100 thoughts on “From Bitcoin To Hedera Hashgraph (Documentary) Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 8

  1. Public key , saw on 20.15 min = 1LEPcEdueWT5UYEH2nHY4dn5jfVkNDMS3b — Current amount anno 20 december 2018 = 1,60708 bitcoins… He had bought some extra Bitcoins since his first deposit… So thats good! @Mike Maloney, many thanks for the inspirational movies / episodes… Very easy to understand and to explain to others!

  2. Mike Maloney, I wish you would look into a company called Karatbars. You would love this concept that CEO, Harald Seiz has created! You two should be talking! Thank you for what you do.

  3. I was concerned about the destructive impact bitcoin mining has on the environment (seems as though something like that will plunge us deeper into hyperinflation even faster) because it takes such a massive amount of energy. I just research this and now there is something called Bitcoin Green which claims to be able to mine from any desktop/laptop. Is this true?

  4. mike maloney doesn't understand that nobody accepts bitcoin. They use a vendor that turns the bitcoin into fiat to do a transaction. As more businesses accept bitcoin that bitcoin will be put back on the market cause their 3rd party vendor will turn it into fiat to pay the franchise. Then those bitcoin are put back on the market and flooding hte market with bitcoin and other cryptos driving the prices down. Bitcoin is already failed product cause its to rare of a way to use money. The fluctuation of price makes it just a speculative investment. You can't use something that jumps up and down in price as a way of transacting as ex. businesses using 3rd party vendor to turn your crypto into fiat before transaction is done.

  5. Could enslave the world too. Bit coin could turn off or delete your account. There is always a way to do this. If you choose not to use this – then you can buy nothing. Sounds like stuff in the bible

  6. Love your videos Mike malone…. You are amazing teacher!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. Hey Mike!
    Amazing insight! Thank you.

    I want you to have a look at Karratgoldcoin(KBC). Itโ€™s an ICO.

    YOU will find it particularly interesting, I promise.

    Please let me know what you think

  8. unfortunately it is possible for the cryptocurrency to be regulated and controlled by the government. that's one of the biggest fears about it.

  9. Kinda scary a 1 world currency is predicted in the bible as a sign of the end! I will pass on a worldwide currency

  10. Read "Pawns in the Game" by William Guy Carr to discover who is at work behind the scenes and would be threatened by such a technology. Are all the networked computers in the blockchain network(s) more powerful than the supercomputers controlled by those in power? Can you ensure the continuation of the internet or availability of affordable power to power the computers? If (when) the world's fiat currencies collapse, how long will cryptocurrencies succeed as a medium of exchange? How effective will they be? Can you abolish the Fed? Can you abolish the Fed? Those in power don't want us to be free.

  11. Can you use hashgraph to prove the truth of what happened on 9/11? More valuable for me is a technology that enables us to ferret out the truth about events, rather than one that enables us to create personal and shared echo chambers.

  12. So after all the BS talking about how safe it is, all of a sudden there is a concern that it can be regulated??? Are you fucking serious??!!! So you have a global sistem that can replace all the other currencies, and also can be regulated, and you are seeing it as a positive thing? This is a straight road to a slavery, and guess what. You are not an owner in that sistem!!๐Ÿ˜ก and this comes from the guy who is advocating for free market and real money.what a joke this episode is ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

  13. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a great addition to the monetary system, true many use it mainly as investment method to increase their gains and not for everyday transactions. But this sentiment is changing the past years. In a world where banks control the value of our savings and they deprive us from our physical assets, bitcoin and cryptos give us control over our financial assets again! Everything is transparent on the blockchain, no one can scam you, your transactions are encrypted so you are securely protected and its volatility it occurs only because we compare its value against euros or dollars. If cryptos were our main monetary system then there would be no volatility, 1 Bitcoin will always worth 1 Bitcoin

  14. I want shtf just so those Wallstreet people and the federal reserve ones pay the consequences.. The problem is that they also have been hoarding gold…

  15. "I read on The Crypto Sight that ""Facebook Set Up Fintech Firm โ€œLibraโ€ in Switzerland

  16. Mike, you've been mislead about what Bitcoin really is. What Bitcoin Core has made BTCore into is not what it was originally designed to be. Bitcoin, as the whitepaper put it, was not designed to be just a currency, but a whole new way to sail the internet privately. The fact it is a currency is just one of it's fundamentals, not it's final objective. Satoshi is explaining outside the Mainstrem Blockstream(aka Bilderberg kidnap) bullshit. PM me if you're interested.

