EXCLUSIVE In-depth SILVER chart & fundamental ANALYSIS by David Morgan

(Text on screen): Because you asked for it
we listened. . . Which means The Morgan Report will be sharing
more insights. . . The following was made exclusively to paid
members of The Morgan Report. . . David Morgan: Hello, everyone. It is David
with you and it is Wednesday, the 20th of February 2013. It’s about 4 p.m. Pacific Time.
Markets are closed. I’ve got the Kitco screen up here, as you can see. And, obviously, we had another wonderful day
in the metals markets. Gold off 40, silver off 88 cents; almost a dollar. And the other
two white metals were hit pretty hard as well. Platinum, palladium, and you can see the numbers. Just as a way of review, what I said in the
last update was just a few days ago is what I look for on a washout and a sign of the
end of the decline is when silver’s selloff, percentage-wise, is about double gold’s. Which
it actually was in the morning, on the open, about 3 percent here on silver and 2 and a
half on gold. So, gold is falling almost as much in percentage
terms on today’s basis and the last few, actually, as silver. Regardless, we’re in the territory where I
think we definitely need to talk about where this market is potentially headed and what
the appropriate actions could possibly be. So, looking again at a two-year gold chart.
Again, I like to look from a longer-term perspective at times. It helps me to sort of calm down;
look at the bigger picture. If we go back and take a deep breath and look at two years
ago, what we’d find is that we’re sitting there at a level of gold being around the
$1500 mark or so. And we got this nice parabolic run; very minor parabola, but pretty steep
increase. And an equally steep decline and then it kind of found its way and then, obviously,
made another run and exceeded. It’s 1577 here. And near the middle part of the summer, July,
August timeframe, and then it really took off, as we know, topped out at $1920 according
to the stock charts; $1923.70 if you want to go on the continuous contract. And then it got whacked and came down and,
basically, over the last year and a half or so we’ve been in this wide, oscillating consolidation
period. Not unusual for any commodity to get a big run-up and then a consolidation. Manipulated
or not, we’ve got to accept the fact that this is what the market prices have shown
us. So, now let’s focus a little bit on what’s
happened here most recently over on the far right side here. (Text on screen): To watch the complete 27-minute
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