Get Silver? $18 per ounce

Hi guys I wanna share something that’s
happening right now with silver prices Today Silver has reached $18.20
dollars per troy ounce. Just a few days ago it was still at 17$. As you can see in the chart over here. It has reached $18 dollars. and just a
few days ago was at 17. If you traced back a few months ago it has climbed from almost $14.50 all the way to 18. Not just
silver that has gone up in value, it’s also gold. Over the period of last six months. Gold
has gone up from $1200+ to $1500. that’s
a three hundred US dollars in just a few months and you can see that there’s a
reason for this. China has been buying tons of gold, since May they have added 74 tons of gold to gold reserves in the country. 74 tonnes. A company can only produce so much in just one year and 74 tons is a lot.
that’s a few million almost almost few billions of dollars. Value of our our money
is dying. Our money is being devalued right now. if you living outside
the US if you could have probably noticed the value of money has gone down
against the US dollar.. and that doesn’t mean the US dollar is strong. but it tells you that our
banks and governments are in trouble right now. .As u can see here, the gold prices
has gone up to a new record for almost every country . this is China
this is the price of gold in Chinese yuan. in 2015 it was at 7400 Yuan.
now it has 11,000 yuan for one ounce of
gold. let’s see at the other countries like Malaysia . yeah.
price of gold in Malaysia has hit a new record high. in almost forever. ever since thirty, twenty years ago. it has reached a new high right now. it
tells us what’s happening with the government around our world right now
the money and the central banks are in trouble and it’s going to
affect us in a great way. this is the price of gold in India in rupees
right now. let me hit the five years chart for you and u can see it has gone
up and let go back even further goes back to 2012 but it has reached a
new high. you can see that the price has jumped from 96 thousand rupees to almost 110,000 rupees in just one day and that tells u something folks. & you may need to listen to what I
have to tell you right now. this fiat currency. the printed money from the
government the fiat currency is coming to an end and this is not
something new. this is something that has happened many many times throughout
history during the Roman Empire in the Chinese dynasty and let’s see the most
reason that happened . just is a hundred years ago in Germany that happened in
Germany before World War two the government had printed so much of the
German marks $$ that it lost its value they were burning german marks. becuz it was valueless and kids were playing with
millions of dollars of German currency on the street and even and it wasn’t enough to buy anything anymore. because it was so devalued. that
people are just using the millions of dollars just as a fire to cook food
and it was just worthless. all the billions trillions of dollars and
German marks it’s just completely worthless and if you’re not familiar with what hyperinflation means. that money is devalued and it’s worthless let me
just play a video for you so you can have better understanding. hyperinflation is an
economic term describing uncontrolled price increases periods of
hyperinflation the real value of domestic currency erodes at a rapid rate
prices increase as people whom hold the currency seek to get rid of it as
quickly as possible because they know that the cash will not purchases any
Goods tomorrow as it does one cause of hyperinflation during a
depression a supply expands rapidly without a corresponding economic
expansion this creates a large supply of money with little demand for it. the currency than loses its value.
I start off my video we’re talking about silver and why do we care
what does it matter that the price of silver has gone up. if u noticed
couple of months the deutch bank. German banks were in disaster
because there are negative interest rates. 10 years and three months of
government bond yield is now it’s been negative. you’re supposed to get
money for for 10 years of yield. because you’re trusting your money in
the German markets. the 10-year years are supposed to produce far more returns
than a tree months yield and you can see both yields are now at the negative and
Germany is in trouble. and just a couple weeks
ago there was news of Danish banks was giving a negative interest rates and
and people happy about this. they were saying we can buy homes with lesser interest
rates. but is it really safe? property price could fall people. lets see
the price of government yield in denmark the Denmark ten-year government has
reached -0.5 % thats gone below zero people and and
they’re telling the central bank’s the bank’s in
Denmark are not doing well and that could be in trouble for you. so u need to
put your assets that will preserve its value preserve its value
because what sure if you’re gonna leave it as it is with government fiat
currency its gonna lose its value lose its value and all the
thousands of dollars in your bank account ain’t gonna to be
able to buy you anything anymore once disaster strikes. once
hyperinflation strikes let’s see the government boinds in the US
lets see the 10years bond. 10-year bonds to supposed to give more
than three percent of returns but but right now 10-year
yield has is giving less than the three months yield. this is troubling folks.
this is an indication of a disaster that’s coming in the near future this chart shows
money that the US has printed the in circulation so in 1990 there are just
about $200 billion in printed.but right now as you can see after the 2008
financial crisis they have just printed trillions of dollars worth. just injected
money right into to the United States printing more money than
money would grow on trees right now and if you’re gonna hold something dont hold money. hold some assets that retains value. if you had the bread cost $3
right now after the hyperinflation it’s going to cost more than $5,000. could cost
more than a million $$ or and you might not even have that much in your bank account
so you be prepared people the total debt as a percentage of gdp debt has gone beyond
the GDP over here so the debt is beyond a hundred percent of the GDP that is less GDP in the US economy then
and there more dept more debt in the US economy then there is GDP right now thats not a good sign of the economic situation what about silver, can we trust silver. its dirt cheap right now, look John FKennedy was assassinated trying to back the US Federal Reserve with silver the banks didnt want him to reserve silver. banks wanted to print as much as
money as they wanted. and there is no that is not a solution people when you’re
just print money it’s gonna bite back it’s gonna bite hard . it’s gonna
leave trouble for the future generation and u read up on John F Kennedy
he was trying to establish a Federal Reserve with silver backing the federal reserve.
the President Kennedy tried halt sales of silver by the Treasury
because silver had become an industrial metal and the reserve of silver
had declined by 80% he was trying to keep silver as a reserve metal to back the currency because it keeps the value of the dollar you could get silver right now because its
at cheap price and its going to retain its value once hyperinflation strikes
the value of silver will retain. anything will everything will be expensive. bread will increase in value will become $5000. same goes for silver. it will reach 5000 it if anything was to happen with the economy. you need to
safeguard yourself people you need to put your money
some of precious metal buy a gold silver platinum or palladium just just get some
in a form of bullion that well keep it’s worth and asset value . do this
to safeguard your asset people. thanks for watching guys leave your comments in the
comment section below and I hope you got something today. because it seems that the government it’s not gonna help you when this happened so you better prepare
yourself for the worst that’s coming up and a couple of months. it could be a
year or two years. but the fiat currency is dying and the government’s
not gonna protect you so you better protect yourself people. until next time. seeya

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