Epic Expert: Precious Metals & Christian Prophecy

great to have you with us today on this
second ever Friday show this week’s interview this is an interesting one
Louis we’ve had many interviews were people talk about how important it is to buy gold and
silver and then we’ve had many interviews were people talk about
prophecy and the end times in the apocalypse in the rapture but we’ve had very few interviews in
fact I would say not only have we not had any number not only have we not have a significant
number we’ve only had one interview and if this
one where we had someone who was an expert in both precious metals and prophecy and
that was this woman and Trimble who had a all sorts of interesting ideas
about how the end times were directly connected to buying gold and silver by the way
from the company that she’s involved with this is definitely one of the most
bizarre interviews that was like an understated completely outrageous
interview yeah normally a religion is a business
within it they onto itself but here you have someone combining your
to to businesses really but I guess I guess
if you’re someone who I is approaching this from a certain
business side and from religious side you can claim to separate the two yeah and we received so many emails
after this interview aired will talk about those in a second take a look at
the interview and Trimble is CEO of South Lake gold
and silver she also writes the blog on reported world news dot com and
really a pleasure to speak with you today well thanks nice to be here you’ve been
a follower of Bible prophecy for some time and you
haven’t made the case that there is actually much to be determined about the economy
and the future of the economy when looking at the prophetic puzzle can
you explain that a little bit my audience sure had scripture tells us very clearly
that in the last days a world rulers can
arise and as we pieced it together we can’t
open book and Danielle that you know the last empire that was
gonna come about has reemerged with your 10 shows being
that European you know Union and the economic P sickly the FT’s 10:19
tells us that money answer at all things and do you see that as a clear
indication that people should be investing in gold and silver I mean link
the two together which I know I know you you do sometimes I really do and know the latest book I written is at got answers to our
economic crisis see and it’s got to be at my neighbors
is man’s you have money and I golden silver are stores a real value and as we see the euro and
as we see the dollar you know declining tremendously in value God would desire that people own
something real substance which is what gold and silver are and that’s why he
traded them in Genesis to eat well so to be clear and there’s just so much
here in a bit so we need excuse me if I need to take it a piece at a time arm golden in silver you’re saying have
and inherent value which was created by God and that there would be no other
reason for gold and silver to exist other than God wanting people to own them basically yes that’s why he
created them ok was for borrowing purposes and you note my concern with that is that
golden in ovett self really only possesses the value based on
mankind’s desire to possess it I don’t know that God really has anything to do with it i mean it if
if mankind were not interested in gold it would really have no value at
all if people decided you know race in beans are really incredibly valuable a then those would
be more valuable than gold wouldn’t be so this idea that there’s this inherent
value to gold is kind one of the top 10 known up misconceptions about golden well I think the whole perspective has to be and Kannauj in the fact that practically
speaking inner in our world gold has value mean
that’s why people want gold jewelry and they want 9 you know silver you now your real silver I whether it’s
candelabra or anything no did God create the
markets or did God just create gold and its value and people created the
markets well obviously you know people created
the market I’m trying to a quite the fax that gold and silver in and of themselves have
value now is it true and that you actually
because I’ve your Bible love study and knowledge you were able
to warn your clients before the 2008 crash and what did you read how did you know
to warn them first the ball and did you recommend a buy more gold idea I I saw it coming because I’m in my background is journalism and
prophecy bicep ok I I need a political peace and
I’ve been watching the spiritual peace there’s three pieces they’re developing simultaneously Cano then you go into a little bit you
know my concern with gold I have a lot of concerns with gold to be honest and
one other concerns is that so many in one essay so many I would say
nine out of 10 would be an understatement of the gold vendors are
selling people number one they are recommending
these kinda a collectible and rare coins and when
they’re per you know using a doomsday scenario
