Duluth Trading TV Commercial: Unwet Your Pants

Wet Willy is what they called him on
the street. Rogue hoses, rain and juicy llamas. Soaked his pants waist to feet. Duluth Dry on the Fly Pants saved the day. All that water got wicked right away. He goes by Bill today. Duluth Dry on the Fly Pants. Unwet your pants. Get a pair only at duluthtrading.com.

14 thoughts on “Duluth Trading TV Commercial: Unwet Your Pants

  1. Just ordered a bunch of gear from you guys but PLEASE PLEASE listen to this comment. great website EXCEPT for your color selection examples being in the cartooned version. I really dont understand why you went that route instead of showing an actually picture of the product in that color. ive read MANY comment in the reviews that express the same frustration and customers having to exchange items because the color was nothing like they thought due to the unrealistic examples. it made buying from your site a much more frustrating task then it should have been. I had to then google ever item I wanted in that color to see if other people posted pictures of the real life color somewhere on the internet. it was discouraging to say the least. if I wasnt so dead set on buying your exclusive fireshose pants I would have moved on to a different seller/company. Just an honest review here

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