Getting Started with AAK 464 Soy Wax | Helpful tips to get the most out of 464 soy candle wax.

Hey there. Kevin from CandleScience
here with a few tips and best practices for working
with AAK’s 464 soy wax. 464 is our best-selling wax and
a favorite of soy candle makers everywhere, including us
here at CandleScience. Why? It’s a user-friendly
soy wax that gives you a great scent throw. It has an appealing finish
that consumers love. But, like any natural
product, your results with 464 heavily depend on your process. In this video, we’ll
be sharing with you our tried-and-true
process, backed by over a decade of working
with and testing this wax. Let’s get to it. 464 should be melted using a
double boiler or a designated candle wax melter. This ensures that you do
not scorch or burn your wax. You can help the melting
process move along by stirring
periodically to break up any clumps of wax that form, but
it is not necessary to do so. Always use fragrances developed
and tested for use in candles. We recommend starting
with a 6% fragrance load, which is approximately
one ounce per pound of wax. You might have noticed 464 has
a maximum fragrance load of 10%, but it is not always
ideal to use that much. Too much fragrance,
especially dense fragrances, can cause burn issues and may
not result in a stronger scent. Allow your wax to reach
185 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix in your fragrance. Then, remove from
the heat source. Think of 185 as the
Goldilocks zone. It’s hot enough
for the fragrance to fully bind and
mix with the wax and cool enough to ensure
no fragrance is lost. Basically, 185 is just right
for getting the best scent throw from your finished candles. After adding the fragrance,
stir gently and thoroughly for one to two minutes. The wick affects,
well, pretty much everything about the candle,
from the burn quality to the scent throw. We recommend the CD Wick
Series for 464 soy wax. Our extensive testing has found
that the CD Series generally performs the best across
a wide range of materials. The ECO Wick Series is
also a good option for 464. Check out our wick guide
to find recommended sizes to begin your testing. This will give you a
good starting point to find the perfect
wick for your container. The temperature at
which you pour your wax can affect the appearance
of your finished candles. Typically, 464 should be
poured around 135 degrees to get the smooth tops
and appealing finish users love about this wax. You may find the need to
adjust your pour temp based on the conditions where
you’re making your candles. Waiting is never fun. We get it. But giving your finish soy
candles enough time to cure will reward you with
a great scent throw. Based on our testing, we
found that a two-week cure time is ideal for 464 soy wax. This is a great soy
wax to work with, and it results in candles that
look and most importantly smell wonderful. We hope these tips help you
to get the best results out of your 464 wax. And, as always, if you
have additional questions or could use a hand, feel
free to reach out to us at [email protected] Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next time.

4 thoughts on “Getting Started with AAK 464 Soy Wax | Helpful tips to get the most out of 464 soy candle wax.

  1. Great video! Can I ask about the debate about scent loss as the candle cools. I have heard a lot can be lost during that time and was recommended to pour add the scent and pour at cooler temperatures.

  2. hi i just did a 3 hour burn and when the candle cooled the tops were lumpy like cauliflower, is this a known problem?

  3. Thank you. I'm a ding dong and wasn't sitting my wax in water had snowflaking issues and these beautiful candles:(. I was desperate to find the answer. xx.

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