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(light music) – Welcome, this is Jennifer, and I appreciate you stopping by. Today I wanted to share
some techniques for using gilding flakes on your cards. Gilding flakes or metal leafing is a great way to create
like a vintage, foil look, or a vintage gold or silver
look to your projects. It really is beautiful in real life and it’s almost impossible to photograph. So just wait for the video to kind of see the shine that you get. Now this product has been
around for a long time. I remember using products like this when I first started stamping, and I’m really glad
they’re making a comeback. So I’ll share a few
techniques with you today. Now all the stamps I’m using
today, or most of them, are from a new to me stamp
company called Flora and Fauna. Here’s a few of their
stamp sets that I got. Now this company is, I
really like their designs, because they’re very hand
drawn, kind of doodley feel, very playful, yet very
classy at the same time, or very classic. So you’re gonna see a few
different examples using these and I just can’t get enough of them. I’ll be using two of these stamp sets that I showed you here today. Okay so let’s go ahead and
jump in to this first card. I’m going to show you how
to do those foil stripes using the gilding flakes. This is beautiful in real life. Okay so I’m going to start by taking a piece of four and a quarter by five and a half inch pink cardstock, you can use any color
or kind of cardstock. And I’m going to take a
piece of double sided tape and I want to do diagonal lines, so I’m going to put a piece
of double sided tape down at any diagonal you want. Now I want to make the rest of the stripes be evenly spaced out from that. So what I’m going to do is rotate my paper so that I line up that double sided tape with the lines on my grid background. So now it’s lined up with that and I can lay down each
piece of tape around that to be evenly spaced by following the grids on my background. This is so much better than eyeballing it and I can make sure that
they’re evenly spaced. Think when you have a background like this with lots of stripes, if
you have one kind of off, it really stands out and kind of messes with the eye. So this is a great trick to use. Now you could do this on vellum, you could do this on
any paper that you want, and I really like this Be
Creative double sided tape. It’s available in a
variety of thicknesses. If you don’t have this,
you can cut a double sided sheet of adhesive into thin strips and add that down too. Once I have the entire front covered with these diagonal stripes, I have two options, I can either fold the ends
back to the back of the card or I can take some scissors
and cut along the edge. I prefer to cut along the edge, so I’m going to use my Tim
Holtz shears to do this, because these are nonstick, so that adhesive will just
come right off when I’m done and I don’t have to worry about
it building up on the shears Okay so now that I have these stripes down it’s time to add the gold,
or the gilding flakes, or metal leafing, so I’m going to remove
all of the release paper and all of that adhesive is exposed. Now when I used gilding flakes, I like to use them in a box so that I don’t get the
gilding flakes everywhere. They do like to travel, I will say that. So I am doing this is
a Gina K storage box. I shared these in a recent video, because I like them for storing projects. Well they’re excellent to
work with gilding flakes in, because I can kind of
contain it all in there and close it up when I’m done. I’m using Nuvo gilding flakes for this and I took out a pinch of silver and a pinch of gold, and I’m just going to dab
them onto the background, mixing it up here and there. Now there are gilding flakes available in a variety of mixtures of colors, but I like to just make my own, so I have silver, gold, and
copper colored gilding flakes and then I mix them as I want to. These gilding flakes never seem to end. I’ve used them and used
them and used them. Every time I open up the jar, they kind of fluff back
up and it’s still full. These go a long way. Now you can see these are
not for the faint of heart. They are quite messy, but I’m gonna share some tips for kind of controlling it. So I use a stencil brush to
knock off all the excess, once I am sure that I’ve covered
all the exposed adhesive. And you can see how I’m
capturing all of the extra metal flakes that I’m knocking off back into that little storage box. Now the storage box you can
save for this purpose only or you can kind of take it all and put it back into a jar
or into a different bag. So now I’m using the stencil brush and going back and forth to knock off any of the excess, and you get this beautiful vintage-looking metal leafing. It’s hard to explain, it’s like what you see in old churches, it’s totally different than foiling. Totally different than heat embossing. Check out that texture and shine. Now if you really want it to shine, you can rub your fingers over it and that’ll shine it some more too. Now for cleaning up I highly recommend using a Swiffer dusting cloth, you can see it picks it all up here. You could also use a hand
