Finding Foreign Buyers Pt. 3: Trade Missions| Export.Gov Exporting Basics Video Episode 12

[ Music ]>>There are many ways to
identify potential customers in foreign nations, but there
may be no more effective way than to visit the
countries you’re targeting. One great way to do that
is through a trade mission. Private sector associations
and state and federal government agencies
sponsor numerous trade missions to all corners of the world. Trade mission participants
may be from one industry, or span multiple industries. By travelling as a group, they often generate more
business opportunities than any of them would traveling solo. Some trade missions focus on
one large nation, like China or India, while others may
visit several smaller countries in regions like Southeast
Asia or Central America. You can find a list of some
upcoming trade missions on the website. If you see one that interests
you, submit an application. If your business is a good
fit for the mission focus, and space is available, you will
be invited to join the mission. There is usually a fee to
participate and you will have to pay your own travel expenses. Also, check with your
industry association or local government
offices to learn if they have upcoming trade
missions that you could join. After you’re selected
for a trade mission, you’ll receive detailed
information about the markets
you’ll be visiting. Support staff in country
will collect information about your products and
services to facilitate meetings with potential foreign
partners most likely to be a good fit
for your business. During the trade mission, you’ll meet with
potential foreign partners who have expressed interest
in doing business with you. You may also meet with government officials
representing the countries you visit, as well as U.S. Embassy
officials who can provide you with tips about local
customs, regulations, and business practices. You may receive local
media coverage, which will expose your business
to an even broader audience of potential partners. After your trade mission, the U.S. Commercial
Service can help you follow up with new foreign
contacts that you established and assist you with many of
your ongoing exporting needs. The world is open
for your business and the U.S. Commercial Service
is here to help you sell abroad. For more information
on the export process, you can watch another video in
the Export Basics video series, register online at to receive valuable
export information, and explore our export guides
and trade events calendar on the website. [ Music ]

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