100 thoughts on “Does Gold’s Breakout Mean Silver Is On The Launchpad? Three… Two… One…

  1. Can I get a thumbs up for showing you my first ever receipt for gold? This is a deep dive into recent silver market action, it would be much appreciated if you could share the video wherever you can. Link to Jeff's article: https://goldsilver.com/blog/golds-breakout-could-mean-silver-is-on-the-launchpad/ Our mission: To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through free markets, free people, and sound money.

  2. Mike, thank you for the Hidden Secrets of Money videos. I watched the series in January 2018. Can't thank you enough. As McAlvaney Channel said this is about the currency! negative interest rates? yeow!

  3. Mike, good video but here's a follow-up question. Shouldn't one wait until the recession is in full swing to buy silver? During EVERY recession since 1974 (all 6 recessions), silver prices get lower during the recession, often dropping in half from the official start of the recession. It isn't until after the recession is over that the price of silver increases significantly. If that's going to repeat , then why not wait until the recession is in full swing, and silver prices are lower to buy silver? When an economy has been in recession for a while and silver prices are falling is the right time to buy. MacroTrends silver price and gold/silver ratio charts shows this pattern clearly: https://www.macrotrends.net/1470/historical-silver-prices-100-year-chart and the other chart is https://www.macrotrends.net/1441/gold-to-silver-ratio Grey bars show the recession. So I ask again, shouldn't one wait until the recession is in full swing to buy silver?

  4. Hey Mike, few technical indicators show silver/gold is little overbought(short term) now. I am also waiting for a retracement of silver/gold now. But it does not have a significant correction until now. What is your recommendation? Should i wait for few days or weeks?

  5. nice to come back to the core. Of how Ive structured my Crypto play. People will flock to silver when gold becomes too expensive- People will flock to alt coins when Bitcoin becomes too expensive. Probably 20k+

  6. How much will silver be by the end of the month??? And what's your opinion on having, .25 of a bitcoin or 2,500 in silver????

  7. $50 from 1980 is equivalent to over $700 in today's economy. So it's really not about waiting for silver to exceed the all time mark of around near $50 from 1980 nor even 2011 – it's about real monetary value.

  8. Silver and Gold never change their true wealth value, pointless weighing it against the devils lies..In all likely hood you will never sell any metal in exchange for a lie…Exchanged for other Creators wealth yes; can be exchanged..At the end of this we are all talking thru our hats.
    There remains only true wealth at the end of this..

  9. I have thought about buying some 1/10th ounce gold coins. When I buy precious metals I buy them with the thought of possibly using them to barter. If things got really bad in the economy and you had to barter a coin of gold or silver. If gold is say $2000 per oz. and silver is $50 per oz. and you want to buy groceries. With a $2,000 gold coin you will be buying a butt load of groceries unless they would agree to split the coin. With a $50 silver coin or smaller gold coin you won't have to buy so much at one time. Also if some doom and gloom economist are correct and gold goes to $5,000 to $10,000 per oz. Imagine going to a market and buying $5,000 worth of canned goods.

  10. This week Gold/NZD broke through its 2011 all-time high after the most recent 0.5% interest rate cut. Unfortunately the reserve bank of NZ sold most of its gold in the 1960s and all its remaining gold in the early 1990s.

  11. Mike should start to interview people like, Max Keiser, Catherine Autin Fitz, Linet Zang, Martin Armstrong, Sagit Das, Sandeep Jatily etc

  12. Dude said…. "I measure my silver in tons…" And Ithrew my hands up. But then I said, it's all good gotta walk in the footsteps of giants.

  13. Why is every pundit ignoring platinum, paladium ,Rhodium? Rhodium I had to copy paste for spelling yet a simple search reveals that it was at 10k in the 2009 ,since I started buying gold silver and platinum, both pladium and Rhodium has out performed with rhodium trippeling in value, my dear Mike what's your beef with platinum palladium and rhodium ?

  14. but the current price gap between gold and silver is just too high. It makes no sense to buy silver when we lost so much in re-selling and the growth is so slow. Silver is really risky.