vac which I did also. Or you can use a microfiber cloth, but I really find those
Swiffer dusting cloths are great for this, and look at that beautiful
shine that you get. Now if you don’t have a storage box, you could always use like
a lid to a container, a large container, or any other kind of box, and just clean it out when you’re done. Okay so now I wanted to get two pieces out of this one background so I could make two cards. So you can see I just cut it at a diagonal and I could do two cards in
this design if I want to. But I changed my mind and decided to put them
together on one card with kind of a window in the middle. Before I create the card, I need my little flowers to
add to the little opening, so I have stamped some of
those Flora and Fauna stamps with VersaMark ink on white cardstock and I’m going to gold heat emboss it with Hero Arts embossing powder. Now if I wanted to, I could
use the gilding flakes for this and I’ll show you how to do
that at the end of this video. But I decided just to keep it clean and use the Hero Arts embossing powder, and it matches pretty well. So now I’m going to stamp “Oh Hello” with VersaMark ink onto the card and heat set that with the
gold embossing powder also. This “Oh Hello” is from
the stamp that says “Oh Hello Friend” from one of
the Flora and Fauna stamp sets but I just cut the word friend off so that I have “Oh Hello” only. So now I’m putting double sided tape on the back of my striped piece, and I’m putting a piece
of craft foam behind that because I want it to pop up evenly. I put the tape down and realized I needed to cut my foam down, so I’m holding it to the
back to get the angle right and now I’m moving it to the front. Now at this point I’m
making a big mistake, and you’ll see in a moment, I decided to leave it in the video so you can see how I kind
of recovered from it. But here I’m putting
adhesive on the other piece and putting the left over piece
of craft foam behind that. So that’s raised up. You could use foam tape, but I find this handles
the mail much better. So putting double sided
tape on the craft foam now so we can add this to my card, and this is when I realized I didn’t trim that top pink piece down and it’s gonna hang off
the top of the card. Because I didn’t cut any off for that area where I have “Oh Hello.” so I’m gonna go ahead and
glue the bottom piece down, then take this piece
and hold it over my card and decide how much I
need to chop off the top. So I’m laying it down just for enough room to show the “Oh Hello,” and then I’m going to
cut away some of the top. So I’m removing that craft foam. I do this a lot, I glue things down, take them
apart, move things around, it’s all part of the process and I don’t usually leave it in a video, because I don’t want to
waste the time showing that, but trust me it happens a lot. So there I put a little cut
mark where I need to trim it, took it to my Tim Holtz trimmer, cut a little bit off. Now I’m going to cut a little
bit off of the foam piece also and then glue it all back together. So this double sided tape that
I’m using from Be Creative is super duper strong, however, because I’m using
that craft foam between, I was able to remove it with no problem. I do move things around
quite a bit, that’s for sure. Okay so now I can glue this
down to the top of the card and we have the nice little
gap for the “Oh Hello.” So I wanted to keep
the rest of this simple because we have so much
shine in the background, so I have those simple little
gold heat embossed flowers that I created, I cut them out by hand so that I cut right up
against the gold embossing, and I’m adding them to that little gap with a little bit of foam tape and a little bit of double sided tape. I decided to leave it at that but add a few gems to it and that’s it. So I’m using some of
Lucy’s Cards little jewels, these are rainbow jewels. There are a bunch of colors in the mix. You can buy individual color packs, but I like the mix because I can pick out any colors I may want. So I’m adding a few light pink gems to the center of the
flowers and off to the side and felt like that kind
of finished the card off. Now once I was done with this one, and you can see all that
vintage looking shine in the background, I created another, the same
design, same techniques, but on a mint colored cardstock, I just wanted to have a
second card ready to go. So there’s how you use gilding
flakes with double sided tape Next I wanted to show you how
you can use it with stamping. And this is really fun to do. So I used another Flora
and Fauna stamp set. This is the Under the Sea stamp set and I just really like these images. I took the wave, and I
