Forex Trading for Beginners – Learn to Trade Forex with cTrader – Episode 1

Hello guys, My name is Alex Katsaros and I
am the Product manager of cTrader. In this video series I am going to teach you the basic
and advanced concepts of forex trading, so after you watch the hole series, you will
learn to trade and think like a professional trader. Here at Spotware the company behind
cTrader we get compensated from your volume. That’s the reason we made this educational
series because we want to help you learn how to trade more successfully so you can grow
your accounts. In this first video I am going to teach you everything you need to know about
the basics of forex trading. You’re going to learn what foreign exchange is, what a
“pip” is, how to go long, how to go short and what you’re supposed to do when you begin
your forex journey. So let’s get started, Forex means foreign exchange. Foreign exchange
means to change your currency for another countries currency. For example if you want
to visit a foreign country for vacation, you go to your local bank and you’re changing
your currency for notes of the country that you are visiting. When you are doing that
you are actually doing a foreign exchange transaction. The foreign exchange market is
the greatest market in the world. It has a daily volume of around 4 trillion dollars.
The main participants of the foreign exchange market are global banks and their customers.
People exchange money for any reason, like commercial companies exchange money for hedging
or for commercial activities or people exchange money if they want to travel or for any other
reason. However when you are using cTrader which is a trading platform you are obviously
not using it to exchange money for vacation. What we are doing when using a trading platform
is, we are doing something called “speculation”. The trading platform shows us the exchange
rate between two currencies and what we are doing is we are trying to speculate if the
exchange rate is going to rise, or it’s going to fall, and then we’re trading – do the necessary
trade and if our speculation is correct we win money. If our speculation is wrong we
lose money. Let’s go to cTrader and I am going to show you exactly what I mean. You see here
on the left we show the market watch. 3. You see on the left cTrader shows the “Market
Watch”. The market watch shows you all the currency pairs available for trading. Let’s
look closely to the first and most famous pair the EUR versus USD. Let’s open the information
window. forex pair displays two currencies. EUR USD means euro versus dollars. The first
currency is called the base currency and the second currency is called the quote currency.
The exchange rate shows how many units of QUOTE currency you can buy with one unit of
base currency. In this example the exchange rate is 1.37735 so one EUR can buy 1.377 dollars.
4. However, for every currency pair we see two exchange rates, as you can see here. Why
is that? The reason for that is that is the way banks and brokers make money from the
customers who trade FOREX. They will buy a currency from you at a slightly lower price
and they will sell a currency to you in a slightly higher price and thus make the difference
between the rate to buy and the rate to sell. The difference between the price to buy and
sell a currency pair is called the “Spread”. We can see the spread here in MarketWatch
for EURUSD it’s 0.9 pips. I am going to explain to you what “Pips” are in a bit. 5. Ok so
you learned what forex is, and we learned what the exchange rate is and what the spread
is. What are you supposed to do now in order to make money? In the middle of the screen
here we see the EURUSD chart. . The chart shows us the current exchange rate, and the
past exchange rate of the symbol. The reason we need the past exchange rates is because
traders use a technique called “technical analysis” which helps them speculate on the
future exchange rate using the information that we see from the past of the chart. We
also use various tools like the tools we see here in Line Studies Tool bar. In order to
understand more about technical analysis you can see see videos 2 and 8 of the series.6.
The basics of forex trading are rather simple. You see the exchange rate between two currencies
on your chart. If you believe that the exchange rate is going to go up, like here the chart
is going to go up, then you buy the currency pair. If you believe that the exchange rate
is going to go down, if you believe that this chart is going to continue going down, then
you sell the currency pair. The chart goes up if the base currency is gaining strength
and the chart goes down if the quote currency is gaining strength. There are two conveniently
placed QuickTrade buttons in the top of the chart that do exactly that. Pressing the buy
button, after you select your volume, I am going to show you how you select your volume
in a bit, will buy the currency pair. So if we click the button, see here? I have a position,
I have bought the currency pair, you buy the currency pair on the exchange rate above the
buy button, which is called the ask price, and it’s represented on the chart by the blue
line. If we believe that the exchange rate is going to go down then you sell the currency
pair by using the sell button, with the exchange rate above the sell button and you sell on
the red price that is called the “bid” price. Those two prices together are called the “Spot
Price”. Those prices together are called the spot price. IF you are correct in your speculation
you will make a profit, if you are wrong you will make a loss. Remember we said you need
to select your trade volume? How exactly are you going to do that? Why are the numbers
in the drop down here so big even tho my account balance is very small in comparison It’s just
11.000? ? The reason is that Forex is a leveraged financial product. That means that you control
a bigger amount of money than the money in your account balance in order to make profits
faster. For more information on leverage you should watch episode 6 of the series. If leverage
didn’t exist you would make money very slowly unless your account balance was very big.