similar to yours where the world is ending type of thing you’re really only going to get the melt
value for gold so spending lots of extra money on these rare coins to me is like just burning dollars I
might as well just throw them out the window may be at least somebody would
catch up the Overman be able to get some food to eat if you know what I mean so that’s one concern with gold do you
recommend these rare coins I mean what a South Lake gold and silver a offer well that’s a great question and
i’d like to address just what you’re bringing up and when to
take it one step further yes you know the company I originally
started doing business with now I’m I have a scam watch I’ll division at my company because the
company was taking people’s money and not delivering their medals for
sometimes years okay and so I guess my question that I’m
going back to his do you agree that it’s a terrible idea if you’re talking about
this doomsday scenario where the financial markets fall apart and Kerr paper currency is valueless
you’re throwing money away by buying anything other than just basic bullion well let’s look at another aspect though
and that is good first impression you know they confiscated billion but
they didn’t confiscate Park collectibles which are numismatic
not 20 you know dollar land things like that
that tree 1933 Park collectibles I mean I’m not injury
or coins you know there’s a lotta misinformation
and old-world based on all the ads out there on
television I think a good question of a task is if
the world is ending if we are close to the end why do you need gold and silver
anyway well the reason what people need to own
gold and silver particularly mean we’re not there yet
but it’s coming soon houston also by the way well you know we’re all their signs were
watchin for and you know there’s gonna be a world
leader emerging and he’s going to require people to get a mark in order to
buy and sell he so you’re sure it will be a man %uh that the the bottle causative the
beast that ok the literal words so we’ll see
how it plays out I’m not one of those line can and was in a temple in the book actually numerous I
was coming right ended but that so how I mean we’ve had a lot of these
predictions made we had you know harold camping who how many
times as he predicted the end of the world at this point Shirley phelps-roper in the context of
telling me that I am an evil Jew predicted the end of the world the
number of different time in every time they’re wrong and then
after the wrong they never come back on the show when I wanna say hey what
happened with that day I mean give us a sense are we talking
could this be a week do we have a couple years are we talking thirty years before
the end of time here midge we know it’s a great question and
you know being jewish I have a great friend his seminarians
you and he has an entire presentation using the Old
Testament as to why israel’s been reborn in wanna
miss I is coming yeah you know i mean I’ve I think a lot
of people are being taken advantage of you’re not necessarily by your company
but by companies that that claim to do a similar thing help
people hedge against the possible %uh fluctuations a paper
currency and I think a lot of people you know the nothing the price not than
they did the president gonna go up forever so the idea that this is a sure
bet we’ve heard about sure bets before so I
worry about the people being taken advantage of and putting more than 10 or 15 percent
other money into into into gold and silver that’s my real
concern and you didn’t catch well in you know I work with closely
with you know some very prominent economists were calling it the
demographic winter in their projections and cleaning he read and are that you
know by the spring of 2013 the market can go down to 3,000 so alright well we’ll see you know I think
in the ultimate doomsday scenario I don’t think it’s gonna make much of a
difference if that ever does come to pass we’ve been speaking with and
Trimble CEO South Lake gold and silver on reported world news dot com is the
website thanks for joining us today and thanks a lot nice to be here okay so
after this aired normally when we have like the crazy guests on right the
interviews that come in are much more clear about what it is
that we’ve that people have been watching or listening to with this it was just so bizarre that
people didn’t even know how to react the emails that we got Luis were
indicating that people really confused by the interview and they knew something
was wrong with the entire thing but it was kind of like amorphis they
couldn’t exactly figure out what it was that was so strange yeah I i mean the right that it’s a it’s
a strange interview I I don’t really know what else to say
about it is just that I it was a long time ago seems like
forever and it was just a kinda bizarre alright so there it is the
classic interview with and trembled the end times prophecy combined with of
course the incredibly conservative financial
strategy buying gold and silver all wrapped into
one package

