100 thoughts on “Drivers Have Epic Parking Spot Standoff

  1. If i were the black car I’d just call the cops. That black car has every right to get that spot, at least that silver car get ticketed if that black cars owner called. That sliver car would at least get $200 fined

  2. Stupid lady recording and left letters to the cars.
    Whats the big deal why is she so proud of what she's done.

  3. It’s the black cars spot, if you think about it, the black car was first, and could’ve gone head first, but decided to back out, the silver car is just being a potato

  4. I don't believe this story as there is an unlikely chance that 2 cars would stay 10 hours from the morning to night time for a parking space, plus police would have been called if it lasted that long.
    In contrast, It's an opinion.

  5. Dude is lucky that no one came out of the black car. If i was in that black car, I would of lost my cool and gotten out of my car to drag the person in the other car out to stomp their face.

  6. Dumb … Wasting two hours of your life fighting over a parking spot.
    Dumber … Wasting two hours of your life filming two people wasting two hours of their life fighting over a parking spot.

  7. Yet people get shot at because of road rage? This might be immature but its better then the alternative.

  8. Team black car all the way. The only way it’s team silver car is if that spot opened up AFTER the black car had passed it by, and then black car tried to reverse into the spot after the car left. But I find that probably unlikely.

  9. How much you want to bet when one of them got back to their car a saw a peace of paper they were pretty sure it was a F you letter from other person

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