Forex Day trading Strategy (100pips per day)

hello Traders today I am going to share
my forex strategy with you I hope you will like my strategy in this strategy
has proved itself to be one of the profitable strategy of all time for me it
has a win loss ratio of 6:4 if I win six trades, and I loss 4 trades losing trades are still there there is
no Forex trader in the world who never lose so keep that in mind one of the
best thing about this strategy is that it has less stop-loss if I win a trade then I will get a hundred or more pics and if
I lose the trade I might lose 25 to 45 so it is not a big deal… ok keep that in mind 1 profitable
trade is equal to 4 losing trades I have mentioned it before as well I’m pretty
much satisfied with it and before showing you the real strategy and the main part of it I just want to warn you and give you a
warning that I don’t encourage you to trade it on your real account listen to me
carefully I don’t encourage you to trade it on real account. Try to apply it on demo
account and if you are satisfied with it give it a try there is no hard-and-fast rule that you cannot give it
a try at any time but I am NOT encouraging you… before wasting any further time let’s go
to the charts and I’ll show you the strategy once you have opened a chart first thing you have to do is to switch your time frame to Daily time frame and try to read the charts and
understand what the price has done in the past… The best way to do it it is zooming out your charts a little bit it will give you birds eye view.. you can see that now I can see price action very easily first of all I
will draw lines to check the last move from where the move has started so first move was and now you can see you will draw the lines like this to see what the price has done in the past price is up then down then ranged for a while the went up the final move is up

19 thoughts on “Forex Day trading Strategy (100pips per day)

  1. Another draw merchant doing everything in hindsight…We're not interested in whats already happened to the left..Lets see an actual trade to the right..You couldn't even decide, It was all maybe and could be..Thats what we all do anyway !

  2. Awesome video, Aftab. I'm new to forex, but I love it. I'm grateful I found your channel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the video!!! I like this strategy, once it drops lower and lower, or goes up higher and higher…. do you adjust your stop loss accordingly? or just keep the same stop loss and take profit until your trade is in and out????

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