77 thoughts on “Epic Expert: Precious Metals & Christian Prophecy

  1. Yeah, because Jesus said "Buy all the gold you can!!!!"
    Oh no I'm sorry, I mean to say that he said "get rid of all your worldly possessions if you want to follow me", and "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven."
    Fucking Christians are disgusting.

  2. Love the manic look when she said she has a background in PROPHECY at 4:50 or so. It's like a perfectly normal person suddenly has some sort of split personality swap.

  3. I think that whats so odd about this interview is her professional, sane demeanour, its very uncommon to see these qualities in a person who believes in such theories. 

  4. Everything about this woman's world view is sound, except for the tiny little fact that her God isn't real.

  5. She didn't actually answer a single question lol. Just talking in circles and trying to rationalize with out a real reason or fact. Typical snake oil seller.

    Jesus never said anything like what these people say. I don't believe in Jesus or any religion, but I know enough to know when his teachings are being contradicted. "And the meek shall inherit the Earth" doesn't sound like invest in lots of gold before I wipe out humanity and take my chosen few up to heaven.

    Pure garbage.

  6. America is so egotistical. If anything happens to this nation, it obviously spells the doom for the ENTIRE world. If the Earth was to end at the hands of a huge cataclysmic event, I can assure you that the value of currency would plummet. The remnants of humanity will place greater importance on the necessities of life. So it makes no sense to grab all of your worldly possessions and lock yourself in a bathroom, praying that whatever is killing us will get bored and leave. It only makes sense if you know that world system will eventually recover. There you have it folks, the home of the most conceited minds totally ignorant of other nations that experience circumstances that are far worst than the Unites States of America.

  7. I gotta raise the Fox flag on this one. She's full of Fox. I think Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh have made similar claims. Maybe not quite as blatant though.

  8. She's a nutcase. I wouldn't buy anything from her.

    On the flip side.
    Like it or not gold will always be valuable. Not because God said so. Or just because people think it is like Pakman said. It is valuable because it has many uses humans want and need. And it always will. The obvious use is jewerly, because gold is non-toxic to humans. It is also used in electronics, optics, medical ect.. Another redeeming quality is that gold is very durable. That makes it a good storage of value unlike paper. The gold on your jewelry may have at one point came from a tomb in egypt. Gold is also a store of your time and/or labor. It takes a lot of resources to get gold and there is only a limited amount. This scarcity of gold is why Nixon took us off the gold standard. He wanted to print money from nothing and the gold standard would not allow him to do that.
     I'm not saying you should go out and buy gold. But you can invest is tangible things like real estate. Know this, and every economist worth anything will tell you. The dollar is going to crash, and it will be devastating. 
    Pakman knows nothing about economics. Don't listen to him. 

  9. Two comments.  First, man does David look young.  How long ago is this?

    Secondly, what the hell is a Sumerian Jew?  Last time I checked, the Sumerians existed about 4 to 5 thousand years ago.  I'm not sure how one can be a Sumerian anything.

  10. David looked like he was sixteen on that interview. He looks like he's aged maybe five years since then.

  11. Speaking as someone who believes in the existence of a god: Why would God ever need money or currency? If we are agreeing that he is omnipotent, then precious metals would have absolutely no value to God whatsoever as he could just make as much gold or silver or whatever element he wants at any time out of nothing or by converting existing matter to that form via some form of transmutation. It just seems a little silly that God (in any form) would ever see any value in any kind of currency at all.

  12. She purports only gold and silver have a real value….  What inherent value do those minerals have other than they are shiny and rare?  Copper, at least, has purpose as plumbing, but the obsession with gold/silver is too similar to the promises offered in a pyramid scheme.

  13. Man, people are too gullible. "God says buy gold. (From me.)"
    If society collapses, gold and silver have no intrinsic value to offer the post apocalyptic, post technological, world. You need a society to assign value to "precious" metals. Food, potable water and durable goods would be valuable. Not shiny objects.
    I gambled for a living for over a decade. The closest thing to a "sure thing" I ever saw, was to bet against the guy who says: "Hey, I've got a sure thing."
    With one exception: It's a sure thing that some people will always buy snake oil.

  14. it's you, david.  people need a minute to find their faces after you rock them off like that.

    another awesome interview.

  15. I'm amazed she's managed to sell anyone anything. She clearly doesn't believe a word that comes out of her own mouth.

  16. What good will gold be in a end of civilization scenario? You can't eat gold and those people who will have edible stuff to sell after the end of the world, will either not give it away for something useless like gold or demand so much gold for it that no matter how much you collect now, it won't help you much.

    Gold, just like any paper money is only worth something as long as there is a functioning economy in which people have enough stuff to sell and buy to need a currency to make it more convenient.
    We started out bartering stuff and we only needed gold and a currency when we had too much stuff to barter and it simply became too complicated to figure out how many goats a plow is worth.

    After WW1, when hyper inflation was rampant in Germany, farmers had valuable Persian rugs in their pig stalls and golden candelabras hanging in their barns, because they didn't know what to do anymore with all the family heirlooms and gold people gave them for the food they sold and because there was nothing they could buy with the stuff themselves in a world in which food was pretty much the only thing of value left.

