27 thoughts on “Exclusive Beaver Bullion Art Bar Sale. Canadian Silver Savers 100 Days of Silver Stacking Day 2

  1. Your such a humble dude. Honestly bro. Your a fuckin solid person. Don't ever change. Your ways will and do inspire others, myself included. Keep up the great vids, keep stacking, and keep making a difference in this world.

    I will throw my stamp of approval on beaver bullion products as well. My lcs carries them in stock always and he says they sell very well. Definitely a trusted poured silver in Canadian waters. :).

  2. Masterson has really done some unique pours with these. Just plain magical ! I am really likin where yer going with 100 days old friend ! !

  3. nice job on the car donation! very cool of you. i love the new pieces πŸ™‚ some of those look like crystals. excellent additions sir

  4. awesome for you to donate your car for the kidney foundation or liver something I need a brain LOL oh yeah that was very nice of you guys to do that and those art bars are awesome John Matheson from Beaver bullion he's very good I want to Beaver bullion bar it's the one with the beaver on it cheers my friendπŸ˜‰βœŒ

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