    You also don't seem to really understand the importance of POW to the system security. You are mimicking the HG chief science narrative that it just wastes eletric energy and is done to slow the network. It is not, he is lying to you because he wants to promote his shitcoin and is using your ignorance of the Computer Science technicals to make you believe POW is a flaw in Bitcoin. It is not, quite the contrary.

    Just as a reminder, hashgraph is not open source. If it ever comes to be a global reserve currency, it will become just another central bank to be used by the people behind it and not the people. I hope you're promoting this just out of ignorance, because I don't believe you could be bought on these principles since you have invested so much in educating the population about true solid economics. It would be a disfavor for life's work and your name.

    Look deeper into the rabbit hole. Bitcoin has been hijacked by the powers that be since the forks. It is becoming more than just a currency and fast. You can still study that and educate your audience on that. I'd actually love to help if this ever gets to you.

    Keep on the good work. Always loved your series. But look at the ring you're at and if you're still fighting the right fight.


  17. OK, I am confused. If bitcoin, Hashgraph and the like are purchased by using money and money has no value because it is no longer backed by gold, how are bitcoin and Hashgraph a better alternative to the dollar? I do not understand.

  18. If it uses a time stamp as it's core tech then what happens with situations like space systems where time dilation is possible? Could it be hacked by putting a node on a rocket and role back time?

  19. Hurricane hits.
    Knocks out power.
    I need to buy supplies.
    No electricity or internet.
    PM = No outside source req'd.

  20. Great and informative video. Unlike what most people think, there is much more to the business of cryptocurrency than just buying, hodling and hoping someday, luck will smile and turn them into millionaires. Well, not like that aint possible especially with the prospects of bitcoin mooning and reaching new height but what if the reverse is the case owing to the very volatile and unpredictable nature of the coin? A higher percentage of investors would have lost hard earned dollars but there are several precautions to take so as to earn greatly and still be very safe in the markets and the best of these options is to trade using the experience of a successful trader like Mrs. Helena Lindbetg. I first contacted her after losing some to hodling and others to poor trade experience but with her guidance, strategies and signals, my profit margin has been very high and consistent. I have been able to accumulate about 7 bitcoins by using his signals and trade patterns and its really fortunate i met such a person. You can reach her by mail/whatsapp ([email protected]/WhatsApp*+447427424057*) for any guidance you may require as she is so down to earth i am pretty sure she would be delighted to make more impact in the space

  21. The question "when 21 million bitcoins have been mined (the limit) what would be the incentive to leave the computers on to maintain the blockchain now that there isn't a mining incentive anymore" ….was never answered. Can I get a job as an editor or proof reader? Love the series by the way!!

  22. Am I wrong or is there a big disconnect in talking about winning the revolutionary war for freedom and bitcoin fighting the "winners" of the aforementioned revolutionary war, for freedom to act unregulated…

  23. Your series about gold and money are very good and informative , but I frowned a bit when watching this one because Hedera HashGraph is P.A.T.E.N.T.E.D. Remember: bitcoin, gold and silver are not.

  24. I was really excited by this hashgraph. As a developer, I already know these mathematical solutions (gossip, voting, etc.). But just at the end, he said: you can't buy coins, why? It's patented! Bam! All he said about his – quite utopic – "shared, fair" vision is just fallen apart. Damn lie! Altough he really invented something, which solved all of bitcoins problems, he just brought one in which wasn't problem there: open source. I really wondered why the editors missed this very big difference… while he was highlighted its importance at bitcoin.

  25. Anything can be corrupted manipulated. Its better haru money in ur packet bitcoins Crypto is made by those rich people.anyways .

  26. Like Forest Gump, I am not a smart guy. But the Utopia that Hashgraph envisions seem like an electronic version of Bernie Sanders…….where everyone shares in the proceeds of technology, but the content & super hard/long work of a relative few, would be shared by everyone, regardless of whether a person put their whole life's work into it, or 5 minutes.
    It sounds like one big socialist family of folks riding along taking/using information from a world of a few brilliant creators, and not having to pay for the hard work others have done.
    Another thing my dumb self notices is, that whenever someone/business says total security…….usually in a few years, they are hacked with info. stolen.
    Is it just me, or does anyone else see the same things? Or should I go back to being just another Forest Gump sitting on the bus bench? ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. The day Jamie Dimon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, said that cryptocurrencies were a very bad idea, is the day I knew it was the best thing for the whole human race.