    If you want stuff to trade in a world after the breakdown of civilization, hoard toilet paper, normal paper, pencils, nails, hammers, shovels, cloth, shoes, glasses, rope and wire, yarn and sewing needles and buy a how to book on how to extract insulin from a sheep's pancreas.
    Forget about gold and silver. At the time gold and silver become valuable again, you can be king of the world as the guy who had shoes to sell.

  17. obviously Jesus was full of it when He said: Lay up not treasures on earth, but in heaven.  I mean, what would Jesus know about salvation, right?

  18. No need to say this, I am a professional numismatist , the gold as sold by these "vendors" is just about worthless. I do not know one educated person who is buying gold. It is not a hedge against inflation such as it was in the 1970's.

  19. Gold bugs go on about how Gold is an inflation hedge. I don't think they understand what they're saying. If you adjust Gold for inflation over several years, it is actually no more valuable than it was back in the 70s and 80s

  20. The woman was reading from something. You can see her eyes go from the right to the left and back to the right etc sometimes.

  21. So God accepts gold and silver at the pearly gates does he?
    I didn't know God was a materialist.
    Doesn't the Bible say money is the root of all evil? or was it somebody else?
    Either way, money or Gold are both forms of trade-able currency that men lust over, so the bible says. Besides, Gods houses of worship accepts Visa and Master card so why not at the pearly gates to heaven?
    BTW! How many talons of Gold or shekels of silver does God charge for concert entry?

  22. You can make that vague shit the bible mean whatever you want. That's the beauty of it. Somebody could make a brand spanking new branch of Christianity today and just as long as you can "trim the puzzle pieces to fit the holes", you could convince others that you're correct. Just because your claims are "internally consistent", doesn't mean they're valid.

  23. Surely her God would judge people by their actions, rather than how much gold and silver they've accumulated? You can't buy a 'stairway to heaven'!

  24. So this is what happened to the Ghostbusters' receptionist. I figured all those years would tax her sanity

  25. Hasn't Glenn Beck been working the intersection of biblical end-times and gold haven investing for a long time? 

  26. Gold and silver? What about Rhodium and Platinum? I guess God only likes Gold & Silver, and the others are just manmade valuables.

  27. Jesus says this to Matthew ""Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place." Matthew 24:34
    I'm sorry to say that generation has passed, Jesus failed to return.  Prophecy – FAIL.

  28. she doesn't actually answer a single question about the "collectible" coins… and instead offers evasions… here's your sign…

    granted, if there is an economic collapse, having some trade goods and non-spoil-able food items would not hurt… but she is simply another member of the long chain of gold and silver scam artists.

    on top of that, does anyone not think that the prices of gold and silver art not manipulated at this point i mean really?

    it's nothing more than a shiny rock… that's best usage is in electronics… not monetary value or exchange. to think otherwise is naive.

  29. Do religious people really think about what they say before they said it, because it doesn't make any sense. I think that religion is a sickness I think that someone that believes in God is sick in hes mind, and it was contaminated by his parents and he's social environment.

  30. Christian – Christ – Jesus – How much gold did he have?
    These people and their doomsday "stuff" do they not read history and see how many men have filled the role of their "beast"?

    If they're right, practical items, like food, clothing and shelter will be the only things of value and people will barter for them. I'll give you a chicken for a beans, etc…

  31. the only universal currency after an apocalypse would be bullets or food.

    gold and silver are only seen as valuable in most places now because they can be exchanged for currency, which would have no value if the markets were gone,

    gold and silver are useless for anything but ornamentation, but like most mammals humans tend to like shiny things.

    the reason they came to be associated with wealth is most likely because only the ultra-powerful could afford to blow actually useful resources in trade for a useless metal just because they like how it looks.

  32. Rice and beans are the same as gold and silver lmfao this guy is freaking retarded granted the lady is bible crazy too.  How can you tell anybody that precious metals including platinum and palladium are a bad investment when they have kept there value over time unlike dollars which have lost so much of there value it's pathetic.

  33. What was strange is your mocking and your childish attempt to corner her in date setting. I will never come back to your channel.

