s on links
on the side bar C you can’t find me on Facebook Twitter YouTube everything okay I suggest you guys check
out all these links here is a lot of good information remember
I’m always updating this website so if you come to a page
looks like it’s not being developed it’s usually because I do is I copy and
pasted into Word try to edit it first before I posted so if you come new page in its blank
don’t worry it’ll probably be filled in the next day okay if there’s anything I can do to
help you guys I highly recommend you contact me through the website you can do that on
down here at the bottom me show you all secret nobody shows you
this is a Contact Us page sure to contact me
was his contact us I don’t own element to initially you
click that in and they go your name and your email whatever it is and then
type your message I don’t care to say hey how’s going in send the
message I’ll get I’ll get your email okay that a
can contact me however I do suggest you subscribe to
newsletter today okay because lot of activity going on right now in
the foreign exchange markets on you look at the US Dollar Index you
can see what that’s doing its it’s been kinda fluctuating but now
it’s going up bikes look at the last five days kinda
interesting to see hud how the market just went down and
now she’s shooting back up so I don’t know what’s going on at that
but done I’ll let you guys kinda look at the news stay tuned for
more updates this is Kat really my first video kinda going over all this stuff but I i’m glad to help you guys anyway i
can text you need any improvements on the site if there’s an article that
you guys want me to link to or if there’s something you want me to discuss please let me know thanks her body very much for your time
and I look forward to talking issued have a great day global currency reset

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  3. i am not worried about the currency reset,, i am totally prepared for this event,,  i bought 300 000 bit coins for 50 american cents each..  for the low price of 150 000k i have protected myself and my kids college funds from this currency reset..  i am happy!

  4. I know we all want to have a life change with the reevaluation of the Dinar, Just remember the owners of the Fed and the Central Banks have no intention of US becoming wealthy from their Ponzi Scheme. This is about world domination and control, not you becoming rich,… It's hard to control rich slaves!  

  5. OK  we are all hoping to get rich with the reset, but take a look at what they are doing to us in the mean time.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  There also in the process of killing us. 

  6. Global Currency Reset, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Viewers should sell their Iraqi dinar on an auction site if they're holding some.  Banks don't buy dinar for dollars.  Currency brokers don't buy dinar for dollars in large amounts.  This is hopium, folks.  Turn away!

  7. well  yeah, when your URL is the same as the search term your site is going to come out first if you rank it. This is easy. 

  8. exactly correct dude..the cbi is the site that is not gonna lie.that will always show what the dinar is worth every day ,every hour ,every will also say when it is internationally traded which it curently isnt

  9. I'm new to this site. It appears that it is information on investing in foreign currency before it goes up. If this is correct, please investigate the NDA contract that is required for you to sign if you wish to cash in your dinar. I will try to find the site and reply again.

  10. so how about the people who have savings in the banks?like their savings?they should widraw it or not necessary,i understand in global reset,all banks are would be close,,,and zero,,,how about if i have money as my savings,it will not be affected of global reset?,,,just curious,,thanks,,

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