  28. Who owns those crypto currencies atm? Will the $100 you used, will come out in circulation?

  29. An alternative solution to best implement a Distributed Ledger system may be coming from Facebook's Libra.

  30. Great video ever!
    Do you think DAG can be better than Blockchain, Malony?
    Such as Fantom (FTM); IOTA; NANO…

  31. Mike I love your videos of course, but I have to ask this one question…. you have been at this for years yet the dollar isnt failing as it should. I know it will go to zero at one point, but in reality do you think that Armageddon will come before this happens? I own bitcoin but look forward to XRP taking me to the moon! Keep up the great work, hope to hear from you.

  32. GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)ย  you should check how xrp and ripple will change how money flow in the world. I think it would tackle the triffin dilema

  33. it is happening now that there is the day to regulate it or shutting it down, this channel has called it 2 years ago.

  34. Into this video for 20min and still can't believe is this the same guy who was urging the previous series to go back to pure gold and silver, now being fascinated by virtual money!!! Basically worse than the actual money that we have today! At least what we have today it is tangible and not a software in a computer! You totally lost me here Mike! For a moment I thought you were somewhat different but always had I slight suspicion that you just like everyone else are just a node in a network.

  35. I like everything you suggest, but this bitcoin/cryptocurrency seems like the biggest scam in the history of man, even more so than fiat currencies.
    Invented by some guy that "nobody knows"
    Not backed by anything either, except for some geeks on their computers
    You put a $100 bill into an ATM machine and they credit your card–If moneys so bad why would they accept your $100 bill?
    Governments are "probably" going to outlaw!
    I would much rather trust the US government than some guy in a basement that nobody knows inventing currency

  36. It's all done on a computer and can be hacked. Go to the gold standard and only have money equal to the gold available. Very safe.

  37. What about AIs ability to predict future happenings?๐Ÿค” What about the fact that they control the energy, unless we are allowed the use of free energy it isnt even worth talking about being a Choice. Ever seen the movie In Time?
    Yeah give them control of you digitally and see what they do with the power…because their track record is quite transparent if you choose to see.
    (Eg. Free energy)
    This is meant to control, to enslave further. Fixed wage stacked and packed into tiny spaces, all you need is to be connected.
    Welcome to the machine.

  38. Mr Baird patented most algorithms of the Hedera Hashgraph, so he will be just another man in the middle getting filthy rich!

  39. Great video's. Thank you for your efforts to educate and to inform the populace regarding economics and currency and or monies.

    However, i am confused about bitcoin's use of energy and the internet when the energy sector is controlled by ever fewer players and the internet is monitored and whose data is stored. Solving some mathematical problem seems arbitrary and a horrible use of precious energy and a distraction of energy away from providing goods and services. Am i missing something here?

    Today we face "throttling" in our internet services. How would we control velocity of energy or electricity? Computing power; how is computing power equal for everyone? Have i missed something?

    I apologize but i am a only a theoretical & applied physicist; please educate me. Perhaps i have completely misunderstood. If this bitcoin currency depends on computing power to solve mathematical problems, who comes up with the mathematical problem to solve?

    For me personally, since i have rewritten much of the mathematics that we use today, in our quantum arenas, including our calculus and finite mathematics and algebra, what would keep someone like me from solving the mathematics easily? Why would i have to rewrite the mathematics that we use today? Because it was incorrect. It is an imperfect symbolic language that did not represent correctly, nature in its entirety. Any math that was used to create "problems" for computers to solve, then lacks much of the qualities that a symbolic needs. Any problem posed would not have one answer, but many. And yet, whosoever poses the problem, i am supposing will be looking for some "incorrect" solution. Big problem.

    Again, i apologize for perhaps "missing the boat" on this currency. I have a very simple mind. I like many of your viewers expressing themselves here am confused at how you could seem so well intentioned in the previous videos, and yet so motivated in such a horrifying new economy that relies on energy and electricity that can be simply turned off or hacked or monitored and stored as it is today, or influenced by mathematicians utlizing an imperfect symbolic language.


