Enough Is Enough! First Metal Detecting Outing Since My Accident

There was the entry wound and here is the iron. After two months the leg is still inflamed and a little bit swollen. I also can’t get rid of tonsillitis… …but I have to metal detect! In case you wonder – this is my knee protection. I plan to lean on my left leg and keep the other one at 90° angle… …I can’t fully bend it, because of the inflaming. What’s this? I forgot. I figured it out. I haven’t detected since my accident for almost two months! First find. A big piece of foil. This was probably the rest of it. It’s hot today. That’s the location. It’s steep again… Something on the surface. A pull tab? No, it’s a small buckle! No GPS today – I had to save as much weight as possible. I’m very weak, totally out of shape and already wet from sweating. A coin! And the imprint. That’s the only position I can hold my leg in. (please take a look in the description for more details) “1 Reichspfennig” (1876). Pottery. That’s not a golf ball. It’s alive… but I don’t know what it is. Iron nail. The soil is too soft for something “good”… As expected… Iron pole or a pipe… An iron nail? “Compadre”, what are you doing? Wait, this must be a mistake. I knew it, there is still something in the hole. It’s made of aluminum. A piece of lead. Due to the steep area, I can actually stretch my leg. As you can see, it’s a button. A modern screw. It’s more difficult than expected. Loud and clear. It’s THAT BIG! The letter “S” (made of copper). Or a “hook”. A second letter. This one is made of iron. During WWII they were hanging together. Like this. A short break. I’m finished. Foil. Hmm, I don’t know. The last thing I want is to break this leg. The inflamed spot is covered in sweat. Phone call… The place is probably very hot. I’m a little bit concerned. Maybe I should have waited for the upcoming appointment and possible surgery. A flat piece of lead. Part of a cufflink? I think, something is trying to come out here. A coin. But why the bad signal? “10 Reichspfennig” (1900). Iron… With DISC at “0”. Let’s remove it. Iron. Probably part of a fence. Normal DISC. There is another object underneath the iron. Let’s see what it is. Copper. Is this a whistle? It has the shape… Harmonica reed. Musicians… Oh no. Not on this leg. Pottery. It looks like a short path. I will try it. The DISC value changed when I slipped. Iron. Round iron. This will be my last find. Trash. Sadly I have to quit. It was tough, but I hope that it will help me. It was a bad idea to make a thick knot at the back of my knee. It’s wet… But I’m happy. We all are. Pottery… Lead bullets, balls. This button is made of zinc. The cufflink? “1 Reichspfennig” (1876). The “cleaning” hasn’t worked. “10 Reichspfennig” (1900). The whistle? The small buckle. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 1h:5min

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