  34. When you ask someone a question, then let them answer the question!!! Terrible interview skills! The guy is mostly interested in hearing his own voice! FAIL!!!

  35. love it!!!! only Christians who understand bible prophecy, particularly how it relates to gold and silver have a peek into the future and able to profit extremely from it…..I totally understand Anne Trimble and she is spot on the money! sorry guys, there is coming the greatest wealth transfer in the history of man and sorry to say, you wont be taking part in it.

  36. The Messiah already came, was crucified, Rose again from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is his name, the only begotten Son of God!

    Jesus second coming is near. He will NOT walk.pn earth, he will rapture up to himself all of the dead saints,and us that remain (living Christians), into the air and into Heaven.

    Then the seven year tribulation begins!

  37. I sure wish this interviewer would stop interrupting her and let her just talk about gold and silver!  Ridiculous.  She had more to say and he just kept cutting her short to ask some new question.  Now reinterview her and let her talk.

  38. Sorry, I got it wrong. The website's called GoldStratz and it's full of killer strategies and resources to make investing in gold as simple as 1, 2, 3 lol

  39. Hello! I would like to ask you a favor. Do you want to subscribe to my channel Figy Museum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9ZK59JHZTs&t=1587s

  40. Not surprised by your blatant attack on this woman of God. Especially when the ignorance of suggesting Gold is only desirable because mankind wanted to desire it, not that we are taught the value by God. You forget the fact of the spiritual aspect of God and His wants teachings and commands
    to His creation which includes you! Your knee as well my friend will bow before God and confess Jesus is the Christ. Nevertheless, this is a poor rendition of an attempt to conduct a non-partisan interview, like one of your viewers said I too will not return to your channel very poorly done! And advise others to steer clear from your channel!

  41. The only thing blizzard is you and your ignorance! Dude you are lost you need Jesus repent and give your life to Jesus! This interview stunk badly… I can answer all your dum stupid questions! Or better yet study the word of God, He can and has answered all questions directly and decisively!

    People please run away from this silly channel!

  42. I stumbled onto you video and watched it. So bad! All parties so uneducated with the bible and real money. Questions directed at her horrible to say the least. Let me set the record straight. I am a dispensationalist as I think she is, possibly not. There will be an Antichrist coming and no one knows the date or time likewise no one knows the date and time for Christ to return, only the Father as the bible says. To give a date is guessing at best. That's out of the way. Secondly, gold/silver. I buy gold/silver eagles. But, not for the end times. That would be antibiblical. I will be raptured and not see the tribulation and the antichrist, so buying gold and silver for that reason makes no sense. The reason I buy it is the coming economic collapse. Fiat currencies of the the world are going to fail. The dollar will also fail in the next depression that is coming. GUESSING 2019-2020 time frame. World debt is about 275 Trillion. Current world derivatives are about 1.4 Quadrillion. In 08 they were about 250 Trillion. The central banks of this world have caused a big mess. This time the financial collapse is Sovereign, not just companies. This time also there will be extreme civil unrest worldwide. Look to Greece, Venez, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain and many other countries currently, experiencing extreme inflation and currency issues. It is running more rampid than ever in history of the world. The U.S. is the best kid on the block only because of the dollar as world reserve currency, but that won't last forever as ALL fiats fail. In fact the US has had a few fail already. The Federal Reserve System is a ponzi scheme and corrupt. If one does not have some silver or gold you are very ignorant of coming times in this world economically. And finally, to answer your question to her on gold: The reason why gold for the last 6 thousand unlike any other thing as a store of value has passed the test of time is it is rare and hard to mine. You can say well palladium, platinum, rhodium…is also. But, gold can be used for so many things as those metals cannot, and again it's rare. Silver not so much but still close to gold and has so much more industrial use and demand. Beans and rice is a very stupid comparison. My 40 cal S & W is worth way more than the beans and rice.

  43. I can not stand that you interrupt the person you are interviewing before they can finish giving in detail a full reply..learn how to listen when you interview people because we get no credible answers when you rush on to the next question after 3seconds just because you want to hear yourself talk

  44. First time to watch this kid. He’s rude first of all and really shows his ignorance about prophetic things and metals

  45. Well obviously you two haven’t read your Bible. Can you grow rice and beans? Yes. Can you grow gold & silver? No. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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