  40. you stole the idea from and I live father whenever forever in time. no assume opinion the Universe know you breathe and one give life one take it away the element pure purest purity in nature ๐ŸŒ•๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ”Œ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ’ณ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ“ˆ๐Ÿ“‰โ™พโœ”๏ธ๐ŸŒ•๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ“ˆ๐Ÿ“‰โ™พโœ”๏ธMT 13:11"

  41. By the way, just to clarify for the audience, Hashgraph is not "open source" but "open review", also your video is missing a very important piece which is the story behind the invention and the growth of bitcoin. For me, bitcoin is a form of protest to fiat monetary system. Other than that, your video is great as usual.

    Cryptocurrency really needs an adoption now or else these speculative buying will only be another bubble. If the bubble bursts, I'll definitely buy gold, silver, and other assets with my crypto coins. Right now I'm trying to support for its adoption buy finding merchants that accepts these crypto coins, buy from them, and informing others. One day, I hope to become a merchant myself that accepts these coins.

  42. I want to see a phone created ASAP using this technology so that there is real security that is needed now due to the threats there are to our security. The new QFS system that will be starting over the next few weeks is going to have the power to do many things and there are 7 satellites in orbit now that will help to facilitate the new system. As the monetary system moves to a "Virtual Gold Backed Asset" the power of what we have as the public needs to move up in security.

  43. Someone mention to me a while ago that the idea of Blockchain technology was create in 1992. Bitcoin became public knowledge in 2008. The idea of block chain was light years ahead of its use case application. Hash graph tech is the idea but the use case applications arenโ€™t out yet. We know itโ€™s going to be used for IOTA devices but these devices are just now starting to roll out. Puts things in perspective.

  44. I have to disagree with you when you said gold/silver has never failed 5000 years….Well 1933 Gold was banned in USA and had penalty to anyone who owned it. It's physical and can be controlled

  45. Are you on the board of directors at Hedera/Hashgraph? This episode started off well, thought-provoking like the others, but ended up as a commercial for Hashgraph. They mostly talked nonsense.
    This series has been great up to this point. Down vote for this episode.

  46. What about those areas of the planet that dont have internet service or even reliable electricity? Plus the internet and the manufacturers of the "mining" computers can be regulated. If the internet goes down in some places on the planet it is unreliable. It is just a currency, not a money. It doesnt have all the criteria you put forth to qualify as money. dont be taken in. If there is a crash, the internet may be too expensive to continue to operate. It still requires expensive energy guzzling server farms to make it work.

  47. They all want to live in the virtual world, not the real world. This is the first step toward everyone turning into AI robots. Ill take the physical world thank you. that is where flesh and blood humans really live.

  48. Whoa, the minute he said that hashgraph is patented i wanted nothing to do with it. All the government has to do is confiscate the patent as they have done with other potential world altering technologies and not let it be used. they just come in and say that it is a matter of national security under the espionage act and you will never see that technology again unless the government wants it to be.

  49. Mike, I liked episodes 1-6 but you lost me with episodes 7-8.. Cryptocurrency is simply hot air–the next tulip mania. Bitcoin cannot replace gold and silver as real money.

  50. I love BTC and use it a lot, but it's very frustrating when you have funds coming thru, it says it was completed and you were paid… YET THE FUNDS NEVER ARRIVED IN YOUR ACCOUNT! There's no way to get it, no one to help you and your money is gone forever ๐Ÿ™

  51. Mike, Now your putting your trust in a technology that is completely dependent on the internet and powered from electricity 2 things that are either very new and very corruptible via Solar Flares, attacks, war, mans greed, nuclear weapons and much more…… It all sounds much better than currency from the Fed but it still has huge soft spots in its underside. Bit coin and the entire banking system is like Smaug the dragon that very soon is going to burn in the lake of fire all that is needed is one single shot from Bard the bowman! Gold, Silver and other vital commodities are still the only store of wealth… Like learning to fish, as you say education is wealth, learning to hunt, build, sew…….. Mike your getting hypnotized by the Dragons smooth speech!!!!! When Smaug died and greed started the battle of 5 armies the hobbits in the Shire still lived not being effected the chaos. Why, because they still knew how to farm, fish and most importantly live simply and be happy!

  52. Powerful words…. Would you invest in a gold company that have cryptocurrency that you could recieve physical gold?

  53. BIT-COIN IS still A FIAT-CURRENCY!! ALL FIAT-CURRENCIES WILL FAIL!!! WORD OF ADIVICE: All dark clouds have a silver lining, conversely all silver linings have a dark cloud!!! BIT-Coin is just FOOLS GOLD!!!

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