am stamping it repeatedly onto a pool cardstock
strip using VersaMark ink. So you’ll see that I start
stamping on the bottom and I work my way up to
fill most of this strip. So before I showed you
gilding flakes with tape, now I’m showing you it with stamping. You could always use glue
pens or other adhesives too. There are many ways to use gilding flakes, and I’ll try to show some more
examples in future videos. So here I am going to heat emboss it with a special embossing powder called Ranger Sticky Embossing Powder. You need a sticky embossing powder to add those gilding flakes to it. Now I’m putting a lot of this on here, because I really want to make sure that I get good coverage with
the sticky embossing powder. You also want to make sure
your heat gun is good and hot, and you bring it to your
paper just long enough to turn the powder to a shine, then you want to stop so that it’s ready to
go and nice and sticky. So for this I’m just
going to use the silver and I’m kind of picking out bigger pieces of the gilding flakes and pressing it right onto the embossing. Now since this is sticky, it will hold the gilding flakes just like the double
sided tape did earlier. So I’m really pressing
this in with my fingers, making sure that I’ve covered everything, then I’m using my stencil
brush or any kind of brush to rub off the excess. Now this gives you a
different type of shine than heat embossing. It has a little texture to it because of that embossing powder, but it has a really amazing shine that is just very unique. So you can stamp any image and add gilding flakes to it using a sticky embossing powder. So next I stamped and
colored with copic markers a few of the images from
this Under the Sea stamp set. Then adding them right onto the background and stamping “Hi there.” Kept this very simple, and then I’ll add this
with double sided tape onto a four and a quarter by
five and a half inch notecard. I wanted little bubbles
coming up from the fish and I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to end up
using Nuvo jewel drops. Those are the clear drops that
have a tint of color to it. The jewel type are that tint of color. So I used the one with a blue tint just too add little bubbles going up from the little fishies there. So there’s another way to
use those gilding flakes for really unique looking shine and texture to the background. Now I did want to show you two other cards that I made while I had my supplies out. This one that says “You are so kind.” I used a stamp and that
sticky embossing powder. And then I put a mix of
silver and gold gilding flakes onto it. So you can see the stamp
set that I used there in the background. It’s the “Oh Hello Friend”
from Flora and Fauna. And I put little gems on it also. Now around that outside
there on the matte of it. I ran a piece of double sided tape around the four edges of the matte and then put on a mix
of the gold and silver gilding flakes, you can see how it looks there, so that it matches the stamping perfectly. And then I put that onto a notecard made of a silver shimmer cardstock. Now the “you are so” is from another Flora and Fauna stamp set, the word kind I cut from this Power Poppy Nice Things to Say stamp set. I like to mix stamps together to create unique sentiments also. So there you can see the fun vintage shine that you get with the gilding flakes. Here’s another example that I did. This one I did the gilding
flakes for those flowers that I showed you earlier. So I heat embossed it
with the sticky powder, put the gilding flakes on, did the same for the “oh hello,” then I used some copic markers to carefully color in the
color of those flowers. I also did the gilding flakes
on the matte of the card too. I wasn’t really thrilled with
the results of these cards, so that’s why I switched and filmed the cards
that I showed you today. Now I did want to mention
that the Simon Says stamp metallic envelopes, which come in the V flap
and the square flap, really have a nice shimmer look to it that looks nice with gilding flakes. So thought I’d mention that, that’s what I’m going to team
up with these cards today. So there’s just a few
ideas for gilding flakes. If you’re interesting in learning more, I’ll share some more in future videos, but also check out the
online card cat classes, Sparkle and Shine class, this is our most recent class. It just wrapped up but
you can join anytime. I shared several ideas
for using gilding flakes and here are a peek at some
of the examples that I shared. Many many ways to use them and they are definitely addictive. So I’ll provide a link to that class in case you’re interested. If you are interested in the
products that I used today, they are linked below in
the YouTube description, go over to my blog for more information. In the middle are some
other videos you may like, and I hope you’ll return again soon. Thanks for watching.

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