First Metal Detecting Hunt of 2018 – Found Silver!

Hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and today was a good day but it said it was gonna get about 60 to 70 degrees
come noon so I got my metal detector out just to kind of get my detector set do a
little clad coins search pull out some finds just to get myself back in the
swing of things no pun intended and when I arrived one of the fences
that’s never open was open so it gave me a spot I’ve never searched I hope you
enjoy this hunt as much as I did we got our first SILVER of the year so I’m a little excited right now I’m
gonna try my luck it’s a metal detecting first time for 2018 we’ve had a $h!t storm of rain and you name it I’m gonna go check out one of my old favorite hot spots an
old school was a high school back in the I believe that 20s or 30s here so let’s
go check it out that building there was built in the 60s as an annex to this
high school back here built a long time ago 1927 and they keep this this field
locked up at all times you can never get out there here’s the field
that’s an old field guys and these stands are falling apart I don’t even
think they use this field anymore for anything but man you give me a pin
pointer and about two hours under those bleachers right there that are falling
apart I’m sure we would find something but check this out
it’s Sunday and they left the back door open you know what that means don’t you
time to sneak own in so I’m working over by the looks like the old baseball
practice batting cages here I got my first decent signal it’s been a lot of
trash me show you the trash already got a bunch of trash in here yeah nothing
worth showing but I see the edge of a coin here has given me an eighty eighty
one signal sets clad dime usually all day yeah it’s definitely clad 1984 we’ll
take it first corn of the day and this gate is usually locked so I’m probably
gonna sneak inside there and play no harm no foul
so see if I get some coins in there we’ll be back all right guy second hole
it was about five inches down we got a pretty 1978 I already rubbed away the date it’s just a memorial back I figured I didn’t need to show the dig here but yes
it’s been in the ground quite a while look at that Toning anyway it’ll wash up
nice it actually is in not too bad a shape considering it’s probably been in
the ground since 1970 to tell you the truth anyway second find
we’re gonna continue to work this field right here or this closed off section
it’s normally locked we’re fighting a lot of iron out here
guys let’s listen to this and that’s with my iron discrimination set at 35
but there’s a good signal in here it’s ringing up penny but we’re gonna
dig it anyway well we must be rusty because it was ringing up penny but
that’s because it’s penny sized just a little bit of aluminum unbelievable
let’s keep looking alright guys that’s where I dug the penny we got a pretty
good screamer here listen to this and the signal is bouncing a little bit but
it seems like it’s 85 so we’re gonna dig it well that’s why it was screaming
alright well we’re a little bit rusty we’ll keep looking
just a little surface fine penny figured that would get it on camera it’s a it’s
a memorial back let’s keep looking guys I wanted to show you this all right
here we got an eighty two signal I pulled it out of the ground as far as
the plug won’t let you hear it again and I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty excited
about this I grabbed my pin pointer cuz I wanted to find out and the plug where
it was and it’s right here and I just did this and look what I see
not only do I see what appears to be silver I see what appears to be a
Mercury dime I don’t really want to rub it I wish I could get a year for you guys you know what we’re gonna rub it anyway
it’s my first silver of the year I don’t mind taking a peak 1942 Mercury dime
ridiculous I’m so happy I’m gonna keep looking
alright guys figured I’d bring you back in for this one you’ve got another
screamer right here it’s the exact same tone as that Mercury dime and it’s most
all this iron though and it’s not too deep so we’re gonna see
we can locate it with the pinpointer on top … Looks like it’s right there or at least
near there it’s a dime alright 2005 no good
let’s keep hunting had another 81 signal right here and there’s a lot of iron you
can hear it but I had a nice signal and it’s out of the hole so it’s got to be
in this plug will get the pinpointer out just another dime and not silver again let’s see if we can get a year off this nineteen eighty suckers been in the
ground for look at the air is hitting it and it’s already giving it fits but I’ll
take it nineteen eighty dime alright let’s keep
looking it’s a dying field guys I already pulled it out check the date and
eighty four it’s all we’re getting today’s dimes but we did get him a
Mercury dime so let’s keep looking there’s a lot more ground to cover but
now that I’m in here I literally could pull those latches or those stakes and I
could go in that field I’m so tempted but man there’s signs everywhere they
say absolutely no trespassing field for official use only but dang it so
tempting I’m not gonna push my luck we’re gonna work this area and just be
tempted alright let’s keep looking it sounds like another dime probably
let’s dig it what do we got could just be some junk it’s not a good
sign guys it’s something small let me see if I can locate it well that signal
is way too good for a 1979 penny jeez oh well we’ll keep checking and see if
there’s anything else maybe there is something else there it is a little bit of foil so this
foil along with that penny caused that pretty good signal ah all right
let’s get back to honey we’ve got kind of a screaming target here what would a higher now but that’s
what’s going on out here is iron everywhere listen it’s not even that
deep so we’re gonna dig it I’ll be right back
well it was a screamer all right because it was this NCTC San Diego California Tchotchke’s I don’t
know what it is but it was giving me that beautiful signal
oh well check the whole up see was anything else in here detective was
blowing up my ears with an 87 signal so I got excited but then I saw the DEF his
only half an inch and it was a surface find…
first quarter 1986 so we’ll take it and we’ll keep looking
you get an 87 signal six inches down I’m digging I’m pulling up the huge plug out
and the go we get stinkin clad quarter I thought for sure this is gonna be better
than that 1994 we’ll take it but where’s my silver
at hey what do you know four inches down another clad dime already looked at it
1995 scraped it just wanted to show you that I found another one all right guys
I’m getting some water I’m dehydrated we got a couple of good finds today I’m a
circle around the other side and take a peek I’m probably gonna call quits it’s
actually freaking hot out here it’s like 70 degrees and I’m wearing black but
supposed to be 50 degrees and it’s just way hotter than I thought it would be
there’s no cloud cover anymore either so we’re probably gonna call it quits I’m
drinking some water here I’ll give you guys a wrap up in my house of what I
found headin home now to wash my hands I
forgot my freakin gloves everyone’s gonna get out of me I did forget them
this time I’m not even mine I usually wear gloves metal detecting but anyway
I’ll get it rinsed off but this is definitely the find of the day I don’t
have a mint mark on it yet I’ll pull it off when I get home so move on to the
finds this is the joke that I pulled out got a few of these chain connectors here
a couple of zippers lots of bottle caps as normal
few tin cans aluminum cans it’s par for the course for me I always seem to pull
those out lots of bottle caps like I said some fence post parts who knows but now on to the cool stuff I’ve got this label here that’s NCTC I’ll do a little
research on it it says Tchotchke’s San Diego California it’s weird it’s in
Texas we end up with three clad quarters really mangled up one but you know we
got three of them six clad dimes and what is that 14 pennies all between 1971
and 1995 the find of the day I’m so happy my first day for 2018 detecting I
get a 1942 Mercury dime and honestly guys it’s in really good condition let
me set it down for you 1942 mercury dying pretty good detail
I’ll take it not sure of the mintage on it but it’s a denver mint and it’s got
pretty good detail I’ll get a little better as the year goes on on filming my
finds and recording my hunts but I hope you guys did enjoy this first metal
detecting hunt with me this year if you did please give the video a thumbs up
and as always thanks for watching

