Dubai’s Abandoned Sports Cars | Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

you know device is an incredible place it’s very difficult to keep your car clean here because devises city on the edge of the desert and everywhere you look cars are covered in filth and dust but if you look beyond the filth and dust you’ll see some really amazing cars I’ve just walked over in the back of this car pop over my shoulder there is 1969 Mustang GT 500s just sit in there baking in the Sun covered in filth and dust they look like cars they’ve just been abandoned by somebody but they’re worth a fortune anywhere else in the world and the unique thing about this place and it’s happened wherever I’ve been and I’d love to show you this but unfortunately I can’t get the permissions to film it somebody who approached me and say hey do you want to see some real cars and they walk us down these buildings and this has happened all over the place they open up these doors I’ve just walked into a garage if I could show you this mold car enthusiasts around the world will think I’m the luckiest man alive because I’ve just seen an original 1969 Carroll Shelby gt500 signed by the great man himself on the dashboard and its serial number 10 and it’s just there in this compound tucked away in the carriage covered in dust nobody really bothered about it would have bonnet up and I really don’t know if they know the significance of the cars they’ve actually got but it belongs to some rich guy who’s parked it there and he’s quite happy to just leave it there rather than sitting out in the sunshine and it really breaks my heart because that is a car that needs to be out here and enjoyed every opportunity and it shows that where it’d be going Dubai you’re fine summit behind closed walls or summit has just been abandoned in a car park as a car enthusiast is carzy I’d love to rescue and as a car enthusiast is cars beyond these walls I really want to drive a home a velocity fans if you like what you saw please subscribe to see more great videos you

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