Gift Ideas for Men

So you are looking for gift ideas for your
boyfriend for your spouse for your dad for men in your life
Well you’ve come to the right video let’s check out some awesome gift ideas for men
Alright Rosie and you are gonna help me out in this video right
Look my wife helps me to look appropriate to look good on video
Production assistant Hey whats up Sean here and im back with more
gift ideas for men and so lets jump into this By the way I put links more information some
extra gifts extra ideas and just everything in show notes and in the YouTube description
so check those out as you are watching this video
Lets get into it So the first gift idea is camo stuff now camo
stuff goes in and out of trends but we are talking about men here and men always like
camouflage ’cause it makes us feel manly This is a cool Neff watch one of my favorite
brands is Neff camo kind of cool and also you can do like a camo hat
In this particular case this is a 5 panel hat and so that another kind of gift idea
definite maybe kinda younger generation Its definitely the 5 panels so you can get
the camo one or something else in the 5 panel arena
Secondly every guy has technology and their always losing their cables losing their chargers
and losing stuff for their device So definitely I recommend getting your guy
cool cables now these aren’t super cool but these are the amazon basic ones
They’re a lot betters than the ones that comes with it they’re for my iPhone that I use these
are very durable so you know you always have something like that that you can use also
You always need that charger in that car like a usb charger for the cigarette lighter and
so think about Getting one of those my favorite one is a
dual one I got it in my car right now I’ll put a picture on the screen of it it’s awesome
it has you got enough power to charge a tablet and a phone or
You can have one for his and hers so you are driving and you can both charge your phones
at the same time in the car which for Sonya and I is often a point of contention
And erupts in massive fights if I forget to have the dual charger
You best be having two chargers for us Great gift idea
The next gift idea for the man you are shopping for is a tablet now tablets are going to be
of course a little bit higher end high point wise but if they don’t already have one it
can be a great gift so this is an ipad Of course you can go with Ipad mini ipad air
some of those things are coming out but another way you could go
is a kindle fire I got one for Sonya once so I’ve been hands on with one and they continue
to be cheaper in price great to watch videos on color
read books social media surf the web and so the kindle fires is pretty hot I really like
those as well and those can be a little bit more affordable
for a tablet that you guy is going to love if he doesn’t have one yet
so the next gift you can get for your guy is tools
now here is the thing men like we love it if you speak in give gifts to our ego
even if we are completely modernize suburbanize if you get us tools we are like man stuff
this snap on multitool is cool because you can work around the house get stuff done and
they will love that something you can keep in the car
also this is a cool exacto knife great for just getting stuff done around the house
Sonya my wife actually got this gift idea for a man she got this for her dad a complete
set I think there was another piece and she got
it for me as well and you know how I felt ? I felt manly
So you do have tools to use around the house And kind of a long the tool line is a super
cool ideas for guys that we are going to be gifting this year
So hopefully none of our family members see this stuff
And that is the Bear Grill survival stuff that we picked up at
now this is a killer one is multi tool but you also have a fire started which you might
need your LED light a case and then a pocket guide
for situations and how to use everything in there
there’s also a pocket knife with cool things in it very small fits in your pocket
survival guide and then you also have the pericord bracelet so not just something to
wear but then you got that practical use a whistle
in case you get lost and then you can take the pericord
out and do all kind of things so of course Bear Grills personal hero of all men because
He just is ripping it in the adventure wilderness surviving no matter what and since this is
his autobiography its kind of another cool idea
a super cool kind of like branded set of tools that will really speak something that your
man can travel with and remember he is going to be like that’s right you think im manly
im getting dirt on my face im a man and then you can go to the complete other
side and of course you’ve heard of this idea before
you can get the man in your life a tie now just a thought is that a lot of times you
get them like Christmas ties with like reindeer on it kinda
cool but think about maybe looking for something that is going to look fresh
in the corporate arena just bring him up a little bit so you can go classic with sort
of more standard tie or if you want to get your man a little
bit more progressive move into the skinny tie arena this one came from H&M and those
can be very affordable and then I think I just got this one online
of amazon and just a plain black nothing better than a black suit jacket black skinny tie
and a white shirt underneath it that’s always going to look
sleek and clean so consider maybe getting them a tie
and this gift idea is think about getting him a tie clip this one is pretty rad all
kinda black matte finish tie clip that you can get or just a standard
kind of you know chrome this one is like a brush steel
finish and so you might be able to up his style game a little bit the man in your life
maybe he’s already got some ties but he hasn’t move to that tie clip arena
definitely a cool gift idea for men nice tie Rosie you are looking sharp
the next idea for men is pretty cool and it’s called the mantry the modern men pantry so
this is a subscription service we just check out one box
and the theme around this and it’s kinda like a lot of other stuff you probably subscription
wise but it’s like men’s food for chefs and kinda even if they are not a
chef men that like to cook men that like to barbecue and I know this
all men like to eat so this one was cool it was themed like a camp fire cookout and it
came with like bacon which you cant go wrong with
it came with some rub for meat and it came with meat you know you got there and then
you got some finest bourbon barrel aged chocolate and so
definitely some chocolate in there and there’s some other stuff
some salsa and kinda like fuego so its going to be some hot stuff
so check out Mantry this maybe something like what you get for the man who has kinda like
you know just the hardest to shop for like dads are
Mantry could be a subscription service that you might want them to check them out
I’ll put some other details about manty in the description
So you can check those out Now the next gift idea that you can get for
your husband boyfriend man in your life father is a watch
now here are some of my personal favorites I know styles and preferences can go all across
the board but the first favorite brand kinda a west
coast thing and kind of a surfer even though they got very sleek watches
but kinda originated in the west coast is Nixon
and this is the Nixon the sentry I like this watch so much I got it in different colors
and so this is polier theme band very cool clean kinda dress up and dress down style
on it so Nixon has a lot of cool watches you can definitely check out
available all kinds of places online in different stores Neff is a second kinda brand that camo
watch was Neff this is kind of a younger vibe a more kinda like skater but this is the Neff
nightly very cool kind of nylon band meets sort of that gold vibe on the watch it self
and the last on is G-shock you know very well known watches
this particular one is definitely something guys would be into because is durable you
can get it wet you can take them underwater this one is solar
power so you don’t need to replace the battery and stuff pretty cool stuff so just a few
watch ideas but definitely figure out the type and style of watches that the man in
your life is into and then lastly just a gift idea if you don’t
know what to get the guy in your life get cologne now this personal preference is a
cool la cost cologne I think my wife found it
she liked it but here is the idea of what you can do for this is you of course go shopping
in any retail store but what I like to do is take out your dad or take out your boyfriend
or take out your husband or who ever and go and try different ones and see kinda
what they like and take notes then you can potentially go back and get it later or you
can just you know grab that online and there can be some really good affordable reputable
because sometimes there could be kind of scams with cologne and weird stuff but just look
for like on amazon just read tons of reviews and make sure its solid and there you go so cologne is a great thing that you know
annually may be a Christmas and for a birthday you know men are always running out of it
and you cant go wrong when it comes to that Well hey thanks so much for checking out this
video just a remainder you can check out links to all this stuff plus additional notes and
things we thought of in the YouTube description bellow and make sure to
Leave some gift ideas comments for men in the comments ’cause we love to hear any gift
ideas that you have and other people can read the comments and get some of your ideas as
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Sonya did some videos this year as well so good luck shopping looking for those gifts
and we will talk soon Rosie show the tie off come on
You guys are the models – you are so beautiful It’s so hard to get the models to – I know
to cooperate and you paid them big bucks to be in this video
We feed you everyday May the odds be ever in your favor
Man is like gifts is like gifts Adios muchachos
Sofie and Rosie say goodbye bye