So which one of these volumes should you choose? The volume of your trade depends on how much
of your account balance you want to risk with your trade, how much money you want to make,
in combination with how much you expect the exchange rate to move in order for you win
or lose those amounts. This sounds a bit complicated but it really isn’t. Let me show you an example
by using two different volumes. First you select 100k volume and we buy at this rate.
We believe that the exchange rate is going to go up, so we move that little TP or “Take
Profit” box to the place that we believe that the exchange rate is going to go. So what
is that box? This is called a take profit, and it means that when the price reaches that
rate, your position will close and you will get the money. You must remember that in order
to make money when trading you need two trades, one that opens the position and one trade
that closes the position and gives you the money. Of course things don’t always go your
way so there is the opposite box and order called a stop loss. You move this box to the
exchange rate that is the lowest you can afford to lose. Here we are using a volume of 100.000.
Let’s look at the numbers more closely now. Let’s move our stop loss here and our take
profit here. We’re using a volume of 100k and we see that we are going to lose 222 EUR
and we’re going to win 224 EUR. Now let’s close this position, and let’s open the same
position, with one million volume. Let’s put our stop loss and take profit on exactly the
same places. Now you see that we are going to lose 2236 EUR and we’re going to win 2214
EUR. That’s because the volume now is a lot bigger, because it’s one million and the previous
volume was 100.000. That’s the effect of trade volume in your trading and that’s why it’s
important to select correct volume when creating an order. In Risk Management which is the
episode 6 we explain exactly how much you must be risking with each one of your trades.
10. Ok so how do we calculate the volume that you are supposed to be trading with? Let’s
close this position here. In order to calculate the volume you need to understand the concept
of a “Pip”. So what is a “Pip”? The concept of the pip confuses many novice traders. The
pip digit is the fourth decimal digit (0.0001) in all symbols besides Yen symbols, and the
second decimal digit (0.01) in all symbols that have Yen as their quote currency. So
why do traders use pip? Why don’t they talk about money? As I talked about before you
see that every trade has a different stop loss a different take profit and different
volume so if one trader will say to another that he made 1000 euros from a trade, that
doesn’t mean that the trade was a good trade or a bad trade or a mediocre trade. However
if the trader will say to another trader that he made 50 pips from a trade, the other trader
can understand exactly how much of the exchange rate he got for his own benefit. So let’s
go to cTrader where I am going to show you using an example how – what exactly I meant
with a pip. So let’s create a new order here with 100.000. It’s a buy order, we see that
the exchange rate that we have entered, the “Entry Rate” is 1.37703. Let’s put our take
profit at exactly 1.37803. If we subtract the entry price from our take profit we’re
going to see the difference is 0.0010 so that means that the difference is 10 pips. You
see here it says “Pips 10”. The reason is that like we said before the pip is the fourth
decimal digit and that means that one pip equals to 0.0001. So 0.0010 means 10 pips
(0.0001 x 10). We said before that the spread between the EURUSD here is, now it’s one pip.
So that’s what one pip means, it means that the difference between the ask and the bid
price is going to be one in the fourth decimal digit. Great! Now we know what a pip is,
how does this help us calculate our order’s volume? In forex the volume you select depends
on how much money you want to make or risk, and how many pips you expect to win or lose.
So by knowing or calculating the profit per pip for each volume, you know how much volume
to choose. The profit per pip for one pip of EUR USD with a trade volume of 10.000 as
we see here on the combobox, is standard and it’s 1 USD, by knowing that you can understand
how much profit per pip you can make with any volume. If you trade 20.000 EUR USD the
profit per pip is 2 USD, if you trade 100.000 it’s 10USD if you trade 1 million EURUSD it’s
100 USD and so on. When trading forex the volume you select is always the volume
of base currency and your profit or loss per pip is always expressed in quote currency.
