5 thoughts on “FORTNITE – ‘Epic’ Stock Trading Idea — Tencent $TCEHY, How to Trade stocks, How to Invest

  1. Great ideas Jonathan, I was curious if maybe you could do a video on some of the indicators you use. Like the labels for implied move percentage?

  2. I love this SEO play. Fortnite is hot AF right now and although I'm subbed to you I haven't watched a video in a while. You grabbed my attention. High five!
    Also, I'm in my forties and play Fortnite. In fact I stream my gaming on Twitch under a pseudonym. This game is great; Epic is doing everything right and for now has nowhere to go but up.

  3. 3 comments: I must remember to use monthlies & weeklies for supports & resistance — that sounds like a capital idea!
    Long all options is bullish Volatility? That's revolutionary, I never heard it anywhere else! Thank YOU!
    IBKR won't let me trade TCEHY – says it's "pink sheet"? I must go get permission. Can I do it in IRA?

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