67 thoughts on “First Metal Detecting Hunt of 2018 – Found Silver!

  1. YOURE SO LUCKY! I’ve been detecting for 2-3 years. Two pieces of sikver. Totaling 2 grams and no gold or silver coins

  2. Been metal detecting for 2 months now and still haven't found any silver! Sacramento and Folsom area has nothimg valuable lmao but i still have fun!

  3. Good hunt. Nice to find silver on your first hunt of the year. Hope you add to the stack over the season. I thought about going out a couple of days ago. It is warm enough but it is too wet. Lots of rain and flooding. I might go dig in the mud anyway after watching your video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great video, seeing all these videos makes me want to get a detector, maybe I will find a great coin to sell in my hunts so I can buy a good detector.

  5. We have an old abandoned hospital about 30 miles out from where I live, I love going down there, I find a lot of cool stuff, including some pretty old coins.

  6. Very nice hunt Rob. Congrats on the silver Mercury. Found my first (and only) silver dime ALSO on school grounds. I've only been watching you for a few months now, so this was the first MD video of yours I've seen. Keep it up!
    the other Rob

  7. Great find RobFindsTreasure. I have found 6 Silver coins, 2 Washington Quarters and 4 Roosevelts as well as a sterling bracelet. My best coin of all is a 1912s wheat penny.

  8. The reason many parks & schools don't allow digging is because of guys like you . POOR digging habits . Why do you toss your dirt into the neat grass . You know you can't put it all back . Use a drop cloth keep all your dirt out of the grass and it all goes back into the hole .

  9. i have 2 of 1802 or 1803's and my mom says its not rare but it is because it ment to be 1903 not 1803 but its an error.

  10. One time I was metal detecting a house built in the mid 1800s with my cousin and found a 100+ year old purse with a bunch of barber coins and found 2 seated liberty's and 7 indain head Penny's I still remember this cool find till this day

  11. Great video love how your changing things up but I love how he said 70 degrees is hot. Where I live hot is 100 degrees

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