  15. If someone was really accumulating tremendous amounts of Silver then the price would go up as supply was depleted.  Remember when the Hunt brothers sought to buy up Silver back in 1980?   The price went through the roof.   Instead, the price is going down. Kind of disproves Mikes theory

  16. True that gold and silver will never go to zero, but another thing to consider is that every company on the stock market will.  Sure, there will always be IPO's to replace them, but they all started at zero and will surely return there.

  17. With all due respect Mike, enough with the 'Let it pull back so I can accumulate' talk. There are a lot of dedicated PM Stackers, like myself that would like to see our holding appreciate to where it should be, not at these manipulated, depressed prices. God knows how many people we have lost over the past few years and will never return because of these stagnate pull backs

  18. На три…два…один…,мог только Гагарин взлететь,а серебро …,думаю так и будет болтаться .

  19. Okay Mike I have to spill the beans I am the one who has been accumulating all the silver. The big whale as you say. 🤫

  20. Mr Maloney, thank you very much for all your hard work and even more for your willingness to share it! It gives people like myself with only a rudimentary knowledge of the economy a chance to improve their understanding of how it all works, thus giving ourselves and our families a chance to protect ourselves. Salut! Mr Maloney, Salut!

  21. If it hasn’t begun to shrink that ratio yet, I don’t think it will any time soon.

    Personally I think Silver will eventually turn into industrial use only.

  22. Gold finally doing something, and that's nice. I bought it back in 2010 when it was $1,250/oz. I have gotten killed on silver, though. Bought it at $40/oz, $23/oz, about 6-7 years ago, and it's still way, way down. Which means, I hope you're right, Mike.

  23. good points sources money will always be sound money and never go to 0 no banker government will convince me any different..

  24. I don’t see silver ever going anywhere far above 20$ per oz. it’s only a protection against a dollar collapse for me

  25. I no you probably cant answer my question but if I just hold on to my gold and silver and do nothing do you think that ok?I'm really no a trader.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am a newbie to this and I hope to see videos in the future. I love the chart and how you explain them. I am hoping that you will keep us in the knowing as things unfold. Thank you for your time and info.. May your day be filled with love and joy.

  27. Silver prices are highly manipulated. Need to get rid of the fake silver paper trading and allow the silver price to represent the actual amount of silver in existence. Then the price will sky rocket and the price of silver would rival the price of gold.

  28. I ask myself in an extreme deflationary crisis where food supplies might be interrupted, would I rather have have an oz of gold or $1500 in long term food stuffs?

  29. Mike, great video. I just subscribed.
    Regarding silver vs gold, the dobson777a channel — another very good channel I follow — recently devoted much of a video to critique your analysis. One issue he brought up, if I recall correctly, is that while lots of people say that when silver goes up they’ll sell their now more valuable silver to by gold. However, that doesn’t take into account the possibility, if not likelihood, that gold itself would likewise be going up in price. Thus, I believe his point was, you probably won’t actually get more gold for your silver as anticipated.
    Could you please address that?
    Also, I believe months ago I read or heard that you’d moved to Puerto Rico. Is that correct? If so, can you say why you chose PR over, say, the Dominican Republic? Thanks.

  30. Just bought some of Jeff's silver mining stock recommendation. Tremendous personal pressures not to, (not financial). My financial "person" thinks I’m crazy. Silver and gold mines are not great bets most of the time..
    Seems like a good bet this time. Thank you Both for your trusted work.

  31. if you look at the chart 5:09 it looks like gold is overvalued but it is not it will at some point go all-time high in USD. but I buy silver. The real question is not what metals are worth in USD it is what can you buy. It is strange times. Chase Bank announced that it was going to be forgiving all outstanding credit card debt from its Canadian customers.

  32. 5:05 You also have to inflation adjust the % Goldprice chart bro.. why are Goldbugs always so dishonest? You were the last bastion man common… Schiff already making such a bad name for the metals bugs… please do the math right and don't just skip on to the next slide after only "inflation adjusting" the S&P500! Ts.ts.ts.