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  1. So I'm pretty much right on the money for my boyfriend!! He's getting a Michael kors watch, Cologne and possibly a cook book

  2. Happy birthday Sean! I took some of your recommendations from your old gifts for him video and they were a huge hit! 🙂 keep the videos coming!!!

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  4. Beer Bouquet! I recently made my boyfriend a "handpicked" bouquet of his favourite craft beers, snuck in some Oh Henry's (his fave), and some Pepperoni Sticks. A "manly" version of a bouquet of flowers! 

    Check out my DIY for it on my blog:

  5. Thanks Sean for this video! I always have some trouble finding ideas for my father, my brother-in-law and of course my boyfriend. Keep up the good work! PS the dog is hilarious

  6. Is the "Mantry" available in "Vegan?"

    Don't laugh too hard…I'm "super serial."

    Eating meat, meat and more meat–plus fuego and more fuego–was what gave my dad chronic heartburn…which progressed to esophageal cancer…which progressed to death.  (See for more info.)

    I wouldn't mind giving my brother food stuffs, but we are both acutely aware of what killed our dad this year…and I sure as fuck am not going to give him bacon, sausage and salsa.  To do so would be to say, "I actually don't give a shit about you.  Merry X-Mas, dickhole!!"

    Please be aware that heartburn can cause cancer.  Heartburn isn't just a nuisance; it's a risk factor for esophageal adenocarcinoma…and taking pills for your heartburn won't protect you from this deadly disease, which has increased dramatically in occurrence over the past few decades.

  7. this really helped me! ive been with my man for 4 years & i try to mix things up so thank you for refreshing ideas 🙂 benji sent me

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  9. A great idea for the colonge is at Sephora.  You can purchase a frangrance sampler with 12 different samples, so he can try it for a week or so…see what you both love!  Then there is a voucher for a full size of whatever you decide is your favorite!  It's about $60 dollars, and my husband loved it! 

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  11. My boyfriend has that white Lacoste cologne it is AMAZING I love how it smells. Not overpowering at all and the set at Dillard's is not even that pricey.

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  17. How about a gift that would make waiting for hot water at sinks and showers a thing of the past. No more wasting water down the drain or time waiting for hot water before he can jump in the shower or start shaving. Plus, you'll also benefit by not having to wait. With a typical life of 8-10 years think of all the water and time you'll save for years and years. RedyTemp install requires simply connecting 4 hoses under the sink easily taking less than 20 minute DIY. Your man will be surprise you solved a major problem all by yourself. No need to call a professional to install.

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  20. Instead of extra cables….I would recommend a mobile battery charger. Here are some other ideas: portable speakers, surround sound speakers, electric razor / beard trimmer, auto detail kit (interior or exterior), car wash coupons, video games, gaming headphones, card/board games, poker chips (nice set in case), movies, movie tickets, music, concert tickets, gift cards (for hobbies or home improvement), bottle of spirits (wine, whisky, brandy, rum, vodka) especially in cool bottles (shaped like guns, guitars, skulls). Case of beer (some come in a verity pack, try different kinds). FOOD!!! Happy gift giving 😀

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