Let’s use another example let’s use, USDCHF let’s open a new chart here, so if we trade
10 000 here, we trade 10 000 USD and our profit per 10 000 USD is 1 CHF. In cTrader your profit
and loss here is conveniently expressed always in your account’s currency so the profits
are converted and you understand exactly how much you win or lose. Now that we have this
information let’s try again. My account is My account is USD 10.000 and I want to risk
100 usd. However I want to make a profit of 200 USD. I believe the exchange rate is going
to go 100 pips low and I want to risk 100 pips. Based on the information I have given
you already you know that if I want to risk 100 USD with 100 pips, I want to risk 1 USD
per pip! We already know that the trade volume that risks 1 USD per pip is 10.000, because
I explained that before. So let’s select 10 000 Let’s put first, let’s create the order,
so we have our entry rate here, so now we’re going to put our risk, our stop loss is at
100 pips because remember we wanted to risk 100 pips, so I am going to move here this
Stop Loss until I see the pips here say 100. And you see where it says 100 pips I am risking
exactly 100 dollars, like I wanted to. Now we say that we want to make 200 dollars, so
let’s move the take profit, to 200 pips, where this number says 200, and we’re going to make
exactly 200 dollars. So now you know exactly how to create an order and how much volume
you are supposed to choose and you also know what a stop loss and a take profit is. You
can create an order from the QuickTrade buttons, or you can create an order using the order
screens, which the icon is found here and in the symbol you want to trade. After your
order is filled a position appears in the TradeWatch as we have seen before, you also
see your position in the chart. In the end of your position you see in your account currency,
how much your position is winning or losing in any given time. Remember that you will
not add this number, or subtract this number from your balance until your position is closed,
either by a stop loss or a take profit, but if you want to close your position at any
time before it reaches those levels you can close it using the close button. So If I click
the close button now it’s going to close this position. And that position had a loss of
three euros so I took the loss in my balance. The QuickTrade button creates a Market Order,
a Market order means that you request to buy or sell a specific volume, but you will not
send to the server a specific rate. You want to request this volume, to the best possible
price. The exchange rate that you’re going to get that is shown above your buy or sell
button is not guaranteed when creating a market order. You will get the best exchange rate
at the moment the order reaches your server. If you want a guaranteed exchange rate you
can use a “Limit” order. Let’s go to cTrader where I am going to show you exactly how to
create a Limit Order. You can create a limit order by right clicking on the rate
you want in the chart, so If I want to create a limit order on this rate, I can right click
and select “Sell Limit”. So If I want to do a sell limit on this level I am going to press
sell and you can also pre-set your stop loss and take profit, like we have shown before
with a market order. If you want to trade a market order, where the exchange rate reaches
a specific price that you have chosen in the future, you use a stop order. You can right
click and select sell stop, do the same thing, sell, now we are using a stop order. We can
again pre-set stop loss and take profit, you can also create a limit and stop order using
an order screen. Just select limit or stop order. You can create a limit order on the
best prices, better prices than the current market price so if I buy here I can create
a limit order from here which is the spot price as we explained before, and below. If
I want to create an order that’s going to be a worse price, then I’m going to use a
stop order and it’s going to be from the exchange rate, the spot price and above. The reason
why this happens is because we want to protect you. If you want to create a Limit order,
so you request this specific rate which is a worse rate, than the current spot price,
so you are buying higher, we want to protect you because someone might give you this rate
and you will lose money for no reason. So let’s quickly go through the platform so you
understand the rest of the tools. In the right here you see the Line Studies Toolbar and
this helps you trade using, lines, trend lines, support and resistance lines, and other tools.
You can check out the video support, resistance and trend line trading for more information.
It’s a very popular trading method. On the top right you see your cTrader settings where
you can set a lot of things, like your application layout and your QuickTrade settings and other
stuff. Inside the chart you see the chart controls where you add your technical indicators
or you can select your timeframe for your chart. You can check episode 11 multi time
frame trading to understand what a time-frames is. In this video I explained to you the basics
of forex trading so by now what the spread is, what a pip is you know how to go long,
how to go short, you also know how , what to do in order to make money, how to enter
an order, and how to choose your volume. This may be the basics of Forex trading but this
is what you are actually will be doing all the time, you buy and you sell, and you create
orders, and then you close your positions. However in order to be successful in your
trading and in order to make money you need to be correct when you’re speculating, that’s
the reason why the series does not end here. In the rest of the videos you’re going to
learn how to have a correct trading system, how to use technical analysis in order to
speculate the market correctly, you’re also going to know correct, forex risk management,
how much you’re supposed to risk and how much you are supposed to win with each trade. In
the next video we’re going to talk about Technical and Fundamental analysis , in the following
videos we’re going to talk about Risk Management, Trading Psychology, specific technical analysis
tools, multiple time frame trading and a lot of advanced concepts. So if you liked this
video don’t forget to subscribe and if you want share it with your friends, thanks for

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