  33. I'm a silver/gold holder but crypto gains are far outperform pms potential gains. Crypto market is so young with a great potential.

  34. I look forward to your YouTube releases, and I could only imagine what your storage vault looks like. Why don’t you talk about the manipulating of the comex? Uncontrollable? Aggravating? Yes.

  35. with around 2 0z of silver used in normal cars and around about 2kg of silver in the electric cars and photovoltaic cells use silver, jewelry, the medical industry on and on and on…silver is an awesome metal

  36. i'm a silver seller and buyer – and right now 12th august- in real prices i'm seeing big accelerations – not seen this for about 4 years so i sense its about to blow up in price any day now.

  37. when you sell your gold at what you think is the top what will you sell it for, fiat, bit-coin or some other unsupported currency

  38. Mike, thanks to you, thousands of regular people from around the world will survive the next financial collapse. I will be one of them

  39. There's a point where the debt will grow so fast that hyperinflation will rise at a rate that starts to affect everyone, and that imo will drive the average investor into putting a small portion of his investment into precious metals which will finally swing metals very high as a stability creator for the common man's retirement account. We don't feel much of this now or even care because the economy is so strong and jobs are plentiful and well paying, but things will drastically change if Trump is not re-elected.

  40. I respect your humility Mike. I never begrudge anyone who has the tenacity and courage to follow their financial instincts. Well done and God bless you in the future!

  41. When silver hits the low low price of $500 an Oz. I'm only going to sell a couple Oz's so I can buy the new PS5 that will be coming out shortly afterwards. Or a decent suit.

  42. Historic charts are not that useful to us today due to the fact that in ten years time there will be no DOW, no S&P and no dollar. Look at average house prices in silver or gold, the houses are currently 20 times too high marked to silver. One needs to look for average house prices below 200 ounces of silver, currently 20,000. So 99% (or in reciprocal terms 10,000%) to go, do NOT exit this trade early!

  43. I loved this video!! My first gold and silver purchase was from you in 2018 and I really appreciate all the knowledge you provide us with

  44. The Penny dropped the other day! why silver is not chasing Gold and probably will not for a long time to come. because it has a Commercial value. after all if it corrected to its true value things like solar panels, electric cars are going to get unaffordable or very pricey! the problems staring us in the face. What is the next step when supplies of silver run really Low, after all even the Silver mines cannot afford to produce it. What is the powers to be Next trick? Don't forget 1980 Silver was $40 an ounce, triple amounts of stock we have today and NO real commercial Use. Nothing against Mike he's Brilliant but he hasn't got a crystal Ball! and nor has the rest of us. Maybe they're make it a Capital offence to own precious metals, who knows.

  45. Greetings from Mexico. You know… it's been three months since we can't find any silver Libertad coins in any bank. We used to be able to go and find them at every branch of Bank Azteca. Now they are not receiving any and they don't know when they will get any. My relatives in other cities of Mexico haven't been able to find any either. Being one of the main producers of silver in the world, this raises a flag that something will happen soon. What do you make of it?

  46. Silver has been on "the launch pad" since 2008 when I started buying. $17.00-$18.00 silver is a joke. The ratio is an even a bigger joke and not even close to a realistic number. I am in no hurry to buy anymore metals.

  47. Wow, that 50 year gold chart looks almost identical to the bitcoin log chart. Can anyone else see what I am talking about?

  48. Trump being elected as president was a STRONG BUY signal for gold and silver …as he has destroyed every business he ever tried.
    It was a SURE BET Trump would destroy the US economy in record time……. buying gold and silver was a “no-brainer”.
    America has been supremely conned by a life-long conman.
    He will completely destroy the US economy if the people (maybe a mental health doctor) don’t eject him from the WH.

  49. Mike, you said around 21:20, "the problem is caused by the Free Market trying to balance everything". Did you mean to say Fed?

  50. Silver will hit $200 in the next 2yrs. The recession will be this year 2019 and Gold and Silver will climb like never before. Go to Lois Vogel Sharp on YouTube. Don’t be on the sideline wishing you had made that move today.

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